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Hwy billboard calls for ban on assault weapons, pinpoints Gardner

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NBC News 11 | September 5, 2019

An electronic billboard on Highway 6&50 is turning some heads.

“I hope they’ll be able to read it in the quick second that they're going by,” says Informed Citizens of Mesa County representative, Anne Landman.

The sign reads “Ban Assault Weapons. Defeat Cory Gardner.” Anne Landman thinks calling out Sen. Gardner is key.

“People have pulled their funds to get this message up on a billboard and tell Cory Gardner that we’re upset that he’s been doing nothing,” says Landman.

Over at a local gun shop, they say it's par for the course.

“More a slight annoyance than anything. As a gun owner and especially working in the gun industry, we are constantly berated and demonized,” says Red Hawk Rifles manager, Nicholas Hunter.

Hunter says many people have a misunderstanding about guns: “They mean well, but they don’t fully understand what an assault weapon is and what exactly the laws entail that they are supporting”.

Hunter thinks that banning assault weapons isn't the solution.

“To address the problem we need to cut through the bureaucracy and make sure the system is being followed so that people with these red flags that shouldn’t own firearms are not legally able to buy firearms,” says Hunter.

Landman hopes the message will get folks to the ballot box come 2020.

“Americans are going to be killed, our children are going to be killed just living our daily lives unless we elect people who are willing to stand up and do what’s right,” says Landman.

While others say they are aren’t expecting as much.

“People already know where they stand, especially on hot ticket issues like this, so a billboard isn’t going to change anybody’s mind,” says Hunter.

On the advertisement it lists it was paid for by Informed Citizens of Mesa County and MADDOGPAC.COM.

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