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WTFINGF March 1, 2019 -SpicyFiles T

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Posted on March 01 2019

 Happy Friday AMERICA...nyet


To my dearest twitter followers, me LURVES you, always have and always will 


WTFINGF no really WTFINGF...


Is it too much to ask or even expect that the Trump Administration go one flipping day with out some kind of cataclysmic scandal? ONE DAY. Think about it, since January 20, 2017 I can not think of one day where there wasn’t a scandal that would have gutted previous administrations.



Goddamn it is freaking exhausting trying to keep up. I can not tell you how much I miss the good old days of Tan-Suit-Gate. Although if I’m going to be honest President Obama wore that tan-suit like a boss (apologies Mrs Obama but your husband is greatly missed and greatly admired)


Jared & Ivanka:




According to last night’s bombshell New York Times article the Trump Administration has lied to us, over and over and over. Full disclosure I have been extremely tough on  the NYTs, sometimes without reason. This doesn’t mean I think they are a terrible news organization, they are not. I can admit that my frustration with the NYTs should only be directed at one reporter...but I’m not allowed to talk about Magpie back to why this particular article is important:

Sarah Huckabee SLANDERS, the White House press secretary, said,

“We don’t comment on security clearances.”

Remember that time Slanders tweeted out the New York Times phone number?



With respect to Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance, the NYTs reports:

In May 2018, the White House Counsel’s Office, which at the time was led by Mr. McGahn, recommended to Mr. Trump that Mr. Kushner not be given a clearance at that level. But the next day, Mr. Trump ordered Mr. Kelly to grant it to Mr. Kushner anyway, the people familiar with the events said.


What I would like to know is why did former Chief of Staff Gen Kelly and former White House Counsel Don McGahn both write memos (presumably to the file) surrounding Kushner’s clearance and what were the concerns the FBI & CIA had about granting Kushner a clearance? I would also like to know why the Trump Mafia thinks they can continue to lie to us?



House Oversight Security Clearance Investigation:


Now that the Democrats control the US House of Representatives, it should not come as a surprise that lawmakers will fulfill their Constitutional Obligation as a co-equal branch of Government.

I would bookmark this House Oversight page, that link will take you to the main landing page of the wide ranging Security Clearance Investigations, yes plural investigations.

Chairman Cummings’ letter seeks information about reports of security clearance issues involving multiple current and former officials, including:

Cummings also asked for documents regarding why the White House is currently violating the SECRET Act—a law passed by both houses of Congress with bipartisan support and signed by President Trump on May 22, 2018 

After the New York Times article was published, Chairman Cummings sent out what I can only describe as a scathing letter to the new White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, which reads in part:

..over the past five weeks, the White House has stalled, equivocated, and failed to produce a single document or witness to the Committee.  The White House has refused to commit to providing any information regarding the security clearance of any specific White House official, and the President has asserted no constitutional privilege to withhold this information from Congres

 I now draw your attention to page 2, the second paragraph, what you are about to read is the current White House Counsel playing a game of chicken drowning in equivocation and subterfuge, as Americans this passage (highlighted in blue) should give you serious pause. Full disclosure I know Cipollone and I can tell you that I am not suprised by the tone or tenor of his letter to Chairman Cummings.

The audacity and temerity of the Trump White House Counsel is, not surprising and I hate to tell you this, but it will only get worse. This is what Pat is known for, digging in and burying his perceived enemies with mendacious subterfuge. My advice is, if you think this letter is bad, hold on to your hats, it will only get worse. Accordingly, memorialize this letter because this is an inflection point and more Americans need to read Cipollone’s vitriolic letter to the current House Oversight Chairman. This is what obstruction looks like:

The audacity of Cipollone and the Trump Administration to object to a co-equal branch of government is just astounding. Furthermore the “objection” of the Trump White House raises the partisan specter. Precluding Chairman Cummings or the House Oversight Committee staffers from contacting General Kelly is just unfortunate. Again I do not understand why this letter isn’t getting the actual attention it should. This is yet another occurrence of the Trump White House abusing another coequal branch of government. And then Trump tries to gas light the NYTs reporter. At what point do Americans just say enough of this ongoing Constitutional Crisis?


And then Chairman Cummings slaps down the iron hammer, you either cooperate or meet subpoenas...the sentence I’d bolded and underlined is in fact a predicate for: You get a subpoena! He gets a subpoena! She gets a subpoena! They ALL get a subpoena! (I’m kind of joking but not really /snort)


“... I am now writing a final time to request your voluntary cooperation with this investigation.  I ask that you begin producing all responsive documents immediately, and I request that you begin scheduling transcribed interviews with each witness identified by the Committee.  Please provide your response to the Committee by March 4, 2019.” (emphasis added)


 Hashtag Jr is a Douche Canoe:

at this point beyond Jared Kushner being face down on the White House South lawn my second favorite Traitor-Tot is Trump Jr, this “man” is just as repulsive as his (not biological daddy...oh come on, I’m not the only one who thinks based on appearance Jr isn’t Sr’s child. No really Trump Jr looks nothing like his four other siblings. Jr has dark hair and a Mediterranean complexion) in today’s CPAC free ranging “talk” Jr decides today is the best day to make fun of the “me too” movement. Trump Jr I would argue is worse than Trump Sr...



Show US your TAXES Donald:

As you might recall in October of 2018 the New York Times published a lengthy article which examined many years worth of Donald Trump’s financials. 

The president has long sold himself as a self-made billionaire, but a Times investigation found that he received at least $413 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire, much of it through tax dodges in the 1990s


I should note, I am nor will I ever be a fervent supporter of AOC. Notwithstanding during the Michael Cohen Testimony, I am intellectually honest enough to admit she asked some really important questions. Cohen responded with equally important answers. I would highly recommend you watch this 4+minute exchange.

In my opinion AOC extracted a viable road map to better assist the various Congressional, Federal and State Investigators, Additionally AOC asked decent probative questions, which highlighted why lawmakers need to obtain Donald Trump’s tax returns. We, the people should know if Trump is acting in the best interest of the American people or in the furtherance of his family and family businesses to unjustly enrich themselves at the tax payers expense.


According to a recent NBC News,  the Chairman of the extremely powerful House Ways and Means Committee has asked other Chairs to formulate arguments as to why they need Trump’s taxes in order to fulfill their Constitutional obligations...its glorious.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., has asked the committee’s attorneys to prepare the request, according to two aides involved in the process. Neal has also contacted the chairs of several other House investigative committees, including Oversight and Government Reform, Financial Services, Intelligence and Judiciary, asking them to provide detailed arguments for why they need the president’s tax returns to conduct their probes.

As a brief reminder, in October of 2018 I created a brief twitter thread (archived) on the obscure law that gives the House Ways and Means Chair the power to simply ask the IRS for a copy of a President’s tax returns. 


Trump’s Wall prototypes demolished:


I will admit I watched this video a lot. And I plan to watch it more. As in infinite loop, I do not know why this video brings me so much satisfaction and joy.  In my head this is what I want to do to Twitter and Trump and his Criminal brigade of Trash-Pandas..l



Roger Stone - gag me with a Spoon

According to the recent Washington Post Article, I mean come ON Roger. Although I will admit the fact this book deal could be construed as violating the amended gag order is, significant. But once again the Judge is rightfully so frustrated that at no time during the past several hearings did Stone or his attorneys disclose the release of his upcoming book. Thots and Pears Roger...thots & pears. See text of the Judge’s minute order below:

 And thus concludes your daily WTFINGF SpicyFiles. It has been exactly 7 days since twitter permanently BANNED I’m dedicating this video to you and your Ineptitude of Nazism, trust me value up /snort xo 🌶SpicyFiles 🌶 


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  • Lorraine: March 03, 2019

    Thank you Spicy for continuing to share your valuable info!

  • Big Daisy Jam : March 03, 2019

    Lurves you, too, Spicy!

  • Marie G: March 02, 2019

    Thanks, Spicy. Just got home from the 88th birthday celebration of a dear friend and I’m now sitting down with a glass of wine for my nightly dose of snark and smarts. Is it sad I keep clicking your handle on twitter in the hopes they’ve lifted the inappropriate ban? (snort). A belated thank you for this entry, I’m going to move on to the next now.

  • Sharon Jones: March 02, 2019

    I’m so glad you’re here and we have the privilege of reading your snark and knowledge of our nation’s shitshow. This is a safe place for us all and you are UNTOUCHABLE now!!!!
    Love ya long time!💗

  • Lycia Tomlinson: March 02, 2019

    We miss you and we appreciate you. Thanks for the snark, the information, and staying on this.

    So glad I can continue my little tradition of making tea and sitting down to my Spicy info for the evening.
    You’ve taught and shown me infinite things- I will always be grateful to have found you.
    Hugs to you and yours!

  • Denise C: March 02, 2019

    Love and miss you Spicy! Thank goodness for the madpac blog and your hard work. <3

  • Karen Skeens: March 02, 2019

    Loved reading this update!

    My Twitter days just aren’t the same without my hourly @Spicyfiles check-in’s.

    Not accepting of the permanent ban.

    Maybe a few higher up’s in Twitterville will go to jail with TreasonTeam and the new Twitter boss will reinstate you.

    Or maybe it’s time to boot Twitter and replace it with a competitor. Hello Bezos?

    In the meantime, I’ll be faithfully reading here. Keep up the great snarking.


  • Jill: March 02, 2019

    Spicy, we are sad you’re not around. I hope you’re ok. I don’t understand quite what happened with you and the trolls. I’m not speaking for myself when I tell you we miss having you on Twitter and available and also to be able to read your wise posts and comments. God I hate this! Is there any way you’ll be back? Ever? Ever? Please?

  • Tamilyn Simard: March 02, 2019

    I lurve you girl and miss you much in my TL. You bring your very best each and every time. Get yourself back soon!

    Be well Spicy,


  • Deborah Patterson: March 02, 2019

    Thanks Spicy you rock! I have a question, can any Committee revoke a Security Clearance that has been give to Kushner for example if they discover he is compromised?

  • Mandy: March 02, 2019

    Keep bringing the 💥 Spicey. Your twitterverse lurves you.

  • Russell: March 02, 2019

    Until we get to the bottom of the Covington Catholic -Native American et al Active Measures Op in DC on January 18, 2019, Trump’s LOLyer Pat Cipollone should be referred to as “White House Counsel who graduated from Covington Catholic in 1984”

  • HarrisD: March 02, 2019

    You are a gift! Thank you for all your research and hard work and especially for your snark. I dare say the world is a better place because of you.

    I would think the FBI would be heavily recruiting you with the analytical and research skills that you demonstrate on an almost daily basis.

    However, because you are obviously a person of great moral character, why not consider running for office?! Moral character is something which seems to be lacking in spades these days.

  • PilatesQueen (Tammi): March 02, 2019

    I feel like this Jared news is the build up to a bigger bombshell.

    Roger Stone, I wonder if his Instagram posting was bait in an attempt to get the judge to ban his media access in an effort to sell the “surprise” book? I’m thinking he was hoping to build an uproar so that he could sell the book as forbidden stuff he wasn’t allow to say.

    Anyway, I miss tweeting at you but will look for your blog posts regularly.

  • Jaylene Lewis: March 02, 2019

    Thank you for all of your work shining light on all the b.s. and corruption.

  • Evie : March 02, 2019

    Miss you Spicy, glad to still see you wherever you go.

  • Deb Hodson: March 02, 2019

    Wow, thank you so much for keeping us updated. So many scandals, so little time! it’s exhausting keeping up, so many thanks for all your information and particularly the snark!!! Miss you on twitter!

  • Julie Kay: March 02, 2019

    Ahhhhh…all is right with Spicy on the trail of corruption and treason. The song dedicated to twitter is awesome sauce ❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶

  • Nicole: March 02, 2019

    Thank you for keeping on. Trying to silence voices that need to be heard can never be met without a fight!

  • Coleen: March 02, 2019

    Thanks, really miss you on Twitter. Appreciate you.

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