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Posted on March 06 2019

MWTFINGF March 6, 2019




Friday Indictment? maybe but maybe NYET:

Last night former CIA Director Brennan made a bit of news, full disclosure I normally do not watch The Last Word (it’s a personal quirk of mine):

 I have taken the liberty of cribbing the relevant portions of the transcript :

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC HOST 'LAST WORD': Are you one who's willing to, at this stage of the game, venture a guess about where Robert Mueller is and isn't in this process and how close he is to filing a report? And beyond that, what would you would expect from such a report?

JOHN BRENNAN, FMR. CIA DIRECTOR: I think Robert Mueller wants to be able to conclude his work and turn over the investigative threads to the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of Virginia, and other jurisdictions as appropriate as we're coming up to two years. So I think he does want to conclude that.

I wouldn't be surprised if for example this week on Friday, not knowing anything about it, but Friday is the day the grand jury indictments come down and also this Friday is better than next Friday because next Friday is the 15th of March, which is the Ides of March. And I don't think Robert Mueller will want to have that dramatic flair of the Ides of March when he is going to be delivering what I think are going to be are his indictments, the final indictments as well the report he gives to the Attorney General.

O'DONNELL: Did you see enough at that stage to believe that there would now, that that would result in indictments once investigated?

BRENNAN: I thought at the time there was going to be individuals who were going to have issues with the Department of Justice. Yes. And I think we've already seen a number of individuals who have been indicted, either have plead guilty or have been convicted now.

So again, I don't have any inside knowledge. I'm not talking with anybody in the special counsel's office.


So I’d say stayed tuned. One thing to remember is in early January 2019 Chief Judge Beryl Howell of the DC District Court extended the DC Grand Jury (local rules stipulate that a Grand Jury’s term is 18 months) again there was no actual date/length given. Just a confirmation the Grand Jury was extended, see CNN’s Janauary 4, 2019 Report 


In “other” DDC Grand Jury News:

I am generally vexed why this didn’t get more attention last week given this is 100% related to the Special Counsel’s Office and the DDC Grand Jury. This is the notice that was filed on the DDC Website late on the evening of February 28, 2019


Grand Jury Action No. 18-41 (BAH)


 What is of particular interest can be found on page 2, I highlighted the interesting bits (and yes you will pry the highlighters out of my cold dead hands /snort)../notice the disclosure of the Witness’s Status Report and the following reference about the redactions, “over the witness’s objections”...I’m sitting at a 99% that this witness is not Paul Manafort. Why? Easy peasy lemon squeezee in the latest Manafort & SCO EDVA Sentencing Memorandums both parties state the last time Manafort presented to the Grand Jury as a witness was October 2018:


See Witness’s Status Report, ECF No. 90; Gov’t’s Status Report, ECF No. 91.

parties disagree...redactions to be applied to the January 15, 2019 Memorandum and Order and the January 30, 2019 Memorandum and Order.

Redactions to these two memoranda, with limited exception, have been made consistent with the government’s proposal, over the witness’s objections.

This is 100% about the Mystery Company and Mystery Foreign Country. Concurrently this is also (yet another) moment I where I tilt my head back and groan. those Twitter Stalkers/Trolls ghosted countless hours of my time, my research and so much factual data I don’t think I can enumerate it. Yet those same “resistance” accounts are still running a muck on twitter. While offering nothing of substance beyond harassment and trolling. Because that’s called resisting and being instructive, NYET - those dolls do exactly zero original research nor offer anything of substance or value...gawd eventually I need to let that shit go, they do not deserve my rage or any space in my head. I digress

This is a partial Twitter Theead archive of that painfully long thread. Ful disclosure I have not read The Who;e 71 page newly released documents, I’ve briefly skimmed through but this is intriguing to me...the part I highlighted, read it very carefully...


🌶SpicyFiles Sidebar🌶 I remain convinced that the Mystery Company is in fact a bank and my  intitial hypothesis was amended in mid-February 2019: VTB Bank by way of VEB. One thing that you may not pick up on is in filings parties tend to pull from case law that closely matches the current issue at hand, by page 27 I noticed several recitations of “banks” various recitals of “foreclosure” and the lack of “immunity”...keep in mind all of us are in fact reading the legalese tea leaves. So as you read the newly released filings, my suggestion is you read them as a who;e versus one filings build on each other, at least in this stage of the litigation matter.


Senator Martha McSally: 

 I should note that I have never been a political fan of Senator McSally, ideologically we are absolute polar opposites. Notwithstanding the absolute courage, bravery and grace she displayed today was nothing short of inspirational and speaking her truth. And boy was she one helluva fierce gladiator today. Suffice to say I now have far greater respect for Senator McSally, her bravery and knowing that by sharing her rape, she was using her voice and power for good. It’s refreshing.



DOJ - FARA meet your NEW Division Chief:

“...will be overseen by Brandon Van Grack, who left Mueller's team in recent months to rejoin the national security division...”


 Eleven separate Checks Trump signed:

 What is amazing to me is that Trump repeatedly lied to the American People aboard his hundreds of thousands of dollars in hush payments to his two paramours. While his wife was home taking care of a new born values, right?

I think what’s equally outrageous is Trump signed ELEVEN separate checks to Michael Cohen, $35,000.00 that’s not a retainer fee, no that was Trump sending reimbursements to Cohen. According to the NYTs article Trump signed these checks in the Oval Office. DISGUSTING.


Trump’s Judicial ChessBoard:

Late in the evening Trump declared his intention that he plans to Nominate DDC, AUSA Jessie Liu to Deputy Attorney General. I want you to consider for a brief moment, this is Trump moving a chess piece off the board. By putting AUSA Liu into Main Justice, he then gets install a Trump loyalist. Who will undoubtedly run the other investigation and prosecutions from case SCO Mueller has farmed out. See Reuter’s article 



DHS Sec Nielsen:

I literally have nothing nice to say about this <insert pejorative term here> lunatic, who the bleep shows up for a Congressional Hearing without the data or exact number of unaccompanied minors, see today’s earlier blog entry...


Mr and Mrs matching handcuffs

See my earlier entry, it’s updated with a half-a-dozen criminal indictment of Federal Employees being charged for lying or withholding info on their SF86, JarVanka should both be indicted, see entry here.and yesterday’s entry here.


Literally made it with <2 minutes to spare...wishing you and yours the very best and see y’all tomorrow (but heads up my morning is jacked so you may not see a blog entry until the afternoon.







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  • GG: March 07, 2019

    You’re so missed! I still can’t get over the fact that Twitter banned you. I don’t understand what in the world happened. Could you at least explain what “ghosted” means. I don’t get how other trolls or whatever you want to call them could do this and get away with it scot free?

  • Wendy: March 07, 2019

    Keep doing the good work that we miss so much on our twitter feeds Spicey, I hope one day you will return!

  • Carmen Gourlay: March 07, 2019

    I miss you immensely in the Twittersverse .
    I am catching up on your blog posts now!!

  • Denise Louise: March 07, 2019

    Regarding Trump to Cohen payments, they were also in part to hush Cohen. IMO.

    I am so ready for One Fell Swoop of indictments to end this nightmare. I imagine it will include many dozens of American persons and based on the horrible behaviors we’ve witnessed I hope they include many of the GOP who have obstructed justice all along the way. We will need your expertise more than ever when the hammer falls.

  • Laverne Hayes: March 07, 2019

    I so miss you on Twitter. I found you late in the game but your threads helped me make sense of what was going on Long with other patriots. I always liked your snark about your kiddos and work. If you ever need any Red Bull send up the signal and its on the way. Keep up the good work.

  • Wayne Wilson: March 07, 2019

    Agree with you about Sen.McSally – that takes courage regardless of all else.
    The move of Liu was at Barr’s request and is actually a promotion. Supposedly, Barr will recommend her replacement in DC – will tell a lot about him I think.
    I trust him, but am concerned, like you with this move.
    Glad to see your files again.

    Stay Strong, fight on !!

  • Pete: March 07, 2019

    Nice stuff as usual Spicy!!

    Hey did you notice that the Monday Document requests for Mark Corallo and Michael Flynn are garbled a bit on the House site? I wonder, do those files look maybe concatenated to you? They both say Michael Flynn in the doc.

    Trying to take stock of who has been asked for what – can be tricky, but you always make it better.

    Keep up the great work!

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