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The election is over and WE DID IT! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris kicking ass and doing the work necessary to restore this great nation to dignity.

COVID-19 remains the greatest threat to our health, economy and national security. We hope you will continue to social distance, wear masks, wash hands and protect yourselves from this horrific pandemic even as we see improvement in the numbers.

Mad Dog PAC is laser focused on our future and 2022 will be a pivotal election. We MUST win the house, senate and White House to preserve this fragile democracy. Stay tuned as we target selected races and legislation to achieve these goals. We’ll need you on board to make it happen. Chip in here:

In the meantime, there remains an inexcusable scarcity of #PPE supplies for rural facilities and Native American communities, made worse by COVID fatigue and stress. As we wait our turn for vaccination, we will continue to assist with PPE donations, and also provide #ArtKitsForKids - helping children to cope during this crisis - to Native American and other communities in need. You can chip in here:

Stay tuned. Stay with us. Re-tweet, share, and pass on important information to your friends and neighbors. Pick up some fun gear or a mask.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

We will get through this. Together.

- Claude


This election is the most important in modern times. Our Republic hangs in the balance. Please join us in the fight of our lives!


Mad Dog Flagship Billboard:


It is our goal to fund this billboard - located smack dab in the middle of the presidential motorcade route to Mar-A-Lago - until the Orange Menace is gone. It costs $5000/month and he has to drive right under it on every visit to Florida. Help us keep it up!

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