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Californians Put Up Billboard Right In Devin Nunes’ District That Sends Message Loud And Clear

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Political Tribune, December 2019

As the 2020 election season quickly approaches, Republican Congress members all across the nation are doubling and tripling down on their efforts to hold on to their seats — especially in the wake of Donald Trump’s formal impeachment inquiry. It seems they’re all well aware of the fact that they’re holding on to his defense by the skin of their teeth as it is. I’d venture to say that they’re rather desperate to keep their hold in Congress and at least attempt to save face, less Trump takes them all down in a fiery blaze of embarrassment and prison sentences.

However, an increasingly popular PAC is doing everything they can to ensure that doesn’t happen for the worst of the worst of these GOP members of Congress.

MadDog PAC, a political action committee based out of Florida that sets up billboards meant to criticize House Republicans in their district, has diligently constructed some of our most favorite billboards to date featuring admonishments against several House GOPers ranging from “Moscow” Mitch McConnell to Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and his pesky DUI charge.

And recently it seems they’ve gotten their talons into one of our favorite people to hate, GOP Rep. Devin Nunes and his alleged cow.

As part of their effort to bring down the corrupt House Republicans MadDog, along with the city in California that had to approve the billboard in the first place, put up a bright red billboard smack dab in the middle of Nunes’ district, featuring a photo of the GOP Rep., complete with a cow poking its head in from the side, captioned “Devin Nunes: Fake Farmer, Real Manure.”
Considering Nunes is currently in a real legal battle with a fake cow, his billboard is extra rich compared to some of the others.

Of course, some Twitter users just had to hop on and ruin all the fun by claiming that the photo/billboard is fake. However, the only thing fake in this fiasco remains to be Devin’s heifer. As MadDog founder, Claude Taylor posted a photo of the billboards design just days before it went up back in August:

And the official MadDog Twitter account posted a montage of some of their best billboards just yesterday, featuring Nunes’ in the top right corner:

Sorry, folks. This billboard is as real as Matt Gaetz’s DUI.

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