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WTFINGF March 8, 2019

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Posted on March 08 2019




Oh Dear...we’ve made it another week, which is no same feat. Although this week seems to be far more important than previous weeks. For example (setting aside the low prison term) you do get that the President’s former Campaign Chairman was in fact sentenced to prison, right? That in of itself is really a big deal.


Bill Shine OUT:

When you see the words “abruptly resigned” that’s typically a sign of serious chaos in the White House. For those not in the Beltway, receiving and offer to worl within the White House and/or directly for the President of the United States of America (POTUS) is akin to reaching the apex of your career. And then came Trump. I would argue that the commonality in the Trump White House is they can not attracted or retain the best of the best. Which is highly irregular and unfortunate.

If you think I’m rooting for a POTUS to fail then let me rip that bandaid off. In general I do not want to see ANY POTUS fail. Why? Beyond that’s totally unAmerican that also tacitly implies I want to see our Country fail. What I am saying, unapologetically is Trump needs to be held accountable for all of his misstated public pronouncements aka lies and lies about his lies. Government Oversight is not Presidential Harassment. The Legislative Branch of Government has a constitutional mandate, to be the check and balance, that’s not harassment it’s OverSight. Period.



With Shine’s sudden departure the Trump White House will now be looking for its SEVENTH  White House Communications Director, in the mere 26-ish months since Trump was sworn in. Well. Oiled. Machine. No really he’s burned through:




  1. Sean Spicer - January 20, 2017 thru March 6, 2017 = 45 days
  2. Mike Dubke - March 6, 2017 thru June 2, 2017 = 88 days
  3. Sean Spicer “acting” June 2, 2017 thru July 21, 2017 = 49 days
  4. Anthony Scaramucci July 21, 2017 thru July 31, 2017 = 10 days
  5. Hope Hicks August 16, 2017 thru March 29, 2018 = 225 days
  6. Bill Shine July 5, 2018 thru March 7, 2019 = 245 day
  7. TBD - no really Trump thinks he’s the best Comms Director



Air Force Secretary to resign:

In a tweet Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson stated she has informed Trump that she plans to resign and will accept the job as President of the University of Texas at El Paso.



Chelsea Manning Contempt:

I am not nor wil I ever be a fan of Chelsea Manning... as you might know there’s been an ongoing battle between her and investigators in the EDVA regarding WikiLeaks. Earlier this morning Judge Hilton said the following:


“I’ve found you in contempt,” Hilton said. He ordered her to custody immediately, “either until you purge yourself or the end of the life of the grand jury.”

You can read the full Washington Post article here. And while you may not agree with me, I for one do not see WikiLeaks as a “news organization” given that during the 2016 presidential election Russia used WikiLeaks as a cut out. For example during the campaign Trump and his closest surrogates amplified the DNC stolen data and amplified the release of the stolen data:

 Trump’s twitter archive can be found here.


 Trump Jr Twitter Archive, some 183 tweets and retweets, found here. One thing you should notice, the concentration and frequency of Jr’s Tweets, as in the vast majority are <3 weeks before the 2016 election. But it also appears that Trump Jr was busy scrubbing his tweets leaving only the retweets. In early 2017 I created a lengthy twitter thread and noted that (around March 2017) that Trump Jr had >269 tweets & retweets, as you can see that number is down dramatically.




Rub & Tug Cindy & Kraft & Trump & the GOP

I’ll admit The Whole Robert Kraft and the massage spa is just gross, like super gross. Yet my friend Pinche put together a picture thread, it sure seems like the Family Values Party is full of hypocrisy and continues to show us, who they really are and it’s not pretty, at all



 If you haven’t read the Miami Hearld’s article, you really should. As this paper continues to do some serious and amazing investigative journalism.



🔥Jussie Smollett Indictment:

About one hour ago Prosecutors in Cook County IL unsealed a 16 Count Indictment, I can not pretend to know why Smollett would do this. The reality is his actions may have done irreparable harm to the LGBTQ Community.

Smollett was charged with 16 felony counts surrounding the false report, where he said that that he had been attacked by two men, that shouted racial and homophobic slurs at Smollett during the “attack”.

That said the Grand Jury handed down a true bill and thusly Smollett has been criminally indicted, you can read the full indictment here.


This is the four page bond proffer (from February 22, 2019) reading the 36 page Smollett Indictment is, a mix of why did he do this and what was he thinking? When I say that Smollett’s actions may have irreparably harmed the LGBTQ community that’s not me being overly dramatic. The fact is everyday members of the LGBTQ community are targeted just because of who they is just profoundly sad and disappointing. And it makes me really wonder what kind of demonds is Smollett fighting to think he could get away with this.


 Mozambique’s Former Finance Minister Indicted:

Late yesterday the DOJ-OPA issued the following Press Release, which reads in part:

Jean Boustani, 40, a citizen of Lebanon who worked for the Privinvest Group, a United Arab Emirates-based shipbuilding company, was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on Jan. 2, 2019 and arraigned later that day in the Eastern District of New York on charges that he conspired with others to commit one count of wire fraud, one count of securities fraud, and one count of money laundering in connection with $200 million in bribe and kickback payments he helped organize relating to three loans totaling more than $2 billion that were marketed and sold to U.S. victim investors

Boustani has pleaded not guilty to the charges; a trial date has not yet been set.  Alongside Boustani, Privinvest’s chief financial officer Najib Allam, 58, a citizen of Lebanon, was charged with the same counts.  Allam is alleged to have worked with Boustani to make the bribe and kickback payments.  Allam is not currently in U.S. custody.


On page 3 of the indictment the following disclosure actually caught my attention, which reads in part:

“On its website, Privinvest described itself as "one of the largest global
shipbuilding groups for naval vessels, fuel-cell submarines, superyachts, offshore constructions and associated services."


The scheme is (in my opinion) a standard issue pay to play... 

 Weird maritime projects? You mean to tell me that super yachts are a decent way to launder money and defraud investors? Gee whiz that’s just crazy talk...see Indictment here.



“...created the maritime projects as fronts to raise money to enrich themselves and intentionally diverted portions of the loan proceeds to pay at least $200 million in bribes and kickbacks to themselves, Mozambican government officials and others.”


The crazy part is Prininvest website is still up and running which makes this part of today’s unsealed Indictment all the more curious:

“...portion of the loan proceeds towards the maritime projects. In furtherance of the scheme, Privinvest charged inflated prices for the equipment and services it provided...”


Uzbek, GULNARA KARIMOVA, and Russian Telco:

 Maybe just maybe had my twitter account not been targeted and fraudulently mass reported you would have seen my September 6, 2018 thread, where I did a decent jog of trying to explain, that our DOJ was all over this. But nope my account is gone and now you are stuck with this disjointed twitter thread archive, Uzbek & ING archive And YES I’ve been critical of AUSA Berman but he has truly suprised me and I’m glad to be proven wrong. In my book he’s one heck of an AUSA. See DOJ-OPA announcement here.


 paying more than $420 million in bribes through AKHMEDOV to KARIMOVA.  KOLORIT pled guilty yesterday in Manhattan federal court before U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken to a criminal Information charging the company with conspiracy to violate the anti-bribery and books and records provisions of the FCPA.  

Global Law Enforcement is the #BeBest:

DOJ’s Office of International Affairs for its significant assistance in this matter and to law enforcement colleagues in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. 


The indictment states that Karimova used:

bribes were paid to KARIMOVA, who, in exchange, exercised her corrupt influence over Uzbek telecommunications industry regulators to allow the telecommunications companies to obtain lucrative business and operate in the Uzbek market.


The indictment is a textbook example of what power and money is capable of doing when you believe you’re above the law. Uzbek Princess is forked, BIGLY forked.


See the Mobile TeleSystems PJSC, SEC matter, MTS deferred prosecutor but bot did they pay a huge fine. See page 15-17 of the SEC Order:


Respondent shall, within 14 days of the entry of this Order, pay a civil money penalty in the amount of $100,000,000 to the Securities and Exchange Commission for transfer to the general fund of the United States Treasury


Order Instituting Cease-and-Desist Proceedings...Making Findings, and Imposing Remedial Sanctions and a Cease-and-Desist Order (“Order”), as set forth below.

On page 2 of the SEC matter, the disclosure of slightly over $420M in bribes and kickbacks and that MTS has falsified their filings:


MTS made at least $420 million in illicit payments for the purpose of obtaining and retaining business, and those payments generated more than $2.4 billion in revenues.

These illicit payments were made through a variety of means, including equity transactions with the government official, sham contracts, and in the form of charitable contributions or sponsorships at the direction of the government official. These payments were improperly characterized as legitimate expenses in MTS’s books and records. MTS filed its financial statements, incorporating the falsely recorded payments, with the Commission throughout the relevant period.

 Uzbek Princess (I liken get to the Ivanka Trump of Uzbek Republic) owned several “shell” companies and used those companies to buy majority shares and Uzbek Telecom frequencies. I mean Ivanka only likes to plagiarize “fashion designs” and launder millions in diamonds. So there’s that snarky side note..

As previously mentioned MTS agreed to the statement of facts. The fines and the additional audits, compliance reports and a host of other disciplinary actions.


 February 2019 jobs added 20,000

 Pathetic no really pathetic. As you may know the BLS released its monthly jobs numbers. Can we STOP pretending that Trump’s economy is booming? I mean the tiny 20K jobs added in February 2019 was FAR below the projected. Trump’s job numbers are the worst since September 2017 when the two hurricanes wiped out jobs. THERE. IS. NO. TRUMP. BUMP...he is going to bankrupt us.

Total nonfarm payroll employment changed little in February (+20,000), and the unemployment rate declined to 3.8 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment in professional and business services, health care, and wholesale trade continued to trend up, while construction employment decreased.




This link will take you to a decade worth of job numbers, a cursory tabulation shows that comparative data (solely looking at reported numbers) Obama v Trump...Trump is under performing both in job creation and wage stagnation both are really critical for a strong economy. To be fair wages also stagnated under Obama but under Obama he was handed a shittlestixs economy and by the end of Obama’s second term, he literally handed Trump one of the best economies and historic job creation and unemployment numbers, yet Trump wants you to believe he has handed a disaster, NOPE data doesn’t lie:

Russia Duma & Fake News:

I swear to ____ I looked down at my phone and was like: “whatcha talkin’ about Willis” and then I looked again and was like “are you kidding me?” Russia of all Countries. The Duma passed a new law targeting FAKE NEWS

You can read the full Duma Press Release here (hit the translate button) 

Russia’s Prosecutor General & the new bill define ‘fake news” as:

“unreliable socially significant information distributed under the guise of authentic messages and posing a security risk.”


The “fines” range:

Fines in accordance with the amendments to the KOAP threaten both the distribution of fake news in the media and the Internet. Fines vary according to the severity of the consequences of the spread of misinformation.

“If the publication contains one or another statement and it is supported by evidentiary arguments, it will be difficult to recognize it as a fake. In addition, as the decision will be taken at the level of federal prosecutors, the possibility of arbitrariness at the regional level will be limited, "-said Leonid Levin.

  • For citizens from 30 thous. Up to 100 thousand Rubles
  • For officials – from 60 thousand people. Up to 200 thousand Rubles
  • For legal entities – from 200 thousand. Up to 500 thousand Rubles.


Erik Prince: ATTENDED the 2016 Trump Tower Mtg:

Holy shittlestix does Erik Prince look like he’s super terrified? As in I swear he did in fact lie to Congress. Hell to the Erik please step in to the barrel...snort 


Lets review Prince’s November 2017 HPSCI testimony where he said:


I ALWAYS found this portion of Prince’s testimony the most intriguing and a bit of a tell of what Prince was pissed off about that for some reason he’s pissed he was caught on intercepts...

Again if I didn’t know any better I’d say that Prince is pissed that his communications were caught on intercepts and he didn’t like the fact that his clandestine meeting with the Russian banker had ears on but the fact Prince expounded on our Intelligence Community was doing their job...

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    Masterful as always! I love your break downs and the links! Thank you.

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    Spicy, I am grateful that you are still posting here. You are sorely missed on Twitter.

  • Marie G: March 09, 2019

    Great Friday post, Spicy. That Li Yang kompromat factory story has me reeling, but I’m so glad it’s out and I hope it gains traction. The level of swamp is astounding. Miss you on twitter, but as always, I’m grateful you continue your good work here.

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    Wow just wow! Thanks stellar as usual.

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