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Can Colorado Save America?

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From the NY Times, Oct. 26, 2018

"....Over in nearby Grand Junction, the largest town on the Western Slope, such views are widespread, even if the Mild West is evident again on a Main Street offering lattes, pottery and beads. On the way into town is a large billboard that went up after Trump’s ignominious July meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. It says “G.O.P.” on a red background with the “O” replaced by the Communist hammer-and-sickle.

The billboard is there thanks to Anne Landman. She’s a liberal blogger, often insulted by her local opponents as a “libtard.” Landman was so angered by Trump’s betrayal in Helsinki that she paid for the poster and has been able to keep it there through supporters’ contributions.

I met Landman, who moved to Grand Junction from Los Angeles, “because you can still be by yourself on the final frontier,” in a bagel cafe. To her, the Trump phenomenon has been about releasing xenophobic emotions suppressed as the country headed in a direction many did not like. “It’s scary to see it. And now that box has been opened, I’m not sure how we close it again.”

As we spoke, Elisa Allen, who was on vacation with her family from Baltimore and had seen the billboard, approached. “It’s nice to find some sanity in the craziness,” she said, pressing $40 on Landman...."

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