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William P Barr RESIGN or IMPEACHMENT updated

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Posted on May 01 2019

updated 5/1/2019 at 10:11AM



1) the March 27, 2019 letter was a follow up letter to the March 25, 2019 letter and telephone call. This is Special Counsel Mueller contemporaneously preserving the discussions and one could say, potential mistrust of AG Barr. This is significant 

 2) this paragraph is absolutely like a sledgehammer slamming down and this is what I suppose a lot of us assumed what was occurring behind the scenes. I do not see how any lawyer could read this letter and not question the ethics and decisions AG Barr made. 

 3) at this point it is abundantly clear William P Barr has lost any and all credibility. His only role was to take a chainsaw to the two years of investigative work and then to reassemble those incongruent pieces to purposefully mislead the American people at the behest of Donald J Trump. This can not stand if the DOJ wants to maintain any semblance of impartiality and credibility. AG Barr’s intentional “doing Trump’s bidding” may have in fact done irreparable damage to the Department Of Justice. AG Barr’s conduct in of itself may rise to the level of criminality meaning Barr obstructed the investigation.


Here’s what I know, just as I know that tomorrow morning the sun shall rise, if William Barr was a DOJ line prosecutor and he pulled this in any District Courtroom, I am confident that the Article III Judge would move to censure him and potentially Order him to show cause of why he’s not in contempt or why he didn’t lie/mislead. Again I’m not an attorney, I’m the one that does the research on arguments and counter arguments. William Barr has done an incredibly awful disservice to the Department of Justice. Barr’s actions have now undercut the presumptive “trust” we should have with the DOJ, as an institution. This is an untenable situation and I don’t know if there’s any mitigation or damage control short of finding Barr in Contempt Of Congress and/or impeached.



William P Barr


exit stage right...NOW


Just so you know tomorrow Attorney General Barr is due to Testify before the Senate. I will provide you the link to tomorrow’s live stream, tonight’s excoriating letter from Senate Democrats. Simply put the question isn’t IF Special Counsel Mueller appears before Congress, but it is now WHEN.

I am not going to be “one of those people’ who have a tangential <10 seconds interactions...I don’t know Special Counsel Mueller nor have I ever sat in any meeting with him. My only knowledge I have of him is reputations but nothing in his decades long and highly distinguished career would ever lead me to think he’s not a straight arrow. A Patriot. A fair arbitor of Facts.  But AG Barr’s April 10, 2019 Senate Testimony, based on tonight’s NYTs and Washington Post Moab, it certainly makes a compelling case that AG Barr straight up perjured himself when Senator Van Hollen asked him👇🏻🌶👇🏻



January 2019

In this entry I attempted to provide you nothing but the facts. Much to the chagrin and my professional training, I really wanted to give William Barr a large berth and attempted to refrain in any vociferous  machinations of “Barr is BAD”.


March 23, 2019 AG Barr Part I

Yet again in this entry, I refrained from screaming Barr is BAD. When AG Barr released his letter to Congress, pursuant to 28 CFR §600 et seq...I forced myself to simply and exclusively to focus on the facts. Versus breathing into a brown paper bag. Again because I wanted to extended a modicum of professional curtesy to AG Barr. My goodness what a mistake on my end. But I was keenly aware that (until my twitter account @SpicyFiles was suspended) that I had some 50K+ followers that if I freaked out then so would a lot of you. So I once again opted to stick to the facts.


March 24, 2019 AG Barr & SCO Part II

When AG Barr sent Congress his four page summary of “principal findings” , in my Part II entry, again I tuned out emotion and my professional training kicked in. For those who don’t live and breath in the legal community, support staff, like myself we tend to flip a switch. Where all emotion and hysteria is turned off. Instead I put my head phones on and start cranking grudge rock and start focusing on facts, the “purported facts”, statutes and occasionally I might indulge in minimal amount of whataboutism. 


March 24, 2019 Part III

Those of you who have followed me on Twitter or also work in the legal community, none of you were surprised that I went back to Barr’s four page “principal findings”. This is in fact an occupational hazard or as I like to say “it’s why my firm keeps me around”. In Part III entry,  Again part of the reason I go back and reread filings/pleadings, it’s human nature to speed read on the first pass. On the second pass you ended up zeroing in on the finer points. If I’m on a third or fourth read, may god have mercy on you because that means I’m going to shred your letter into fine grace glitter. In Part III there were several areas of concern, the narrative that Special Counsel Mueller via AG Barr had some how “cleared” Trump, it just didn’t seem true.


March 30, 2019 Part IV

In Part IV entry  I decided that it was more than a worthwhile intellectual excerise to dig deeper in to Barr’s four page summary. On the surface as expected AG Barr move the goal post. Although I’m certain none of you can be alll that surprised. At that particular time I noted:


Single space 184,775 WORDS / 84 words = .00045461%

Double space 91,415 WORDS / 84 words = .00091889%


And yet AG Barr had total autonomy and absolute exclusive messaging of essentially “speaking to an audience of one”



April 10, 2019 Barr & CapitalWired:

 In Part V’s entry, at times the Senate Hearing was incredibly awkward and extraordinarily difficult to watch. Partly because those that did watch, you were witnessing William P Barr’s near real time Self-flagellation. Where the man who appeared before the same Senate Committee offered the following rationale as to why he should earn enough Senate Committee votes, to positively discharge his nomination out of Committee and subsequently thereafter Senator “ I am the grim reaper” McConnell fast tracked Barr’s confirmation.


and then AG Barr released the highly anticipated Special Counsel Mueller’s Report, here here, questions that I’d ask Barr, here



Senate Judiciary Live Stream

10AM on 5/1/2019



AG Barr written testimony

In AG Barr’s Written Testimony (FYI most Congressional Committees upload the written Witness Testimony >12 hours before the commencement of said Hearing.) his opening salvo is the epitome of a servile political hatchet man, who’s literally singing for his supper:


“The Special Counsel completed his investigation as he saw fit.”







AG Written Statement for th... by on Scribd


Senate Democrats are out for


Attorney General Barr’s actions raise significant questions about his decision not to recuse himself from overseeing the Special Counsel’s investigation, whether his actions with respect to the release of the report complied with Department of Justice policies and practices, and whether he has demonstrated sufficient impartiality to continue overseeing the fourteen criminal matters related to the Special Counsel’s investigation that were referred principally to other components of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the Senators wrote. 

“In light of these concerns, we respectfully request that the Office of the Inspector General and the Office of Professional Responsibility immediately begin investigations of these issues.”


The senators what to know:

Whether Attorney General Barr’s decision not to recuse himself from overseeing the Special Counsel’s investigation was proper and consistent with ethical rules and practices within the Department of Justice;

Whether Attorney General Barr’s four-page letter dated March 24, 2019, regarding Special Counsel Mueller’s report was misleading and whether it was consistent with Department of Justice policies and practices;

Whether Attorney General Barr’s actions in permitting President Trump’s private attorneys to review the entire Special Counsel’s report at length before sharing the report with Congress, other individuals named in the report, and the public, was appropriate and consistent with Department of Justice policies and practices;

Whether Attorney General Barr’s press conference on April 18, 2019, regarding Special Counsel Mueller’s report, which took place well before he released a redacted version of the report, was misleading and consistent with Department of Justice policies and practices;


See fulll five page letter here.


Based on last nights Washington Post Article 

“The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions,” Mueller wrote.on March 27th

“There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations.”


 -SpicyFiles Out

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