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Posted on March 04 2019


🌶WTFINGF March 4th🌶


oh so many SpicyFiles


Good lord it’s only Monday and so far INFRASTRUCTURE WEEK IS 🔥 LIT 🔥 really has to wonder if each morning when Trump waddles/rolls out of bed if he actually looks in the mirror and has the realization that he’s a fraud, a con-man and pathological liar. That he must know deep down inside that he is a loathsome person and he secretly hates himself. At least that’s my inner monologue when I look down at my phone


National Security Threat & Shadow Secretary of State:

Thy name is Jared Kushner...Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump...

With the ongoing and arguably the lamentable mendacity surrounding our Coutry’s National Security concerns. The recent self-inflicted credibility schism which has unequivocally  ensnared Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and “ president” Trump.
The facts now indicate, that contrary to the countless previous denials by the Trifecta of Traitor-Tot-Coterie, that indeed Trump “intervened” and overruled career officials. One really has to wonder what was in the background of JarVanka that had our Intelligence Community taking a hard position.
Insofar as Trump has the authority and the “power”, which was vested upon him taking the oath of office, it should make you wonder, what’s the point of Anti-Nepotism LAWS when you have a “president” who consistently acts with impunity and goes on to “order” security clearances, to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
According to an early Monday morning report, Jerusalem local time, the AP reported, the following



I am also pretty sure that the future generations of Americans will study and dissect the Trump Administration. And our  School system(s) civic/government syllabus, there will be much time spent on the Trump administration’s flagrant and contemptuous disregard for our laws, our constitution, and the crumbing of America’s global and moral authority. Never forget that Donald Trump and Jared Kushner hold Netanyahu in the highest regard.


UN-HCR Report Gaza & Israel

I don’t know why this UN-HCR Report was almost largely ignored by our media. One potential mitigating factor might be the Isreali Attorney General announcing the “intent” to indict current Israeli Prime MInister Benjamin Netanyahu  I should also note that I do not have a position on this volatile region. The issues at hand are centuries in the making and are extremely complex. The only reason I’m posting this UNHCR report is it is factual and it should be reviewed in the “public square”...given it quantifies the events that lead to more volatility.


🌶SpicyFiles Trigger Warning🌶

parts of this report make for a very difficult read, but facts and the truth can often be uncomfortable, particularly for those who try to hide the facts and truth... the embedded videos are equally difficult to watch. 


The Commission has reasonable grounds to believe that during the Great March of Return, Israeli soldiers committed violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. Some of those violations may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity, and must be immediately investigated by Israel,” said the Chair of the Commission, Santiago Canton of Argentina.

More than 6,000 unarmed demonstrators were shot by military snipers, week after week at the protest sites by the separation fence.

The investigation covered the period from the start of the protests until 31 December 2018.

189 Palestinians were killed during the demonstrations inside this period...Israeli Security Forces killed one hundred eighty three of these protesters with live ammunition:

  • Thirty-five of these fatalities were children
  • Three were clearly marked paramedics
  • Two were clearly marked journalists.


The UN HCR Report goes into further detail of both Israeli Special Forces and Palestinian during this weeks long conflict, again it’s a difficult read because the totality of the brute force and cost of human life. Upon reading the UNHCR’s report the disproportionate loss of life and/or injury was far greater for the unarmed Palestinian protestors:


the Israeli Security Forces injured 6,106 Palestinians with live ammunition at the protest sites during this period. Another 3,098 Palestinians were injured by bullet fragmentation, rubber-coated metal bullets or by hits from tear gas canisters. Four Israeli soldiers were injured at the demonstrations. Four Israeli soldiers were injured at the demonstrations. One Israeli soldier was killed on a protest day but outside the protest sites.


Pages 4 thru 14 of the UNHCR Report itemized each of the Palestinians that Israeli Special Forces killed. On the bottom of page 14  the Commission discloses members of the Press, who were there doing their job: reporting on the conflict. What is most disturbing is the Israeli Special Forces used snipers, and those snipers targeted dozens of reporters and photojournalist.


This UN HCR link will take you to their Press Kit page, which includes multiple embedded media links. Again the videos are extraordinarily difficult to watch and the data presented is hard to comprehend. Specially as it relates to the totality of both human loss of life but the injuries unarmed protesters sustained. But I would encourage you to read and watch the materials, otherwise you won’t understand the cause & effect.

Side note, point of personal privilege, as human being it is difficult for me to defend the indefensible, if it’s a choice, I will always chose the side of life and peaceful protest versus military special forces and snipers picking off protestors one by one. And that’s what occurred here. It is okay if you fundamentals disagree with my personal opinion, but you should read this report and accompanying documentary evidence. It’s appalling. As a reminder here is Trump in our House extolling the effectiveness of a wall and once again putting Netanyahu on a pedestal, it’s just grotesque:



❌Matt Whitaker OUT at DOJ❌


Full disclosure this update brings me much joy and so much satisfaction. Given how much time I spent tracking down actual receipts and cataloging how unbelievably compromised Whitaker is/was. You can read more here here here and here.



Oh and Matt, you do know just because you’ve left your post at the DOJ, that does not excuse you from the ongoing Congressional Investigations:


  • cough perjury - lying to Congress
  • cough SF86 snafu you forgot to disclose multiple derogatory financial information off your SF86
  • cough obstruction of justice
  • cough Trump dangle,
  • cough pardon me? No really pardon me...

Do you really think you can fly home to Iowa and pretend the past sixteen months didn’t happen? That career officials at the DOJ never fully trusted you and that your communications with Ezra would remain in the WhatsApp...also you should ask your buddy former Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke how it feels to know that a Grand Jury has been empaneled to determine if he will face criminal charges for lying to investigators, see February Washington Post Article because right about now, this is how I see how you must be reacting given  your current situation. It’s going to be weird when the acting Attorney General ends up hiring an attorney to represent them. Also yes or no, has Ezra told you if he’s spoken with the Special Counsel’s office... <snort>



Because Matt the last I heard you are facing at least two ethics complaints, one of which cites the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct, found here. Had my Twitter account not been suspended I could drop an incomprehensible amount of receipts, but you’ll have to read these disjointed twitter threads, here Again within the hour of Trump making the Whitaker announcement I dropped my Whitaker receipt file. Because yes I’ve curated various files on 89+ people in Trump’s Orbit. 




Trust me on this, bookmark this House Judiciary link, it’s freaking GLORIOUS. Today the House Judiciary Committee served document requests to 81 agencies, entities, and individuals. These document request and preservation will assist the committee by providing information relevant to the investigation detailed below:

Chairman Nadler issued the following Press Release and guide detailing what his committee will be investigating:

“We have sent these document requests in order to begin building the public record.  The Special Counsel’s office and the Southern District of New York are aware that we are taking these steps.  We will act quickly to gather this information, assess the evidence, and follow the facts where they lead with full transparency with the American people. 

This is a critical time for our nation, and we have a responsibility to investigate these matters and hold hearings for the public to have all the facts.  That is exactly what we intend to do.”


The Chairman states that the Committee’s investigation will cover these three main areas:

  • Obstruction of Justice, including the possibility of interference by the President and others in a number of criminal investigations and other official proceedings, as well as the alleged cover-up of violations of the law;
  • Public Corruption, including potential violations of the emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution, conspiracy to violate federal campaign and financial reporting laws, and other criminal misuses of official positions for personal gain; and
  • Abuses of Power, including attacks on the press, the judiciary, and law enforcement agencies; misuse of the pardon power and other presidential authorities; and attempts to misuse the power of the Office of the Presidency.

Again this is the list, in alphabetical order, the letters are important but the document request, specifically the Schedule A request, in my opinion is where the real action is. Full disclosure I haven’t reviewed all of the documents but a cursory spot check affirms my assertion. However I can’t explain my disappointment of seeing the absence of Becky with the shittyhair. One thing you need to keep in mind of the list below, very few would be “protected” by any effectuated innovation of Trump’s (predicable) Executive Privilege.  I would also like to draw your attention to the “document requests” these are very particularized and it’s not a “fishing expedition” so Sarah Slanders can shove it. 

Also for those who many not know the Beltway Legal Community, Emmet Flood was with Williams and Connelly, WC has a well earned and venerable reputation for being the “go to” firm when scandals break, in this aptly entitled article clients turn to WC because they are well known for being aggressive while offering very little information in an effort to protect their client. I previously disclosed my first hand account of Pat Cipollone, he and Flood are a natural fit. As in peas & carrots.

That said both of them, in their individual capacity are venerable litigators but combined? That’s like the wonder-twin powers of legal gladiators. Granted I have immense faith in the recent hires by the House Democrats but Trump’s second team of attorneys can give the House Democrats a run for their money.  Remember in May of 2018 members of the House were both offended and aghast that Flood & Kelly would attend the various House briefings (see Washington Post May 2018 article here)

What you may not understand is that inappropriate move was a bit of political and attorney theater. It is also known as a Jedi-Mind-Trick meaning based on my limited experience that was Flood showing is muscle but also testing the limits of what Congress would tolerate. Again it’s a bit of a kind game but you need to know that the days of Ty Cobb & John Dowd’s approach of “accommodation” have now been replaced with zero accommodation so be prepared for multiple Judicial Gladiator Death Matches...that’s what Flood and Cipollone are both known for.




  1. Alan Garten (letterdocument requests
  2. Alexander Nix (letterdocument requests
  3. Allen Weisselberg (letterdocument requests
  4. American Media Inc (letterdocument requests)
  5. Anatoli Samochornov (letterdocument requests)
  6. Andrew Intrater (letterdocument requests)
  7. Annie Donaldson (letterdocument requests)
  8. Brad Parscale (letterdocument requests)
  9. Brittany Kaiser (letterdocument requests)
  10. Cambridge Analytica (letterdocument requests
  11. Carter Page (letter, document requests)
  12. Columbus Nova (letterdocument requests)
  13. Concord Management and Consulting (letterdocument requests)
  14. Corey Lewandowski (letterdocument requests)
  15. David Pecker (letterdocument requests)
  16. Department of Justice (letterdocument requests)
  17. Don McGahn (letterdocument requests
  18. Donald J Trump Revocable Trust (letterdocument requests
  19. Donald Trump Jr. (letterdocument requests
  20. Dylan Howard (letterdocument requests)
  21. Eric Trump (letterdocument requests)
  22. Erik Prince (letterdocument requests)
  23. Federal Bureau of Investigation (letter, document requests)
  24. Felix Sater (letterdocument requests)
  25. Flynn Intel Group (letterdocument requests)
  26. General Services Administration (letterdocument requests)
  27. George Nader (letterdocument requests)
  28. George Papadopoulos (letterdocument requests)
  29. Hope Hicks (letterdocument requests)
  30. Irakly Kaveladze (letterdocument requests)
  31. Jared Kushner (letterdocument requests)
  32. Jason Maloni (letterdocument requests)
  33. Jay Sekulow (letterdocument requests)
  34. Jeff Sessions (letterdocument requests)
  35. Jerome Corsi (letterdocument requests)
  36. John Szobocsan (letterdocument requests)
  37. Julian Assange (letterdocument requests)
  38. Julian David Wheatland (letterdocument requests)
  39. Keith Davidson (letterdocument requests)
  40. KT McFarland (letterdocument requests)
  41. Mark Corallo (letterdocument requests)
  42. Matt Tait (letterdocument requests)
  43. Matthew Calamari (letterdocument requests)
  44. Michael Caputo (letterdocument requests)
  45. Michael Cohen (letterdocument requests)
  46. Michael Flynn (letterdocument requests)
  47. Michael Flynn Jr (letterdocument requests)
  48. Paul Erickson (letterdocument requests)
  49. Paul Manafort (letterdocument requests)
  50. Peter Smith (Estate) (letterdocument requests)
  51. Randy Credico (letterdocument requests)
  52. Reince Priebus (letterdocument requests)
  53. Rhona Graff (letterdocument requests)
  54. Rinat Akhmetshin (letterdocument requests)
  55. Rob Goldstone (letterdocument requests)
  56. Roger Stone (letter, document requests)
  57. Ronald Lieberman (letterdocument requests)
  58. Sam Nunberg (letterdocument requests)
  59. SCL Group Limited (letterdocument requests)
  60. Sean Spicer (letterdocument requests)
  61. Sheri Dillon (letterdocument requests)
  62. Stefan Passantino (letterdocument requests)
  63. Steve Bannon (letterdocument requests)
  64. Ted Malloch (letterdocument requests)
  65. The White House (letterdocument requests)
  66. Trump Campaign (letterdocument requests)
  67. Trump Foundation (letterdocument requests)
  68. Trump Organization (letterdocument requests)
  69. Trump Transition (letterdocument requests)
  70. Viktor Vekselberg (letterdocument requests)
  71. Wikileaks (letterdocument requests)
  72. 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (letterdocument requests
  73. Christopher Bancroft Burnham (letterdocument requests)
  74. Frontier Services Group (letterdocument requests)
  75. J.D. Gordon (letterdocument requests)
  76. Kushner Companies (letter, document requests)
  77. NRA (letterdocument requests)
  78. Rick Gates (letter, document requests)
  79. Tom Barrack (letterdocument requests)
  80. Tom Bossert (letterdocument requests)
  81. Tony Fabrizio (letterdocument requests)




...and FINALLY Jared and Ivanka are named, you should not only read the letter but each document request, for example take a peak at the Schedule A request for Nix:


Again the letters are perfunctory but the Schedule A(s) are where the action is, case in point I’ve highlighted and red lined the most interesting and relevant ares of inquiries. 

 House Financial Services:


IICYMI last week Chairwoman Waters announced the formation and appointment Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee. See her remarks below. I personally think the creation of this subcommittee will highlight the income disparity and other economic challenges that face people of color and women.


I would also mark your calendars for the Mark-Up session, this link will take you to the live streaming of that meeting: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 (10:00 AM) -- Committee on Financial Services Markup of FY20 Budget Views and Estimates


House Intelligence Committee HPSCI Updates:

On February 21, 2019 the collective chairs of various House Committees, jointly sent letter to the Trump Administration and Trump .Org. The import of their February 21st letter should not be overlooked. At the time there was considerable media reports that Trump had destroyed documents aka evidence. The following paragraph in their letter should give us considerable pause, their reads in part:


...”requesting basic information about whether the President in fact destroyed records relating to his conversations with President Putin—in violation of the Presidential Records Act—or if he did not, where those records are currently located.  


Chairman Schiff and his colleagues disclosured that pursuant to the date requested the White House failed to provide any response to the Committee Chairs request for documents. Thusly re-affirming that the Trump Administration believed they can act with impunity and does not understand the fundamentals of our three co-equal branches of Government. The lawmakers reiterated their previous concerns in today’s letter to acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, which reads in part:


These allegations, if true, raise profound national security, counterintelligence, and foreign policy concerns, especially in light of Russia’s ongoing active measures campaign to improperly influence American elections.  In addition, such allegations, if true, undermine the proper functioning of government, most notably the Department’s access to critical information germane to its diplomatic mission and its ability to develop and execute foreign policy that advances our national interests. 


What Trump and the White House continue to fail to understand is these letters memorializes Congress’ request. It also provides a documentation  trail should lawmakers decide to subpoena Trump and/or his administration. Setting up a classic battle between the Executive & Legislative Branches of Government, meaning the Judicial Branch will be forced to settle the disagreement. The reality is the Constitution is on the Legislative side, Trump and his cabal regardless of the Army of attorneys he had hired are not above our laws or Constitution and I’m sick of seeing Trump act like he is. He’s not a King, well maybe he is an insane Mob King...but I digress:


The House Committee chairs concluded their letter with this scathing paragraph. This is a moment where you should take a step back and bask in the glory of our collective hard work.

All the doors you knocked on.

All the miles you walked getting the word out of Democrats Running.

All the phone banking hours you spent.

All the new voters you helped register

All the hours you and I spent away from our families with the goal of:


...making sure that the Democrats regained the gavel in the U.S. House of Representatives. Had we not worked as hard as we did, the House Republicans would have continued to capitulate and shield the Trump Administration from constitutionally mandated Oversight. For the record Trump’s predicable (and laughable) presidential harassment is exactly what it is, Trump’s inability to understand, respect and adhere to the RULE of LAW.


Congress has a constitutional duty to conduct oversight over the Department and the White House to determine, among other things, the impact of those communications on U.S. foreign policy, whether federal officials, including President Trump, have acted in the national interest, and whether the applicable laws, regulations, and agency procedures with respect to diplomatic communications with President Putin and other foreign leaders have been complied with and remain sufficient.


And then FINALLY lawmakers placed the HELSINKI marker down, with undisputed authority and clarity. Personally speaking I come from a pretty decent linage of Veterans, career Public Servants and in some respects you could say I’m a product of the beltway. Conversely not once in my short life have I ever had any doubt that any other previous American President wasn’t a true patriot, until Trump.


Link to today’s White House letter and a follow up letter here. It should also be noted that the House Chairs sent a follow letter to the State Department via Secretary of State Pompoe letter both, I found page 4 rather interesting 




While you can absolutely disagree with me on the margins, specifically semantics of how Trump has managed to destroy decades of diplomacy, bilateral anc trilateral relationships...the facts show that Trump and the Trump-Brand of the Republican Party does not have a monopoly on “Patriotism”. In case you forgot what Trump did in Helsinki, here what this short NBC clip, full disclosure every time I watch this vulgar display of Trump & Putin it makes me mad...



I can not think of any other American president who stood on a global stage and openly trashed our Intelligence Community, all while backing Putin. That’s not what I call patriotism, it what I call being an actual Russian Agent. At every turn Trump has lied, engaged in subterfuge and out right gas lighting as it relates to Russia. Why if Trump has done nothing wrong has he obstructed investigations, engaged in a protracted smear campaign  but most importantly what does Putin have on Trump that forces Trump to be Putin’s dirty little junkyard dog?



🏌🏻‍♀️ Side-note on Trump’s 🏌🏻‍♀️ Golf Courses:

At any rate, I’m still working on the Trump Golf and Taxes follow up but it’s taking a significant amount of time to research and read the various tax filings and court filings, however just to give you an idea, I pulled down Trump’s Palm Beach County Tax you see what I see? Dude is a stone cold thief and he would rather cost local tax payers hundreds of thousands in litigation expenses than pay his fair share of SALT...  

 🏌🏻‍♀️Trump National, DC🏌🏻‍♀️

As you might recall during the 2016 Election Trump straight up fabricated a non existent “river of blood” battle, as of last week that stupid plaque is still up on his DC area good course. In 2010 Trump National DC unlawfully removed 400 plus trees, this actually slowed his Loudoun County Land Use Application, see 2010 Washington Post archived article here. I took the liberty of running a Land Use Application query in the Loudoun County, VA government database, found here.

Trump National DC facing Loudoun County Government Investigation for taking down dozens of trees along the Potomac River Shoreline, which ultimately feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. Article found here.

🏌🏻‍♀️Trump National Charlotte NC🏌🏻‍♀️

Below is a video explaining what Trump Org did in North Carolina, you can read the accompanying Charlotte Observer 2016 article. By far this is one of the more detailed write ups of how Trump and Trump Org litigate their way in to paying lower taxes, all while over inflating the actual value of his golf courses.

 “The 2013 appeal was based on the argument of a downturn in the market, a lower purchase price and that income did not support the higher property assessment,” Miller said. She said the county’s Board of Equalization and Review, which hears property tax appeals, “deemed the information sufficient to justify a change in value.”

Last year, amid a countywide revaluation of properties conducted every four years, the assessor’s office proposed to raise the golf club’s taxable value to $11.3 million. Once again, it ran into opposition from Trump’s representatives.

The parties settled on $9.7 million.


And just like other municipalities nearly every city, county and state tax database I’ve researched, in 100% of the time, Trump and/or Trump Org fought (like a rabid junkyard dog) to pay lesser taxes, which means you and I shouldered that SALT burden, all while Trump unjustly enriched himself. It is just gross and why I personally find Trump a loathsome, no good, grifter...simply put Donald J Trump is a mobbed up conman and he’s fleecing every single one of us. The reality is Trump has hoodwinked the American people. And a good portion of them do not even understand how much of a con man he is...FFS how is Trump now at a 46% approval rating? No really HOW?





Roger Stone - gag order update:

Earlier today Stone filed an”motion to clarify” and further disclosed the book referenced in last Friday’s minute order. Although this might not come as a surprise seeing the disclosure of SkyHorse Publishing. I will say Stone is playing a dangerous game of judicial chicken, my assumption is Stone’s argument is this is merely a re-lease of a book that was published years ago, as evident see page 1 and paragraphs 1 and 2:

Page 1 paragraph 3, it’s clear Stone is sticking to the “but your honor the publication agreement preceded your gag order...but the problem for Stone is three fold; 1) the dates matter, and 2) there was a gag order before the publication and 3) the amended gag order did occur after the February 19th publication date. But the Government and Judge have a reason to be unimpressed by Stone’s argument, his lack of disclosure could and should be viewed as Stone withholding pertinent information concerning the gag order.

One big if here is if any of this is true then Stone should have zero problem providing the Court with any and alll communication between himself and the publisher. Granted you could argue that’s heavy handed but my counter argument is, Stone may have  exculpatory evidence that he didn’t violate the original and/or amended gag order.



Again I personally think Stone is playing a very dangerous game, given  he has made a lucrative career of being a political provocateur”, it is extremely difficult for me to take Stone’s filings seriously, because he has continued to post on instagram in violation of the gag order:


I VERY much dislike what I’m about to say but based on the SkyHorse Publisher’s declaration I don’t see how Stone can be found in violation of the amended Gag Order but it is entirely possible that Stone did violate the aforementioned gag order via his Instagram and Facebook post. Granted I’m not an attorney or a Judge I suppose sooner than later we will all find out if he violated the gag order. I just want to set your expectations.

It is this portion of Stone’s motion to clarify that I oddly think he’s making a reasonable argument. This is colloquially known as a “clawback” and oddly Stone is correctly arguing the “forward looking” intent of the Judge’s February 21, 2019 Admended Gag Order (you can read more here


on a sidenote Stone’s filing was the talk of my office today and one of my boss’ said: listen to [my name redacted] she’s looking at the declaration and the timeline of events and if she (being me) says the publication of the book isn’t a breach but Stone’s social media post are then I’m going with [my name redacted]...for the record this is probably why my bosses keep me around.  I tend to tune out the hysteria and instead to focus on the actual facts and timeline to formulate a decent “if than, this” rationale. But I should say our office has a pool on Stone being remanded, I won the last pool by saying he’d violate the original order in <8 hours...


The Government is not having any of it, the “eminent” release of Roger Stone’s book based on today’s filing by the Government Stone’s book is currently available:


...respectfully submits this notice in reference to this Court’s minute order dated March 1, 2019 ordering the defendant to file the “specific date of the ‘imminent general release’ of the book.” currently publicly available on and Google Books. (emphasis added)


So I’m pretty sure the Government’s filing officially puts the Court and Stone on notice. That they are fed up with Stone’s shenanigans because it’s pretty clear that Stone doesn’t fully understand the gravity of his current legal predicament or Trump during their copious late night phone calls has already assured Stone if he keeps his mouth shut there will be a pardon for him. 

Now if you will pardon me, I need to go chug and Red Bull, finish up a few edits on actual work documents and then  xo 🌶 Spicy🌶 



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  • Pete: March 05, 2019

    Good work as always Spicey, you always bring the receipts!

  • Susan: March 05, 2019

    Spicy, this is a huge update!

    Question: We hear today that Cipollone is refusing to provide documents related to the WH’s security clearance process.
    I assume they will also refuse to comply with subpoenas.

    What recourse do the committees have to this type of non response, zero accomodation?

  • Cheryl Corgi: March 05, 2019

    I miss you so much! Thank you for the blog!

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    I so needed this Spicy fix! Thank you for continuing your blog that is full of delicious receipts.

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    I’ve long thought when we get a new President in 2020, you should be the person tapped to run the CIA. You’re THAT GOOD, really!

  • PilatesQueen : March 05, 2019

    I needed my Spicy fix.

    Still laughing at Stone’s game of chicken.

  • Roadette Tonoware: March 05, 2019

    What a tour-de-force, Spicy! Thank you so much.
    I’m so glad there are comments and I look forward to many more people discovering your writing here.

    I will also check with Claude to see if I can post your link on my tweets. Before I do that, is it all right with you? Once in a while I get retweeted a bit. We need a bot army to promote your link (as well as!

    Again, thank you so much.

  • Margaret: March 04, 2019

    Thank you! Thank you for the voice of sanity shouting in the wilderness! ’
    You are missed, but I see what you are saying; I try not to waste too much time on SOCMED anymore.
    Still following your informative posts/blogs/anything!

  • MontanaMamaSkullzx5: March 04, 2019

    I miss you dearly… Seriously. You are a fucking resistance hero.

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