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How To Zoom Your Room


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The ultimate users’ guide to curating your zoom background from Room Raters, Twitter’s foremost experts in on-screen décor. 

From the virtual office aficionados and Twitter superstars who brought the world the dreaded embarrassment of “cord violations,” comes a fun, informative guide for everyone who now finds themselves having to endure the endless onslaught of digital meetings and calls.
Packed with beautiful how-to illustrations that demonstrate visually stunning set-ups and tips from celebrity zoom rooms, Room Rater packs an amusing punch while offering advice on how to up your game and not be embarrassed by your surroundings. Included in the book are examples from TV host Jonathan Capehart, former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, Senator Mazie Hirono, historian Michael Beschloss who takes readers on a tour of historic presidential rooms, and many more.
Chockfull of practical advice that speaks directly to the home office user, the book offers guidance on how to create good lighting, use the perfect camera angle, get rid of clutter, add aesthetically pleasing touches, and avoid appearing as if you are in a hostage video. Whether we like it or not, the remote workplace is here to stay and this book serves as an essential guide to navigating that new normal. It’s a valuable tool for everyone who wants to appear professional, competent, and composed.