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Posted on February 24 2019

Happy Monday (eve)...go slay...

So my dear readers and now fomer twitter followers,

I know it’s been a hot minute. I am also very mindful that some of you might still be reeling by Twitter’s (arguably capricious and arbitrary) decision to suspend my account. I want you to know that you are tougher than you know. That I have immense faith in your ability to see and do good. To lean in to the challenges facing our Democracy. And I’m pretty sure you love America just as much as I do. And you know that the future of our Democracy is at risk. 


Notwithstanding  I should probably come clean, I have always known that any twitter account I created or create is in fact living on borrowed time. In the past 25 months the same little gang of trolls just can’t quit harassing Twitter users. The only logical conclusion is they are either being paid or they are just so insignifcunt (👈🏻Snort see what I did there) that they have nothing else better to do then tear random strangers down. Because that’s being a true patriotic American...NYET.

I am still not convinced that creating a new twitter account is the solution. If past is prologue, the likelihood that it puts another target on my back, not certain it’s worth the effort. But you need to know I have lost count how many times the twitter trolls have fraudulently mass reported my accounts. Again I’m pretty sure that’s their pathetic end game, make sure I never use twitter again. I’m still deliberating over if or when I create a new account, especially since it’s linked to the PAC.

At this point I can share a few details, I spent today researching, fact finding and formulating a few viable plans in multiple there’s that fun nugget. I also managed to do a few mundane things like laundry, pack my kiddos lunch and wash my baseboards. Yes I know baseboards, it’s an Army Brat thing. But I do find I tend to decompress by cleaning. I could probably insert a raunchy joke here, but I’ll refrain...knee pads...something something. In all seriousness those trolls kind of did me a favor, I needed to recalibrate. So taking my kiddos to see How To Train Your Dragon 3 and spending an ungodly amount of money on movie theater candy & video games. So I’d like to extend my gratitude to my Twitter trolls, because of your fraudulent reporting of my account. you actually made today a super fun Spicy Family Day... Silver Lining, right?

Also it might take me a few weeks to see the plan come to the absence of my daily prolific tweets and data dumps. Going forward  I’d like to help set your expectations:


Each night at 9 or 10PM-ish daily blog of (sorry I’m a little late with today’s update):


🌶WTF just Happened Today🌶



“White House to establish a panel to confront Climate Change”


Per WashPost, Senior Trump officials plan to establish an ad hoc panel of “select scientists” the ad hoc designation means this group is not held to the same ethical and transparency standards as “advisory” groups. What I find a tad bit interesting is this is a National Security Council initiative. Which oddly makes sense to me.

What does NOT make sense to me is Trump once again surrounding himself with climate change deniers provided they are “super rich” or hide their donations via a vessel like Climate Investigations Center (link here)


Public records show the coalition, which describes its mission as informing policymakers and the public of the “important contribution made by carbon dioxide to our lives and the economy,” has received money from far-right organizations and donors with fossil fuel interests.

In 2017, according to federal tax filings obtained by the Climate Investigations Center, the group received $170,000 from the Mercer Family Foundation and more than $33,000 from the Charles Koch Institute.


See the ODNI January 29, 2019 National Threat Assessment Report, found here, specifically-ages 21-24


Congressional Dems - Trump & North Korea:

per Politico  The Senate Democrats are effectively saying show us your diplomatic plan, your denuclearization plan, your foreign policy plan. You can not have a second summit and just wing it, again. Weird it’s like Congress is demanding that the Trump Administration present a written report or offer some kind of actual transparency. It is so odd given how Sec Pompeio with a straight face lied to CNN’s Jake Tapper earlier today. I suppose that’s a prerequisite to join the Trump Administration, one must be proficient with lying on National TV but if you can lie in Russia, that’s an extra signing bonus.

I’m kidding, sort of.

As strong advocates for a diplomatic pathway to resolve the North Korea threat, we still believe there is a path forward for tough and principled diplomacy to secure, monitor, and verify the denuclearization of North Korea,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter.



Also see pages 27-29 of the aforementioned ODNI January 29, 2019 National Threat Report See DNI Coat’s Congressional Testimony from January 29, 2019 he laid out the facts and now Trump wants him gone.



North Korea persistent threat, evading sanctions, zero evidence of denuclearization...

North Korea generates revenue through overseas labor, cyber-theft operations, and illicit commercial exports of UN Security Council-prohibited goods.

Throughout 2018, the United States and its allies observed North Korean maritime vessels using at-sea, ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum from third-country tankers to acquire additional refined petroleum as a way to mitigate the effects of UNSC sanctions. 


Should you be inclined this is an exhaustive research paper concerning North Korea and their nuclear capabilities, expansion, almost real time satellite images, in sum it’s a complete repudiation of the Russian Propaganda that Trump & his administration continues to force feed Americans. Frankly I’m sick of how Trump has normalized pathological lying. FFS we are talking about one of the most brutal and unpredictable regimes on the planet. Yet Trump wants to play grab-ass with Putin’s play-toy because “Trump believes Putin over our OWN Intelligence Community”. I mean I guess it’s hard for Putin to be simultaneously President of Two Countries.

Hell yes what I’m actually saying is Donald Trump is so far up Putin’s ass that if Putin farted Donald Trump would instantaneously have a facelift. Also why is Trump seemingly becoming Oranger by the day? Why does his skin look so damn blotchy that his pores are like actual sink holes on his fugly face? I mean has he not heard about the magical powers of Eastern European estheticians? I just find Trump to be repulsive. His voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. His words, oh so many words, it’s a like a two day old word salad drowning in Russian salad dressing. Served with a side of incompetence and compete with an extra helping of traitor-tots. I mean come on, have you ever looked at Trump, like really looked at him. Hard MoFo pass. Not enough booze, crushed up Ritalin. Apologies I digress 

My goal is to give you a summary of the days events and what tomorrow might bring. This may include various Case/Filings etc. My goal is to provide you a short debrief of what occurred. Because let’s be honest in the age of Trump the news is freaking exhausting. Furthermore  at least 3 times a week I’ll push a more in-depth entry on various topics I’m researching. 

MANIC MONDAY...strap in...

And just remember these words from “the help”





No matter what you need to believe in yourself and know that you have the strength to conquer anything that comes your way. If you stumble and fall, you need to take a depth breath and get back up. It’s also wise to take a break. Unplug and spend some quality face to face time with people you care about. Self care is the best kind of preventative care. See ya on the flip side and trust me on this, do one random act of kindness tomorrow. It’s good for your mind, body and soul xo Spicy

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