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Cropdusting Trump


We're banner-bombing Trump with this brand-new IMPEACH TRUMP NOW! banner that will make a series of flights in Ohio, a swing state crucial to our next election.

We've already flown banners in Columbus, Lima, Sandusky, and NW Ohio - now it's time to share with the southeastern cities.

DAY 1, July 21: The banner will fly over Dayton, OH, where 800,000 people in the metro area will have the chance to see our message. It's also the home of the Wright Brothers, who invented aviation. Catch us in the air in Dayton between 2-5pm on Saturday, July 21.
DAY 2, July 22: The banner flies in Cincinnati close to the Great American Ball Park and over the downtown area. Over 2,000,000 people live in the Cinci metro area, and we'll be out from 4-7pm on Sunday, July 22, to spread our simple-yet-effective message.