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WTFINGF February 28th Rocket Man & Orange FarceOne & Stone & Meadows & SCOTUS

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Posted on February 28 2019

Rocket-man & Orange Farce One...

I can not link of a more perfect song to encapsulate WTFINGF just Happened in Hanoi: 

And I think it's gonna be a long long time
'Till touch down brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I'm a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone...




Shortly after 2AM East Coast time, my phone alerted that “Summit Ended Abruptly”, for a split second I seriously considered turning my phone off,  rolling over, and going back to sleep. Until I remember holy shittlestixs oh PHO NO he didn’t. Yes he sure did. As this write up, it is actually unclear who ended the negotiations. See CNN’s tic toc here.


And predictably Sarah Slanders demonstrates while even in a different Continent her insufferable condition condition known as: L I A B E T E S knows no limits. Slanders lies at a rate once unheard of. Does she really think the American people are that intellectually stunted? ____ puhlease the lunch menus were already printed and pushed out to the inboxes of the traveling White House Press pool:


“The two leaders discussed various ways to advance denuclearization and economic driven concepts. No agreement was reached at this time, but their respective teams look forward to meeting in the future.” 


I would be super curious as to who flinched first, but based on the slow trickle of reputable news organizations, I’m going with Trump. I thought that Trump was the best negatator ever. That he’s the self appoint King of the Deal. That Trump is the greatest that ever was. NOPE he’s a conman who once get ended up being bested by Chairman Kim...It’s this response he just stated during a planed News Conference that literally made me toss my head back and let out a litany of Fs...oh so many Fs.


 “It was all about the sanctions....Sometimes you have to walk, and this was just one of those times....There is a gap.”


The North Korean Dictator and his buddy, OrangeFarceOne abandoned tne preplanned working lunch. Subsequently there after, joint agreement signing ceremony that had been originally listed on the schedule off the table...below is a prime example of why Donald J Trump is intellectually stunted. Nor does he possess the self discipline needed to be taken seriously at home and abroad. My inner monologue that’s currently on an infinite loop is, every time Trump opens his mouth, his Russian handlers high five each other. I mean it’s not on Monday I didn’t warn you that shit was going to go sideways, the reality is Trump, diplomatically speaking is in way over his head. 


“I've been saying very much from the beginning that speed is not that important to me," Trump said at the start of his second summit with Kim. "Speed is not important to me. What is important is that we do the right deal."

Trump DEFENDED Kim Jong Un re Otto Warmbier:


Imagine being the Warmbier family, you are already grieving the loss of your Son/Brother and then you turn on the news and you see the current President of the United States espousing this “defense” and grotesque capitulation all while defending one of the most brutal regimes thus giving cover for North Korean who savagely beat Otto Warmbier...Trump then does what he’s always done, he creates a conspiracy theory of “what” occurred:

“i don't believe he would have allowed that to happen,” Trump said. “It just wasn't to his advantage to allow that to happen.”

“[Chairman Kim] feels badly about it.” Trump then went on to suggest: “[The] top leadership” might not have been involved and only found out after the fact.




As many other astute pundits have noted this is not the first time Donald Trump has defended and sided with barbaric and brutal regimes. Lest we forget Jamal Khashoggi...Trump pivoted to it was “rogue killers” who were responsible for Mr Khashoggi’s pre-meditated ang barbaric murder. Because it’s totally normal to bring a BONE SAW to a meeting, right? Not to be outmatched by the utter cowardice of Trump, Kushner, Pompeo, Bolton none of these “tough” men had the veritas to listen to the audio recordings of Mr. Khashoggi’s murder and subsequent dismemberment. NONE OF THEM...instead they had CIA Director Haspel and UNHCR investigator listen to the audio. See archived twitter thread


This is NOT normal


Traditionally speaking when our POTUS is overseas they do NOT:

  • Denigrate another co-equal branch of Government
  • Insult our Institutions like the Justice Department, FBI etc
  • Or take Putin’s or Chairman Kim’s  “word” over our own Intellegence Community


It also occurred to me that not only is my twitter research gone so are my videos. But ARE they really gone? NOPE. You’re welcome, as I assumed you needed a laugh or snort.



Roger Stone Case Update:

 As many of you know a few weeks ago Roger Stone filed a motion asking the Court fo compel the SCO to respond to his spurious accusations that the SCO engaged in wrong doing, as it relates to the unsealing of his indictment. Granted I don’t think any of us are surprised by the lengths in which Stone will try to paint the SCO as “out of control”. I’d submit to you that Stone’s motions henceforth will be nothing but making a mockery of our Judidical System and Process. A short while ago the Judge issued a four page order regarding Stone’s baseless allegation that the Government violated local rules. I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the important sections:



When Stone filed his Motion, I am pretty sure if you listened closely you would have heard the uproarious laughter of the vast majority of sane Americans who exercise “critical thinking” because some of us who actually watch and read the dockets already knew that it was the SCO’s who asked the Court to seal the indictment, until they had Stone in custody. Those are the facts and it should dispel the rantings of a Media thirsty Political Provocateur.

In the second paragraph the Judge clearly states the chronological order of the facts/events  versus Stone’s pleadings which are wholly without merit and are often untethered from the truth or reality:

The prosecution offered a singular reason to have the indictment sealed until they had Stone in Custody:

Law enforcement believes that publicity resulting from disclosure of the Indictment and related materials on the public record prior to arrest will increase the risk of the defendant fleeing and destroying (or tampering with) evidence. It is therefore essential that any information concerning the pending indictment in this district be kept sealed prior to the defendant’s arrest. (emphasis added)

 The last sentence in the following paragraph on page 2 sums up the entire events surrounding the sealing and unsealing of the Stone indictment:

In other words, the court ordered the OSC to let it know as soon as the indictment could be unsealed on its docket.


I think that it’s safe to say that most individuals may not understand the process, the incremental steps by way of numerous court filings that ultimately lead up to an indictment. My point is Stone and his attorneys DO. Hence why their motion could and should be viewed as frivolous.

From the onset, this particular motion filed by Stone wasn’t filed in good faith. Meaning my conclusion is the purpose of this motion was;  1) a distraction, and 2) part of Stone’s “chaos strategy”  and 3) an utter waste of the SCO and the Court’s time and resources. Moreover it shows the level of contempt Stone has for our Department of Justice, our FBI and our Judicial System. 



The facts are this: Roger Stone was arrested at approximately 6:06AM on January 25, 2019, upon the confirmation that Stone was in custody, the SCO (pursuant to the aforementioned court order) notified the Court and at 6:16AM on January 25, 2019 Stone’s Indictment was uploaded to the Justice Department Special Counsel’s website As the Judge correctly notes even Stone’s timeline which was detailed in his previous filings:


Thus, according to even the defendant’s own timeline, the indictment was not disseminated to the public until after the defendant had been arrested, and the sole basis for OSC’s request that it be sealed on the public docket had evaporate

The Judge then goes on to address Stone’s baseless accusation that the SCO had “leaked” to CNN and that’s why they were at Stone’s house to film his arrest. It goes without saying the entire premise of Stone’s allegations had zero merit and were not based in facts or were remotely accurate. The FACTs show that CNN’s presence at the Stone residence was good old fashion solid reporting, they had a hunch based on unusual docket activity. Sorry Roger your “theory” is nonsense and I’m glad the Judge excoriated your argument... And then the footnotes, the glorious footnotes ( I am...unapologetically a fan of footnotes. Always have been and always will be) they tend to offer a condensed recitation of previous filings, case in point, footnote 1 on page 3:



“...defendant’s recitation of the events reflects nothing more than the fact that the reporter had the indictment in hand after the defendant was arrested, and there is no evidence that the reporter had it earlier”

 And then footnote # 2, it is almost as if Stone doesn’t fully understand MetaData. The fact that in previous filings the SCO detailed down to the millisecond of when Stone’s indictment was uploaded to the public docket and the DOJ’s website, it  is freaking hilarious. Although I can’t help but wonder, did Stone accidentally tip his hand on the MetaData because one thing I know for sure, like how I know  the sun will rise tomorrow, the SCO has the metadata on communiques between Stone, his cutout and Wikileaks...literally the saltiest of tears...

Moving on to page 4, paragraph 1 - the fact that Stone realized the fatal flaw in his previous filings and that the assertions he made while failing to produce any evidence beyond  a few screen shots of text messages with a “reporter”...the Court notes that Stone then switch arguments. Rightfully so the Judge essentially said: hard pass Roger, your second argument is less persuasive then your first argument.


Defendant appears to have recognized this after his motion was filed, and so in his reply, he emphasizes a different ground for his allegation that the OSC violated a court order: the fact that it published the indictment before the order unsealing the indictment on the court’s docket had been entered...Per Judge Robinson’s order,
the indictment was unsealed at that time


As I have previously stated this particular Judge is tough but she is also measured in her decisions and she is equally fair to all parties that come to her Courtroom. The bottom line is Stone’s original motion lacked any persuasive arguments but Stone’s motion also lacked in factual basis much less offering a reasonable predicate that would give the Judge “good cause” to rule in his favor. Me is not sadz about this: STONE MOTION DENIED

JUST IN; judge issued the following Minute Order, which I personally think is prudent move, rules are rules and if you continue to file when you are not principally involved in the Criminal Matter then you need to reread the Federal Criminal Rules or Procedure and/or local rules. Otherwise you are wasting the Court’s time and you end up creating a sideshow.



On a separate but possibly related note, I would not be surprised if the Judge Orders a “show cause” hearing that Roger Stone did not  violate the Court’s amended “gag order” given yesterday during Cohen’s hearing Stone sent multiple text messages to a BuzzFeed reporter. You can read my archived twitter thread here

🔥SCOTUS IFC - Absolute Immunity DENIED

One thing that you may have overlooked was SCOTUS’  February 27, 2019 Order this might impact or at least might give us an idea of where SCOTUS stands as it relates to the mystery company A & Foreign Country A. See quasi archived twitter thread here

As a brief summary in 1945, Congress enacted the International Organizations Immunities Act (IOIA) - 22 USC § 228(a) Privileges, exemptions, and immunities of international organizations...This law  “certai”  intergovernmental organizations (GOs):

"the same immunity from suit and every form of judicial process
as is enjoyed by foreign governments" 


It is important to remember that prior to the enactment of the IOIA, foreign governments were absolutely immune from both state and federal courts. To address this conundrum in 1976 Congress passed the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 (the FSIA).


I could be wrong, but the plain reading of SCOTUS’s Opinion on page 14 certainly reads to me that SCOTUS disagreed with IFC’s assertion that the interpretation of the: “IOIA immunity provision to grant only restrictive immunity would defeat the purpose of granting the clause” ...SCOTUS opined:

The IFC’s concerns are inflated. To begin, the privileges and immunities accorded by the IOIA are only default rules...Notably, the IFC’s own charter does not state that the IFC is absolutely immune from suit...


SCOTUS’ rationale and reasoning determined that international organization immunity and the foreign sovereign immunity are in fact equivalent. Interchangeably speaking versus “or”. That the immunity provisions of the IOIA, stipulates that immunity is jointly enjoyed by foreign governments. Given these are an external body of evolving law, and that the scope and the “content should be given only by reference to the rules governing foreign sovereign immunity”


 In sum total SCOTUS held: “that the IOIA of 1945 affords international organizations the same immunity from suit that foreign governments enjoy today under the FSIA of 1976.” ...again I’m not sure what impact if any this might have on the “mystery” Grand Jury Subpoena but I’d definitely keep this recent SCOTUS ruling in mind.

And bejesus it’s only mid afternoon yet once again the OrangeFarceOne regime careens from one disaster to another. Seriously what kind of American President bows down to brutal regimes? It makes Trump look weak AF and frankly everyday Trump is our “so called” “shithole” president he is destroying everything America has stood for. Our Allies (I don’t blame them) are starting to question America’s moral authority and our Global power. All of which is disheartening because I do not for one minute believe that Trump is making decisions for the betterment of “creating a more perfect union”...Trump is exactly what Secretary Clinton, hundreds of venerable Public Servants said he would be:


🇷🇺A fraud liar🇷🇺A conman🇷🇺A liar.


Trump is a clear and present danger to America.


🇷🇺Trump is our GREATEST National Security Risk🇷🇺



Mark “I’m NOT a racist” Meadows:

In my limited experience if you are a privileged white man and you need to caveat your argument with: but...I’m not a racist...that probably means STFU, yes you are Mark Meadows who’s actually a birther. So I would be absolutely remissed if I didn’t address the farce that Mark Meadows is. Yesterday he pulled the “I’m not a racist” card when the FACTs prove that Mark Meadows is and WAS a birther. On you think I’m being dramatic? That’s super kewl, I’ll let Mark Meadows 2012 Campaign stump speak for itself:

Rep Meadows circa 2012

We are going to send Mr Obama back to Kenya....

And for the record this was NOT a one off with Mark Meadows, he repeatedly made racist AF jokes about sending President Obama back to Kenya:


 The Washington Post created a mashup video of Meadow’s racially charged birther comments...Meadows is “special” and he’s my pet project, I occasionally like to play with him and give him an opportunity to further self flagellate because it’s fun to watch him humiliate himself.


 And lastly let’s not forget the Ethical Issues Meadows faces via Kenny West. It is incomprehensible to me that how far the Republican members of Congress will go to search and destroy any critic of Trump. Mark Meadows is a complete hypocrite that lives in a big old glass house...ExhibitA

Mark Meadows November 18, 2018 Congressional Ethnics Report

Representative Meadows’ office or the House as a whole, in violation of clause 1 of the Code. Such behavior has no place in the House of Representatives. The women that  worked in Representative Meadows’ office deserved much better. However, because Mr. West is no longer a House employee, the Committee does not have jurisdiction over him

 The Congressional Ethics Committee went on to say:

Representative Meadows’ failure to take prompt and decisive action to deal with the alleged sexual harassment in his congressional office was troubling to the Committee. The Committee found Representative Meadows violated House rules by failing to take appropriate steps to ensure that his House office was free from discrimination and any perception of discrimination.

And the closing paragraphs of the executive summary conclude with the following:


Committee unanimously voted to issue this Report, which will serve as a reproval of Representative Meadows’ conduct, and to require Representative Meadows to reimburse the U.S. Treasury for the overpayment of Mr. West, in the amount of $40,625.02.


You can read the 116 page Appendix A here, the transcribed interviews of Rep Meadows’ staffers, it’s disgusting  

You can read the 28 page Appendix B: Representative Meadows’ Submissions to the Committee and Office of Congressional Ethics »

Rep Mark Meadows relevant Documentation Downloads


At any rate this is Spicy living my be best life and dropping off a few Iron Mountain Trucks of receipts...also look for an entry later today...I spent a few hours reading Twitter’s’s going to be awkward and I’m oddly okay with awkward. I for one find patents, court filings, subpoenas, affidavits, National Security Letters and transparency reports absolutely riveting...xo Spicy 


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