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Can DEAD PEOPLE donate to Trump? Maybe

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Posted on July 16 2019



In the name of Jesus..


...I compel you to donate to me.


As you many of you know - the Federal Elections Commission requires declared candidates, PACs, and SuperPACs to adhere to the filing schedule in a timely manner. Moreover “donors” are also limited in their total donations. 

In the 2019/2020 Election Cycle - the FEC made the following changes - Individual donation to a candidate, increased contribute to a candidate to $2,800.00 per election. The 2017/2018 election cycle individual donation threshold was $2,700.00  


🌶SpicyFiles Sidebar🌶 Not to confuse you but I know some may not  understand the FEC Rules - specifically a Primary and General Election(s) are considered  as two separate elections. Meaning as an individual donor you are allowed to donate $2,800 for the Primary Election  and $2,800 for the General Election - bringing your cumulative threshold to $5,600.00


Because there tends to be a lag time in the FEC reporting and enforcement, you’ll note some of the excessive donations occurred during the 2017/2018 election cycle, see threshold for the General Election and Primary = $5,400.00


🌶SpicyFiles Sidebar🌶 as previously explained the FEC considers the Primary and General Elections as two separate “elections” in the 2017/2018 election cycle an individual is permitted to donate in the following aggregate:

Primary Election $2,700.00 and General Election $2,700.00

In June 2019 the FEC sent an enforcement letter to Donald J Trump for President Inc. regarding excessive donations. The FEC requires quarterly reports from campaigns, candidates and pacs. It should also be noted that FEC enforcement letters are pretty standard. And the respondent is typically granted 60 days to remedy said violations - which may include transferring excessive donations to another campaign or multi-candidate PAC. Again this is an acceptable and permissible remedy. The Trump Campaign has until July 8, 2019 to respond to the FEC.




Do you know what isn’t standard protocol...hypothetically speaking dead people do not make donations after their funeral. To be fair and balanced - there might be a very simple explanation, whereby said decedent may (operative word) have step up a monthly automatic donation. In this hypothetical scenario that would assume that the automatic- bi-monthly donation would be a consistent and fixed amount. 

Now to prove one’s hypothesis might be an actual fact - one must take a considerable amount of time collecting tedious data-points. This is an arduous endeavor because it requires an extraordinary amount of time and pulling data from numerous sources. Those sources being (in no particular order of preference); the FEC letter/report, State or County Property Tax Records, State Vital Recordation (births and deaths and marriages) and eventually actual obituaries.

As standard practice I have zero interest in doxing donors. This is a red line that I refuse to cross. And yes FEC reports are public records - I will link to the raw data versus the actual page numbers. The actual page numbers include an individual’s address, which is typically their home. As such I’m not entirely comfortable posting that kind of personally identifiable information (PII) because unlike some I refuse to weaponize data or dox. 

It goes without saying that this research endeavor took a lot of time and the research is tedious, to say the very least. But I believe in “showing your homework” versus pushing a write up that is heavy on innuendo. My intention is to provide the findings in the following format/sequence:

  1.  Donor Name, page number of the FEC June 2019 letter
  2. Raw FEC data of said donor - subset of relevant FEC data
  3. Totality of number of donations and dollar amount.
  4. Date of death via a public sourced obituary.
  5. Plausible explanation for said donations after their death.


Last Name starting with the letter A



page 1 of FEC attachment. Prior to June 2016 this individual had never made any political  donation for any Federal Candidate. And while that is not unusual to start fdonating when you’re “all in for a candidate” who successfully goes on to win an election - notwithstanding this individual’s “receipts” from June 2016 to present = 260 unique donations, in the aggregate only 22 donations made during the 2015/2016 election cycle, whereas 188 unique donations during the 2017/2019 election cycle.

The reason this particular donor caught my attention is three-fold. As noted below GIOVANNI ABBONDANZIO, Sr died on November 15, 2015, as per an obituary. What complicates matters is both Sr and Jr are listed as either the property holder and/or resident of [redacted] Juniper, FL address. While the FEC Report doesn’t delineate Sr or Jr - it is entirely possible this is Jr donating. Conversely that doesn’t negate the excessive donations to the Trump Campaign, this donor actually maxed out both the Primary & General Election threshold - hence why the FEC marked as “excessive donations”



Pages 1 thru 3 of FEC attachment As you’ll note this is what an Automated Donation looks like. They are typically the same dollar amount and occur during the same timeframe each month. Mr Addison’s donations were marked for P2020 = Primary 2020. But as you can see this donor was a Never-Trump. Although a likely explanation is the donor set  their automated donations to P2020 and neglected to change it to G2020 = General 2020.

During the 2015/2016 election cycle a total of 25 unique donations

During the 2017/2018 election cycle a total of 74 unique donations.

Thus far in the 2019/2020 election cycle a total of 18 unique donations, granted we are only a (slightly over) a quarter of the way into this cycle. So you need to factor that in, otherwise that can adversely skew the data.



Page 3 of FEC Attachment on the balance I do find it interesting that this individual was singled out for excessive donations. You’ll note that in the 2017/2018 cycle a total of 18 unique donations and thus far in the 2019/2020 election cycle only 7 unique donations


AUDREY ANDERSON  - is the same donor as:





But the FEC only cited Audrey Anderson in their “excessive donations” letter to the Trump Campaign pages 3 thru 5 respectively. Not to  belabor the point but with various deviations of a person’s name there is a strong likelihood that the FEC didn’t capture ALL of Mrs. or Ms. Anderson’s donations. Therefore the Trump Campaign, his PAC and the RNC has a trifecta of impermissible donations from this individual.

How do I know the aforementioned mention Audrey Anderson’s are the same person? Easy I researched and cross referenced the actual mailing address [redacted number] Anderson Dr, Evergreen AL - all of which is disclosed in the nearly 298 unique donations to Trump & the GOP. The iteration of the name creates a sub-donor dataset and I can only assume it makes it difficult for the FEC to capture all of the individual’s donations. Notice the iterative names I used in the query (see upper left hand side)...that’s how I know it’s the same donor.


Again this means there’s a high probability that the FEC didn’t capture all of the excessive donations for Mrs. Anderson of [house number redacted] Anderson Dr, Evergreen, AL 36401-4503 - thus far I’ve accounted for 8 different iterations of her name in the FEC Database. One of the main reasons I know Audrey Anderson’s full name is it’s listed in her husband’s November 18, 2018 Obituary. Again I’ve taken great pains to not dox Trump’s donors. Do not be that jerk and dox someone, particularly a widow. Only losers and trolls dox people.


RICK ANDERSON see page 6 of the FEC Attachment, I’ve highlighted below the relevant donations and “refunds” that grabbed my attention - specifically the March 11, 2019 $500 donation and the subsequent March 11th & 21st “chargeback” but it’s still mystifying that the Trump campaign accepted a donation some 6 days after his death.

Based on the March 2019 obituary, Mr. Anderson “passed away Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at his residence” and granted you could argue that his March 2019 donations could have been made prior to his March 5, 2019 death and it took the Trump Campaign a few business days to post his “donation” hence the March 11, 2019 date, six days after he passed away. But it is certainly worth asking the question: what controls are in place for campaigns or the FEC to refund a donation made after a person dies?

Accordingly he made 20 unique donations to the Trump campaign

Nor does this negate the excessive donations the Trump campaign accepted from this particular individual. I also feel the need to remind you that we are only on page 6 of 233 and only on the letter A.

KONSTANTINE AROUSTAMIAN See page 7 of the attachment - as with other donors, his donations were “marked” for P2020 which has the maximum allowable 2017/2018 of $2,700 per election (the primary election). This’s donor intrigued me strictly for the impermissible donations and what company they own.

This donor made 42 unique donations, See FEC raw data, found here. Of which 31 were made in the 2017/2018 election cycle, raw data found here - which makes the cumulative total of his donation to about $6,500. Clearly that far exceeds the maximum allowable. Again I feel like I need to remind you we are only on page 7 of 233 pages and still reviewing data for last names that start with the letter A.

I’ll dig in deeper after work because after all it’s not like those bonbons are going to eat themselves. As you can tell this is oddly a lot of tedious work and time consuming to research. But I think it’s important. Considering how he preened like a peacock. Remember his 2015 kick-off speech?


Although Trump’s July Quarterly Report was recently uploaded to the FEC’s website:



    NEW YORK, New York 10022

FEC Committee ID #: C00580100 Report Type = JUL QUARTERLY 

Filed 07/15/2019

The unitemized donations continue to bother me. Given we have zero idea who or where those funds are coming from. As expected Trump & the GOP ongoing self dealing continues to progress unabated and unchecked, although the 4thCCOAs recent Emoluments Ruling has only embolden Trump and the GOP. Nonetheless it is still grossly unethical and Trump continues to profit from the Office of the President of the United States. Either way the drip drip drip of Trump’s FEC filings at some point you have to wonder when Trump will face criminal charges, between the hundreds of thousands he paid aka “Individual 1” - he wrote those checks to Cohen in our House, the White House. I am sick of seeing the obsequiousness and servile attitude of the GOP - moreover I’m tired of seeing Trump clearly flaunt our laws and Congress and the Judiciary appears posed to demur. Why? What’s the point of fighting for our Democracy and keeping dirty money out of politics when people likeTrump face zero accountability... 

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