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Wilbur Ross in the hot seat (6PM UPDATE)

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Posted on March 14 2019

❌See update at the’s stunning❌

And not in a good way, at all...


Wilbur Ross perjury much???


The March 2018 Department of Commerce Memo (the first page two separate Judges have determined by a preponderance of actual evidence, Ross and his Chief of Staff Earl Comstock lied).


On December 12, 2017, DOJ requested that the Census Bureau reinstate a citizenship question on the decennial census to provide census block level citizenship voting age population (CVAP) data that is not currently available from government surveys. DOJ and the courts use CVAP data for the enforcement of Section 2 of the VRA, which protects minority voting rights. 


At the conclusion of Ross’ eight page March 2018 Memo he concludes with the following thoughts:

To conclude, after a thorough review of the legal, program, and policy considerations,as well asnumerous discussions with the Census Bureau leadership and interested stakeholders, I havedetermined that reinstatementof a citizenship question on the 2020 decennial census is necessaryto provide complete and accurate data in response to the DOl request.To minimize any impacton decennial census response rates, I am directing the Census Bureau to place the citizenship question last on the decennial census form.

Please make my decision known to Census Bureau personnel and Members of Congress prior toMarch 31, 2018. I look forward to continuing to work with the Census Bureau as we strive for a complete and accurate 2020 decennial census.



 Live Streaming Below:



Or you can click on this live stream:


For context in March of 2018 I discussed the shift in the citizenship question being added to the 2020 Census. Entry Found here. At the time and subsequently since then my position has not changed. Under the false flag of the voting act, which is a flawed premise the racist in chief thought of new ways to affirm his closeted White Supremacy tendencies, see list of previous entries below:

Trump’s Make America White Again, found here

Trump’s multi-pronged assault on TPS and Asylum seekers, found here.

Trump’s doubling down on his fake crisis at the Southern Border, found here.

Trump’s Zero Tolerance bullshit normalizing his racial animus, found here.

The ethically challenged perjury prone “Secretary” Wilbur Ross , found here.

Citizenship Case Nos: Regarding Case No. 18-cv-01865-RS and 18-cv-02279-RS, second judicial opinion found in this entry.

I could in fact offer hundreds of threads specific to Trump and Ross but know how the rest of that sentence ends, you can thank the twitter trolls and twitter for all of that research being ghosted. But I digress...


March 2019 Wilbur Ross Written Testimony:


The linguistical gymnastics by both House GOP and Secretary Ross is just vexing. In three past occasions.



See Rep Clay and Ross exchange, whereby Rep Clay stated:

You LIED to Congress, on multiple occasions. You withheld critical evidence as it relates to non-white Americans and the voting power they have. You repeatedly came here and gave false testimony.



And then Secretary Ross:

Mr Chairman, we’ve been at this for an hour, if you would indulge me, I’d like a recess 


Until the Committee returns from their 15 minute recess you may want to actually read Ross’ March 2019 written testimony. Clearly Ross and the GOP are sticking to their original lie:


My reasoning for that decision is explained in my March 26 decision memorandum (March 26 Memo). The March 26 Memo describes in great detail the months of review, analyses, staff meetings, and stakeholder feedback that I undertook after receiving the Department of Justice letter seeking the reinstatement  of the citizenship question 


Ross then goes on to clarify and what I’d argue rewrite the narrative and actual timeline irrespective of TWO Federal Judges previous orders and memorandum on this important matter:

In 2017, my staff and I also began considering the content of the decennial census questionnaire—considerations that included whether to reinstate a citizenship question.

Indeed, questions about citizenship or country of birth (or both) have been asked as part of all but one U.S. decennial census from 1820 to 2000, and many other democracies around the world presently collect citizenship data on their census inquiry


For the 2020 decennial census, we are also making far more extensive use of administrative record than ever before.

For example, many states are now providing us with Women Infants and Children (WIC), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) records for the first time in order to help Census address prior severe undercounts of children and other hard to count populations.

The Department is committed to administering a complete and accurate 2020 decennial census. We hope that Congress shares this mission and that we can count on you to assist us in the effort. Thank you. 


It’s just exhausting that Trump and Ross think it’s totally normal to repeatedly lie to Congress and the  feign offense when called out on their copious lies. In my opinion the reason for the citizenship question is just another weapon that Trump et al have armed to make any nonwhite Americans feel marginalized because simply for the fact of the pigmentation of their skin. And yes perhaps I’m wrong but I’m done being polite, and it’s grotesque to think Trump isn’t a racist. He is. Full Stop.


March 14, 2019 5:55PM update 


There was a repeative phrase from House Republicans in today’s hearing, much of which was reiterative but these are the various comments that caught my attention:


 Mr. Chairman why are we even having this and your democrat colleagues are doing an end-run to the Supreme Court’s stay of Secretary Ross’ deposition...

...this hearing is a deposition, is it not?

the Supreme Court issued a stay prohibiting the deposition of Secretary Ross


Factually speaking some of the points brought up by the House Republicans may have some merit, conversely much of what the said appeared to be political posturing anc Grand Standing. Given two separate Federal Judges found Secretary Ross, his staff and the DOJ actually broke the law and attempted to cover up their onerous acts, as it relates to the citizenship question on the 2020 Census.

Again my position remains unchanged this is Trump’s strategy (because Roy Cohn was Trump’s mentor and mob has to mob) ...delay ...obfuscate ...delay...capitulate and delay some more. The expressed end goal of eating as much time off the clock so the citizenship question remains on the Census by June 2019, when millions of forms are printed.

Therefore Trump and his racist & complicit AF handlers, looking right at you Mr Stephen “dead eyes, white suprematist sympathizer” Miller, Mr Steve “acid bath” Bannon and Wilbur “cypress-money-launderer, OGE non-certified, lair mcCrypt keeper” Ross. You three are the worst of the worst and have enabled Trump to a degree that your own families will no longer claim you...


 Newly Released Committee Memorandum


And like many of you, sometimes my work gets in the way, but I try to update in a timely manner, when warranted. So when my phone alerted that a new document was publicly released (<10 minutes ago) I figured I’d drop what I was doing and I’d pull the document down...I’ve pulled out the interesting bits and highlighted them for you:


During the transcribed interview, DOJ counsel instructed Mr. Gore more than 150 times not to answer specific questions from the Democratic and Republican Committee staff that are central to the Committee’s investigation.


 At what point will Trump properly invoke Executive Privilege? Refusal of witnesses to answer questions posed by a coequal branch of Government is what our system of Checks and Balances are for. Not this grotesque display of subterfuge. The factual basis that Counsel within the DOJ improperly intervened and then tried to cover up Trump’s mendacity is just another example of Trump inappropriately putting political influence on the DOJ. But going so far as to hand deliver documentation with “handwritten notes about the citizenship question”...that’s not only unacceptable that’s how mob bosses work. Mob Bosses speak in code, they will move heaven and hell to not get caught and they rebuff any type of oversight.

<sorry for screaming>



Mobsters like Trump and his handpicked minions within the DOJ actually obstructing a Congressional Investigation. Trump is MOB...They act with impunity and believe they are untouchable. But on page 2 of the newly released House OverSight Memorandum is when we find out how insidious and odious the Trump administration really is:


According to Mr. Gore, Mr. Neuman provided him with “a draft letter that would request reinstatement of the citizenship question on the census questionnaire.” Mr. Gore was the principal drafter of DOJ’s December 12, 2017, request to the Department of Commerce to add the citizenship question, and he received the draft from Mr. Neuman around the same time he was preparing DOJ’s December 12 letter.

Mr. Gore stated that in October 2017, Attorney General Sessions’ staffers set up a call with employees of the Department of Homeland
Security related to the citizenship question

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and separately, with two lawyers from the Department of Commerce, Peter Davidson and James Uthmeier.


Moving on to pages 3-7 this is where for the very first time, we as in we the American people get a peak inside the transcribed interview with Commerce Department Employee Earl Comstock defying the DOJ Attorney  but ignoring the instructions not to answer questions 


You know what this reminds me of? The Giuliani Muslim Ban really you have to read this House Oversight Memo, it’s bonkers that this is how the DOJ Civil Rights attorney would behave during a transcribed interview with Earl Comstock. Who by the way has been at the center of the Census Citizenship Question matter and who just might be one of the more profound whistleblower in the Trump Administration, to date.


The supplemental memo also describes some new information obtained during the interview.  Specifically:

  • A Department of Commerce official told Mr. Gore why he hand-delivered a secret memo regarding the citizenship question to Mr. Gore.
  • A Trump Transition Team official sent DOJ a draft request to add the citizenship question.
  • Mr. Gore discussed the citizenship question with the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Mr. Gore discussed apportionment with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and two Commerce lawyers.

Click here to read the supplemental memo.


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    Thank you, Spicy for calling attention to the secretive and shady things taking place.

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