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Tense moments unfold as Trump supporters and demonstrators meet outside rally

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Fox 43, December 10 2019

State police stepped in to stop an altercation between protesters who are against President Donald Trump and a man from Infowars after that man crossed a fence barrier.

The altercation happened as the anti-Trump protesters burned Trump campaign flags that were attached to a Nazi symbol and the communist flag.

The man who crossed the fence was Owen Shroyer, who admitted to FOX43, "I knocked the megaphone out of a woman's hand. It's against the law to project amplified sound directly into someone's ear. That's assault."

Shorter added, "one lady hit me in the arm. They were trying to shove me out when the horses were standing right there."

Many other Trump supporters also stood on the other side of the fence, confronting protesters as they demonstrated.

Marta Deck, who was among the protesters said their goal is to always keep demonstrations peaceful. "It's our first amendment right. But, it's dissolved into this and we have another full year to go," she said.

Claude Taylor was also among the demonstrators and he said he is known for putting up many anti-Trump billboards. On Tuesday, he also brought a large inflatable rat to the anti-Trump demonstration

"Well, Trump's a big rat. So, we think the rat is symbolic of Trump and what he stands for and how he acts," said Taylor.

Taylor and Deck both admitted they did not come to the Trump rally to change the minds of the people who attended. Rather, they said they are focused on people outside the event.

"I truly believe the majority of people would not vote for Donald Trump again. These people will. That's why we don't send a message to them. They're not interested in the message," said Deck.

Meantime, closer to the doors outside the Giant Center, a line formed to go into the rally. Supporters sold Trump 2020 clothing and many of them wore "Make America great again" hats.

Franklin Hughes was one of the vendors who said his Trump sweatshirts were the hottest selling item. Hughes said he's voting for Trump because of the economy. "A lot of jobs, economy's good. Money's good right now," he said.


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