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No Trump? Protest group still brings inflatable rat to Mar-a-Lago

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From the Palm Beach Post, December 27,2018

In its ongoing efforts to catch the eye of President Donald Trump, even when he is not here, Mad Dog PAC — the group of anti-Trump activists responsible for the impeachment billboard now on the motorcade route — is taking its message to the waterway behind Mar-a-Lago this weekend.

Claude Taylor, the group’s leader, plans to cruise past Mar-a-Lago on a 29-foot boat trailing a large inflatable rat and an anti-Trump message on the boat’s transom. Although the president cancelled his plans to visit Mar-a-Lago over the holidays because of the partial federal government shutdown, other Trump family members are at Mar-a-Lago. Taylor also intends to drive his 1970 Chevrolet truck and the rat along South Ocean Boulevard past Mar-a-Lago and other local roadways.

Will Trump show up for New Year’s Eve party?

Mad Dog PAC, a political-action committee, was created earlier this year after anti-Trump activists joked on social media about leasing billboards for anti-Trump, anti-GOP and anti-gun messages. When Taylor asked for donations, tens of thousands of dollars poured in.

In March, the group leased the billboard along the president’s motorcade route on Southern Boulevard calling for the president’s impeachment. A pro-Trump group countered and put up a message thanking the president on the opposite side of the impeachment billboard.

Trump billboard battle heats up, again

After putting up dozens of billboards nationwide, the group expanded its political shenanigans to include small, helium-filled Baby Trump balloons and Khashoggi Way road-signs that it placed near the Saudi Arabian embassy and White House in honor of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The 12-foot inflatable rat, sporting a suit, red tie, yellow pompadour hair and clutching a cellphone, has already made appearances outside the White House, Capitol Hill, the Trump International Hotel and other sites in Washington, DC.

“I’ve always thought of Trump as a mobster and a rat just seems as perfect symbol,” Taylor said.

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