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We are disheartened and angry that Spicy’s valuable presence has been silenced on twitter.

We are proud to host her daily blog posts here at Mad Dog PAC.  On twitter, both Claude @TrueFactsStated and @MadDogPac will tweet out a link every time there is a new post from Spicy. And comments are open, so please interact with Spicy! She will NOT be silenced!

Recent Posts

  • Greg Craig Case April 24 update FARA Forked

    Apr 24 2019

      By way of background, June 2018 Manafort, Skadden, Greg Craig, Tony Fabrizio (Trump’s unpaid pollster) and Vin Weber, found here. Janua...

  • Maria Butina...writ or NYET?

    Apr 23 2019

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  • Don McGahn - subpoenaed 4/22/2019

    Apr 22 2019

      SUBPOENA MONDAY-funday    Before we jump down the subpoena-hole, you might find this August 2018 CNN segment about how much McGahn co...

  • Mueller (redacted) Report 1st Read pages 1-150

    Apr 19 2019

        You can find Special Counsel Mueller’s [redacted] report via this Department of Justice link.   Off the bat, I should acknowledge tha...

  • Dear Julian how many RELATED CASES???

    Apr 17 2019

         Julian you look terrible   Criminal Complaint Coversheet  December 2017    By now I assume you are caught up to spee...