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Controversial billboard taken down, replaced with new political message

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From CNY Central , October 24th, 2018

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — It's the new billboard that has people talking from the political action committee called Flip NY 24.

It's the second one the group has put up-but the bottom corner has the same hashtag, "Katko must go."

This one has the acronym GOP on it, but the "o" is the head of Lady Liberty with a big red hand over her mouth.

It flashes for about 15 seconds in a cycle with other billboards.

A spokesperson from Flip New York 24 says this is a follow-up message which was made by Mad Dog PAC-a political action committee that takes money from concerned citizens about issues like the GOP and the NRA and creates billboards.

With this billboard Flip New York, 24 is hoping to reach more voters before the midterm elections. The spokesperson says they're expressing their feelings that the GOP is not honest.

"The GOP, the red, basically suppressing the truth. No longer wants Lady Liberty to say truth. That's what we used to stand for," explained Dr. Raul Huerta.

CNYCentral reached out to both Dana Balter and Congressman John Katko's campaigns for comment on this.

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