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‘Surrender Donald’: A highway overpass along the Capital Beltway goes political

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Call it the Wicked Witch of the West Wing: Sometime before dawn Friday, a person or persons unknown put up a message on a bridge over the Beltway in Maryland near Georgia Avenue. Capital letters there spell out the command “Surrender Donald.”

The pointed vandalism comes at the end of a week that saw President Trump’s former campaign manager convicted of eight felony counts and his former attorney plead guilty to campaign finance violations in connection with the payment of two women who allegedly had affairs with Trump, in an effort to quash their stories.

The railroad bridge has long been a favorite canvas for graffiti artists. For years, drivers on the Outer Loop encountered the spray-painted words “Surrender Dorothy,” a reference to the Mormon temple that rises like the Emerald City beyond it. The Mormons apparently were not amused, but as soon as “Surrender Dorothy” was painted over, someone would paint it back.

In 2014, someone honored a famed Washington post-punk band by painting “Fugazi” on the bridge.

The current message appears to be made of red letters on blue paper.

It’s not the first political message to grace the span. In 2017, a month after Trump’s inauguration, the words “Bridges not walls” were daubed on the bridge.

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