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We are disheartened and angry that Spicy’s valuable presence has been silenced on twitter.

We are proud to host her daily blog posts here at Mad Dog PAC.  On twitter, both Claude @TrueFactsStated and @MadDogPac will tweet out a link every time there is a new post from Spicy. And comments are open, so please interact with Spicy! She will NOT be silenced!

Recent Posts

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    May 28 2018

     Update 5/28/2018 1:13PM EDT at the bottom on entry to include aggregate creditors’s -interesting-   Bankruptcy update...     A...

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    May 27 2018

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    May 26 2018

    this isn’t hyperbole Office Refugee Resettlement (ORR) along with DHS, CBP have zero idea where 1,475 immigrant children are, see entry h...

  • USCIS, ORR, ICE, DHS = Missing & Exploited Immigrant Children

    May 25 2018

      Innocence lost... A brief history of how we got here, there’s zero doubt that Donald Trump ran on a hateful, racist AF and fear mongeri...

  • USA v Internet Reseach Agency Update 3.0

    May 25 2018

    🇷🇺as previously discussed on May 5, 2018, here  🇷🇺as previously discussed on May 6, 2018,  here    May 22, 2018 Update      Case 1:18-cr-...