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New billboard in GJ shows 'GOP' letters mixed with Soviet Union symbols

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From KKCO News,  

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- There's a new billboard along Highway 6 & 50 in Grand Junction that has a lot of people talking.

It has the letters GOP on it, but it's mixed in with symbols from the Soviet Union.

It went up near the Rimrock shopping center earlier this week.

"It's red and in big gold letters it says GOP," said Anne Landman, who funded the billboard.

But something is replacing the 'O.'

"A symbol equated with communism and socialism, it's a hammer and sickle," said Landman.

The goal is to send a pretty clear message.

"The Republican party is now the party of Putin and Russia, and siding with them against the U.S.," said Landman. "Drawing attention to this disastrous summit in Helsinki between Trump and Putin and how outraged we all were.”

It did catch the eyes of some in the Republican Party.

"Right now, it's more humorous than anything, and more power to them,” said Andrew Weber, the vice chair of the Mesa County Republican Party. "I think the party is strong and more active than we've ever been.”

Weber thinks the president is doing a great job.

But that doesn’t make Landman a fan.

"This party has gone off the rails; they're failing to protect our country,” said Landman.

The billboard isn't just a message to President Trump.

"All of them, all of the Republicans siding with Trump at this point. We want everyone to pay attention,” said Landman.

Landman said that the actual design for the billboard came from a group called MadDogPac, in Maryland.

President Trump and Putin met privately in Helsinki earlier this month.

Landman said she has received some funding from other other people and plans to keep the billboard up for as long as possible.

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