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Who is Ronald Mortensen?

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Posted on May 26 2018

this isn’t hyperbole Office Refugee Resettlement (ORR) along with DHS, CBP have zero idea where 1,475 immigrant children are, see entry here


Trump nominates

Ronald Mortensen afraid & outraged 


Trump nomination of Ronald Mortensen:


To be an Assistant Secretary of State

for Population, Refugees, and Migration.


Mortensen would be responsible for and overseeing the U.S.'s handling of vulnerable populations, including refugees and asylum seekers. Should he be confirmed by the Senate. That alone would make him the fourth hardline “passive” eugenics person added to the Trump Administration. But then again what did we expect from a president who actually said “very fine people on both sides”. As in Trump think White Supremacist, actual Neo Nazis (duh he employed Gorka) are “very fine people”

See the White House Official Announcement, here 




Ronald Mortensen meets Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). He has written hundreds of articles for CIS.  For example, here’s an excerpt from his October 26 2017 DACA Article, full text found here


DACA Recipients Should Make Restitution to Their American Identity Theft Victims:


“That ensured that Americans who are the victims of DACA identity theft were left with destroyed credit, arrest records attached to their names, unpaid tax liabilities, and corrupted medical records while the DACA recipients walked away scot-free from multiple felonies — forgery, Social Security fraud, perjury on I-9 forms, and identity theft.

Furthermore, DACA recipients must be required to make restitution to the owners of those Social Security numbers as a condition of adjusting their immigration status and in return for amnesty from identity theft and other job-related felonies.”

If DACA applicants and/or their parents, who could afford to pay a coyote to traffic their children into the United States, don't have the money to pay the fines, the U.S. Chamber, Mark Zuckerberg's Fwd.US, religious organizations, employers, politicians, sanctuary cities, and others who support DACA can help applicants cover their fines rather than simply insisting that they be granted amnesty from their felonies while leaving their American victims holding the bag.

The bottom line is that if illegal immigration issues are to be resolved, the solution must include mercy combined with justice. If this can be achieved in the DACA program, then there may be hope for addressing even more complicated immigration issues.



In short, DACA exempts illegal aliens from crimes that American citizens would be jailed for. Even worse, it leaves Americans holding the bag for the harm inflicted on them by DACA recipients.

As currently structured, DACA definitely does not put Americans first.


Full text of Mortsensen’s October 4, 2017 article, here


In which Mortensen shows his full on ignorance, in his February 15, 2017 “Article” entitled:

Illegal Alien Crime Deniers: John Dickerson, CBS News, and Sen. Jeff Flake


And a United States senator does everything possible to downplay the serious crimes committed by the woman and other illegal aliens. In fact, it is clear that Flake wants illegal aliens who commit identity theft and other serious crimes that do real harm to their American victims to be able to stay in the United States when he says: "I don't think anybody wants to put her in the same class as aggravated felons who endanger public safety." Maybe Flake should provide his and his family's Social Security numbers to illegal aliens since he obviously doesn't think identity theft and Social Security fraud are serious crimes.

Based on this interview, it is clear that Dickerson and Flake are illegal alien crime deniers and that they are complicit in creating a fake news narrative.


His full February 15, 2017 “Article” can be found, here and when I say Mortensen has written dozens and dozens of articles, he really has. I’d look at his 2009-2014 articles, it’s every thing a White Supremacist would say.


Mortensen CIS full CV, here


This archived (the orginal blog has recently been deleted) enrty where Mortensen opines: McCain Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for ISIS on America's Southern Border: 


In addition, by helping pass the Gang of Eight bill with no intention of controlling the southern border, McCain prevented the House from enacting a strong, stand-alone border control bill because everyone knew that he would use a conference committee to gut it or replace it with a stripped down, open-borders version of the Gang of Eight bill.

While assertion that ISIS is pre-positioning or has already crossed the southern border may be challenged, what is certain is that McCain has provided ISIS with unfettered access to the United States for both its personnel and their weapons of death and destruction. Should ISIS or some other terrorist group take advantage of McCain's welcome mat, he will only have himself to blame as he goes in the eyes of many from war hero to collaborator.


Archived entry, found here 


In another now deleted blog entry in 2014 Mortensen opines:


Open Borders: A Threat to Public Health

The Obama administration's unrelenting focus on open borders has exposed Americans to deadly diseases and has politicized the public health agencies that are charged with protecting the health of Americans…”

‘Rather than putting the health of Americans first, these agencies, which once took their roles to protect the public seriously, now go to great lengths to ensure that foreign nationals from countries with serious diseases are allowed to freely enter the United States.” 


You can read his now deleted blog entry, here 


And for the record, this isn’t me saying Mortensen is a Anti-Immigrant Hate & Fear Monger. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) long ago labled CIS as an actual Hate Group.



The American Defense League also opposes Mortensen’s nomination. See ADL’s Press Release here




Mortensen also co-founded the:

Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration

His biography reads in part, link here 

Ronald Mortensen, a retired diplomat representing "There are literally millions of desperate people in countries around the world who respect the rule-of-law and wait for years to legally enter the United States. We should have compassion for these good, honest, hard-working people and make sure that we don’t reward individuals who jump the line."







Here’s a 2011 Hearing...I literally have zero words left to describe this bleep show

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