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Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty, While Proud Boys and InfoWars Fight the #Resistance Outside

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The Daily Beast - January 29,1029

Roger Stone’s arraignment Tuesday was short and subdued. The same could not be said for the scene outside the courthouse.

A giant inflatable rat fashioned to look like President Trump loomed over a boisterous crowd of Proud Boys and #Resistance protesters. There were signs that read, “Roger Stone did nothing wrong” and promoted Infowars and big giant letters spelling out “TRAITOR.”

“Lock him up!” some chanted as Stone walked into the courtroom, pursued by a demonstrator waving Russian flags.

Inside the Washington courtroom, Stone pleaded not guilty through his attorney to charges lodged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in connection with the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.

Outside, the Proud Boys got into arguments with some of Stone’s hecklers and had to be separated.

In one particularly nasty moment, Claude Taylor, who calls himself a liberal provocateur, grabbed a microphone cover from Infowars’ Owen Shroyer, and wiped his nose with it. Shroyer did not take it back.

Microphones were set up for Stone to speak when he came out, but he made a beeline to a car, pausing only to flash the V-symbol made famous by Richard Nixon.

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