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WTFINGF February 27th - SpicyFiles

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Posted on February 27 2019


Worst week ever for the GOP...


their tears sustain me 





NC 9th Congressional District:

According to the Charolette News & Observer breaking news Alert Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman announced that Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr. was arrested after grand jury indictments alleging illegal possession of absentee ballots and obstruction of justice. This comes after several search warrants were executed 

December 20, 2018 Search Warrant:

January 17, 2019 Search Warrant:


You can read a more comprehensive reporting by some excellent reporting and reporters of WRAL here. Their timeline of events is outstanding and informative 

 Leslie McCrea Dowless Jr Indictment:

You can read the 16 page indictment here, the Wake County District Attorney announces that Dowless was arrested after a grand jury handed down a true bill resulting in indictments. Which aledge that Dowless Jr directed and obtained the unlawful  possession of absentee ballots. The indictment further alleges that McCrea in an attempt to cover up the voter fraud he and others perpetrated, obstructed justice. Thereby causing election officials to include the spoiled ballots. For the record Ballot Spoilation does go to the heart of the Public’s trust that our elections are fair and open. 


Dowless now faces three counts felonious obstruction of justice, two counts of conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice and two counts of possession of absentee ballots. One point of clarification, there are two separate investigations focusing on: absentee ballot irregularities in Bladen County during the 2016 General Election and the 2018 Primary Elections.


Madoff’s Ponzi scheme 88 cases:


A Federal Bankruptcy Judge VACATED and REMANED some 88 cases in the Madoff Securities liquidation. See full order here.  Irving Picard, who was appointed as the Trustee, informed the Bankruptcy Court that prior to Madoff’s arrest, there was reasonable belief:


Madoff had moved large sums of money and other tangible assets into foreign countries, and that without seizing these assets victims could not be fully compensated for their losses.



The Bankruptcy Judge was unpersuaded by Trustee Picard’s arguments and opined that the Bankruptcy code prevented the seizure of assets held in foreign accounts. The Secomfn

See DOJ-OPA November 2017 Announcement regarding Madoff:

Nov. 9, the Madoff Victim Fund (MVF) began its initial distribution of $772.5 million in funds forfeited to the U.S. Government in connection with the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS) fraud scheme

These funds will be sent to 24,631 victims across the globe. This distribution represents the first in a series of payments that will eventually return over $4 billion to victims as compensation for losses they suffered from the collapse of the BLMIS.  The MVF has received over 65,000 petitions from victims in 136 countries. 




Sergiy P. Usatyuk DDoS:


According to the DOJ-OPA release as of this write up I am unable to find any court filings beyond the DOJ-OPA release. I will update once they become available...Sergiy P Usatyuk, along with a co-conspirator develop, control and operate a number of booter services and booter-related websites from around August 2015 through November 2017 that launched millions of DDoS attacks that disrupted the internet connections of targeted victim computers, rendered targeted websites slow or inaccessible, and interrupted normal business operations. The illegal services included:, (“ExoStresser”),, (“Betabooter”),,,, and 


September 12, 2017, ExoStresser advertised on its website ( that its booter service alone had launched 1,367,610 DDoS attacks, and caused targeted victim computer systems to suffer 109,186.4 hours of network downtime.

November 2016, a Betabooter subscriber launched a series of DDoS attacks against a school district in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area that not only disrupted the school district’s computer systems, but affected the computer systems of 17 organizations that shared the same computer infrastructure, including other school districts, the county government, the county’s career and technology centers, and a Catholic Diocese in the area.


SCO Mueller provides additional info





We’ve discussed at gr4wt length Manafort, Gates, Fabrizio and Kilimnik polling data of the Donald J. Trump for president campaign, found here, archived twitter thread here.


In today’s filing we now get to see some tasty morsels (albeit some of the data is redacted) but still yum yum...get in my tummy.



      •  Manafort lied to “the FBI, the OSC and the Grand Jury matters that were material to the investigation and communications with Kilimnik”, let that soak in for a moment.
      • Gates is very much cooperating and continues to be interviewed by Prosecutors and Investigators as recent as last week. 


The fact that SCO Mueller’s filing contains disclosure (albeit redacted) of Gates being “re-interviewed” by the FBI as recent as February 15, 2019 and repeatedly references 302 is remarkable. Granted it is difficult to formulate an actual informed opinion given this topic is heavily redacted.

ps I failed the reading the legal tea leaves class because I was too busy shoving falafels in my mouth. 




 I should disclose that based on the plain reading of today’s filing, (see footnote) new/additional information was proffered by Gates, it appears that there might be another person previously unidentified. But there’s a reference to discovery materials provided to Manafort’s defense team in December of 2017.  I surmise the “new” information explains why the SCO’s went back and reviewed the “available documentary evidence”...



In the spirit of there might be a distinct possibility of exculpatory or inculpatory evidence, the SCO has a duty to update the Court and the Defense. Failure to do so could be viewed as a potential Brady violation. Again maybe I’m gleaning too much in to this filing, but  It sure reads that the Government has additional information as it relates to Trump polling data.




What is difficult to determine is what was the catalyst. As you can see in footnote one it’s referenced that the heightened media coverage of the August 2016 Havana Room meeting. Many news organizations and regular average Joe/Janes have long speculated that this meeting  was THE meeting where the  “polling data” was the handoff from Manafort/Trump to Kilimnik/Russia. I am of the camp of let’s wait and see what the facts say. 



The question I have and so should you:

Why in February of 2019 is Gates’ still proffering addictional information?

One reasonable explaination is recent events could have triggered Gates to remember communications/actions that he may have unintentionally forgotten or Gates’ withheld said information. Based on the recent Gates’ bond reduction (from $5million to $3.25million)  and permission to travel. I’m inclined to believe it’s the prior versus the later. There is still one question that has yet to be answered: who’s Havana Room membership did Manafort/Gates use to have their clandestined meeting with Kilimnik



I now refer you to my twitter archived February 13, 2019 thread, where I dropped a a few receipts.  Moving along the Government argues that Gates’ information is in fact corroborated by Klimink’s emails. I don’t know why but that just delights me. Because this affirms the import and substance of Gates and his cooperation. More broadly it also reaffirms that the SCO investigation is staying on course and has likely always been following the facts and money.



 What ever or who ever is under this redacted portion of tne SCO’s filing...for the love of my tiny cold black heart, please let this be;

Tony “the tiger” Fabrizio

Vin “not so diesel” Weber

and/or Ted “fuck off Bernie” Levine.

Because this treason-tot Trifecta of playing both Trump and Putin’s skin flutes needs to be injected right in to my veins. As you can tell I’m becoming increasingly impatient. When I made the pronouncement that this is all interconnected. Understand that’s based on countless hours of research, reading and hunting for receipts like a six year old hunts for Easter Candy.



 This fourth datapoint offered by the SCO makes me wonder if Team-Traitor-Tot has attempted to essentially impeach Gates and have the Court question Gates’ cooperation and truthfulness. Moreover is this just a failed attempt by Manafart (typo intended) to cast blame on others while pretending to be a “Boy Scout”. I mean come on Manafart your own daughters accused you of having people murdered. Although it is interesting that apparently at one point Gates proffered exculpatory evidence that would have been (notice the past tense since that ship has sailed) helpful to Manafort. Which is why when you read the filing, you need to read it  as a whole the and remind yourself what the implied undercurrent is: question Gates and the veracity of the evidence he has proffered. 



 This final datapoint from the SCO makes one item clear, Manafort is attempting to stab Gates in the front. But the thing about the Beltway, back stabbing is for losers, stabbing in the front is a sign of respect. However if you’re an actual Beltway gladiator, you don’t stab, you double tap to ensure your target doesn’t get back up. Here the appearance is obvious, Manafort decided to throw as many knives as he could at Gates. Given his previous attempts to attack the Special Counsel Appointment, his failed partisans smear towards the is a clear effort to impeach Gates’ credibility, his numerous proffers and any documtary evidence he’s given to Prosecutors and Investigators. It’s a bad look Paul. This makes you look desperate and it’s sdaz.



Also I should clarify because I’m certain some will misconstrue my comments about double tappping and stabbing in the front. Gasp, clutching your invisible pearls  and feigns offense. Seriously lighten up “Francis”, these are actual euphoniums. Violence is bad. Like I tell my kiddos: “Use your words, not your hands” although if I’m going to be honest as of late I’ve caught myself daydreaming about throat punching a few people. Especially those who engage in serial doxxing and harassment, so there’s that fun nugget. Namaste bitches. /snort


In closing it appears that the SCO Filing has a strategy to cut Manafort’s attempts to discredit Gates’ off at the pass. Meaning this filing is intended to foreclose any future or potential arguments that Manafort’s team may use to portray Gates as a discredited thief and liar. Furthermore the SCO for the first time disclosed the recent sessions with Gates: January 31, 2019, February 13, 2019 and February 15, 2019 as affirmed by the various recitation of the 302s to the aforementioned dates.


The reality is this is how you respond to someone like Manafort, who’s so desperate right now that he’d lie about anything and everything. In a weird way it is kind of sad. At any rate today was just an average day in the Trump-Shitshow Administration. I don’t know about you but I am beyond: hey is there a thing called collusion?

Negative Ghost Rider, it’s called C O N S P I R A C Y to defraud the United States of America. One could argue that Trump’s hush money payments, just days before tne election are enough to indict that lying thieving criminal mob boss up but the more time that passes, the more convinced I am that if you really want to rattle Trump’s cage:

then prosecutors should indict: TRUMPJr, KUSHNER and IVANKA FORTHWITH 

and because this video never ever gets old...xo SpicyFiles’


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