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Bold billboards getting people talking along HWY 29

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A political action committee is trying to send a message in Wisconsin and throughout the country through billboards that are getting people talking.

The billboards, visible to drivers heading west along Highway 29 in Wittenberg and Stanley read "Ban assault weapons," and "The NRA is a terrorist organization."

The billboards were put up by Mad Dog PAC, a group that's anti-Trump, anti-NRA, and anti-republican.

The signs are gaining a lot of attention.

"I'm a prior Vietnam veteran and I don't believe in these assault weapons being on the street," said David Huebl from Aniwa. "I think they're only for law enforcement and homeland security, and the military."

"We had the uni-bomber, he didn't have guns. We had 9/11, they didn't have guns, they were planes," said Becky Hale from the Wittenberg area. "There's going to be violence and crime and hate all over the world. It's just not a gun problem, it's a people problem."

NewsChannel 7 reached out to the PAC putting these billboards up, but have not heard back.

A Marquette University Law School poll in March asking about gun control policies showed that despite more talk on the subject, opinions have stayed relatively the same.

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