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Craigslist Ad Mocks Trump’s Search For Chief Of Staff, Stating ‘No Experience Needed’

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From Inquisitor, December 10, 2018

An ad posted on the Washington, D.C., pages for Craigslist mocks in a humorous fashion the difficulties that President Donald Trump is having in searching for a permanent chief of staff.

Following John Kelly’s announcement this month that he’d be leaving his position by the end of the year, most expected that Nick Ayers, current Chief of Staff for Vice President Mike Pence, would assume the role — especially since he himself was lobbying to land the role.

However, after meeting with Trump, sources indicated that Ayers would not be taking the position due to the president’s insistence that he serve in the role for at least two years, according to reporting from CNN.

Many other names considered for the position are balking at doing so. Because of this, it appears that a political action committee named MadDogPac placed an advertisement in the jobs section of Washington, D.C.’s, Craigslist ads pages in search of a replacement for Trump.

The qualifications listed in the ad appear to take issue with the many scandals that have plagued the Trump administration.

“Chief of staff needed immediately,” the ad stated. “Must be immoral. No experience needed.”

A link to the MadDogPac website is included in the ad, as are instructions on where to submit your resume if you want the job — directly to Claude Taylor’s Twitter account. Taylor is the manager of MadDogPac.

Taylor is a known firebrand who frequents events involving Trump or his White House surrogates, following them around in a vehicle he affectionately calls the “Rat Truck.” The truck includes an inflatable rat, with a long red tie and bright yellow hair, mimicking the appearance of the current commander in chief.

“World’s largest rat? Maybe, but we think there is a bigger one in the White House,” Taylor writes on his website promoting the ballooned rodent.

All joking aside, the chief of staff search is no laughing matter. Trump has until the end of December to find a suitable person to fill the role, and so far none of his top choices have determined they’d like to take up the reins.

The fact that no one appears willing to take on the role is an embarrassing position for Trump to find himself in. It indicates to many pundits that potential candidates, including those in Trump’s inner circle, are recognizing that the job is a thankless one, and may put them in an unwanted position of defending the president as the Russia investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller gets closer to him, as further reporting from CNN indicates.

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