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Posted on April 24 2018


Yahoo Hack and Hackers...

...this is important 


This is one particular topic I refused to stop monitoring, researching and/or tweeting about. And listen I could be wrong and if I am, I will postulate myself. My working theory since March of 2017 was, the Yahoo Hack was part of a much larger plan, in which Russia engaged in a full on Cyber and Information warfare.

Meaning, Russia employed and currently employees a team of cyber-warriors that engage in collecting sensitive data on Senior Government Officals, Financial Industry and Journalist. Granted this is my theory and I could be way off the mark so take it with a grain of salt and skepticism. That said it is possible some of these “hackers for hire” had zero idea what the Russian Government would do with the information they stole and subsequently handed over to Russian Intelligence groups, yes GROUPS. This is not an attemp to excuse their unlawful behavior, just a thought, not a sermon.



So here’s my timeline and theory:

  • Phase 1 a-z, 2008-2016 hack and data mine sensitive info targeting politicians to create a blackmail aka  “komprometirujuščij” colloquially known as “компрома” -
    • LinkedIn/MindSpring Hack, discussed here (READ the UPDATE)
    • yahoo hack
    • OPM hack
    • Infrastructure hacks

Oxford Dictionary defines kromopat as: “Compromising information collected for use in blackmailing, discrediting, or manipulating someone, typically for political purposes.”  komprometirujuščij material ‘compromising material’


  • Phase 2 use that stolen data to leverage power & influence  over politicians, financial institutions and reporters.
  • Phase 3 Russia secures political influence, poltical loyalty, secure finances, global oil rights, basically Russia emerges as the ONLY global superpower


This twitter thread from a few weeks ago👇🏻

Archived mini-thread re State Sponsored Cyber attacks, here

Eventually I will take the time and recreate the various cyber-hack related threads I created on my previous tweeter accounts. Suffice to say I find it loathsome having to re-create my research because a few “resistance & alt-right trolls” mass reported my twitter accounts, repeatedly. 


Yahoo Hack indictment: 




November 28, 2017 DOJ-OPA PR

Baratov Plea Deal, here

What was entirely overlooked by the Media, Link to PR here, see below for additional details.


What I found interesting is there ZERO mention of cooperation.

Yet Baratov sentence & fines are disproportionately lower than what was specified in the charging documents and sentencing recommendations. Which usually, operative word, is an indication that the target is copperating with the Government, again I read his plea deal and there zero mention of cooperation. Seems odd. 


“Where a foreign law enforcement or intelligence agency recruits, tasks, or protects criminals targeting the United States and its companies or citizens, instead of taking steps to disrupt them and hold them accountable, the United States will leverage all of its available tools to expose that agency’s conduct and
arrest those responsible,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Boente.

“Today’s plea exemplifies theDepartment’s commitment to pursuing, arresting, and bringing to justice even those hackers who work fora foreign law enforcement or intelligence organization. We wish to thank the Canadian authorities for their skillful assistance in the investigation and arrest of Baratov and to acknowledge the contributions of the other nations and law enforcement services that provided invaluable assistance.”

 🚨sidebar, Boente shows up everywhere, no really he does. 🚨

Notwithstanding one of the very first things Trump did after being sworn in, he actually changed the line of succession to include Boente, whereas Obama removed Boente. Trump has also tapped Boente to be “Acting” AG, AUSA. Comey shared his memos with Boente. Literally Boente is in the eye of every storm related to Trump v Russia. So I did some digging and BLOOP, I found Boente’s 27 page written question for his Senate Confirmation Hearing, circa 2015. Link to document, here 

see Maddow Segment from last week, I’m not kidding Boente is EVERYWHERE

DOJ Sentencing Memo:

Govt wants, the Court impose a sentence of 94 mos imprisonment,
3 years supervised release, and restitution and fine amounts that encompass any and all of his assets. He was paid $100 per account x 11,000 = $1.1M


Also Mic Pro Tip, if you’ve made Millions of dollars by hacking personal information, it’s not smart to post pictures on social media of your fancy cars or home. Because in Baratov’s case, the Government used said social media post in their sentencing memo.

BARATOV sentencing hearing is TODAY. 



Or posting a video giving a virtual tour of your fancy illgotten largesse. Just say. We should know in about an hour what the Judge will sentence Baratov to...once I had that update (hearing doesn’t start until 2:30PM EDT) I’ll update

-Salty Spicy Out

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