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Posted on April 06 2018


April 24, 2018 UPDATE

EU & Mexico Trade Deal

Apparently Trump things he’s the King of “deals” well the actual FACTS say otherwise. Trump, Kudkow, Mnuchin and Ross are nothing but Trade War-Momgers.

Again I ask (sorry for yelling)



Meanwhile our Southern Neighbor Mexico signed a MASSIVE trade deal with the European Union. The NEW trade deal was signed, yesterday, if I read the proposed guidelines correctly it’s addresses the Tariffs and it is massive, like billions of dollars massive, yet here we are..America further isolated because Trump does not understand the importance of Trade or Diplomacy


Page 3, second paragraph, reads in part:

 “The section on Agriculture contains a declaratory article on cooperation in international fora on matters related to trade in agriculture in particular the developing of disciplines on exports restrictions which may affect availability of supplies in the international markets. It then contains a second article on Export Competition reaffirming Parties' commitment to the WTO Nairobi Declaration, eliminating all export subsidies and those measures having equivalent effects not allowed by the WTO agreements. It finally establishes a mechanism of transparency and exchange of information.


The Automotive Industry, Page 4:

 “Industrial PSR for Cars and other vehicles (HS headings 8701-8707): 45% max NOM (Non-Originating Material). Therefore, for the entire automotive sector, the permanent PSRs are the same as in the EU-Japan or EU-Korea FTA. “

I repeat my previous assertion, Trump pulled is out of TPP, basically giving China the coveted role as Global Economic Leader. Trump threatens NAFTA, puts Tariffs on Canadian products. TRUMP IS A FRAUD and a CONMAN, mark my words, he is going to bankrupt our Country and America will no longer be a powerful Global Leader.

  • Trump lacks any cognizant trade policy.
  • Trump has ZERO idea on how to build a coalition.
  • Trump has absolutely no Foreign Policy Doctrine, beyond kissing Putin’s ring
  • Trump has literally NO comprehension of Public Policy
  • Trump does NOT understand Diplomacy

At what point will the adults sit this man-child down and educate him. This isn’t about Political Correctness, this IS about Trump wading out of his intellectual depths. He is like Sarah Palin.

But I’d argue far more dangerous because of his temperament and refusal to actually admit his policies are harming our Country. -Spicy Out 4/24/18





🇨🇦Canada 🇨🇦 


January 10, 2018 filed World Trade Organization


complaints against 🇺🇸America🇺🇸


WT/DS535/1, G/L/1207 G/ADP/D121/1, G/SCM/D117/1


  • ‘Canada has requested WTO consultations with the United States concerning certain laws, regulations and other measures maintained by the US with respect to anti-dumping and countervailing duty proceedings. The request was circulated to WTO members on 10 January.’


  • ‘Canada considers the measures relating to US anti-dumping or countervailing duty investigations, reviews or other proceedings are inconsistent with US obligations under the WTO's Anti-Dumping Agreement, the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 and the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes.’


Canada included pages and pages of various products, ranging from import/export of softwoods to various metals. I highly recommend that you read Canada’s WTO Complaint. And then go back and review what Trumpis tweets and various public comments were.

Again, you can read Canada`s Jan 2018 WTO 🇨🇦v 🇺🇸 here👉🏻 Complaint 



🇨🇳China 🇨🇳 

April 5, 2018 WTO Complaint 

 WT/DS543/1 G/L/1219

‘The following communication, dated 4 April 2018, from the delegation of China to the delegation of the United States and to the Chairperson of the Dispute Settlement Body, is circulated in accordance with Article 4.4 of the DSU.’

  • 1. Article I.1 of the GATT 1994, because the measures at issue fail to extend immediately and unconditionally to China an "advantage, favour, privilege or immunity" granted by the United States "[w]ith respect to customs duties and charges of any kind imposed on or in connection with" the importation of products originating in the territory of other Members.
  • 2. Article II.1(a) and (b) of the GATT 1994, because the measures at issue fail to accord to the products originating in China identified in the above mentioned documents the treatment no less favourable than that provided for in the United States's Schedule of Concessions and Commitments annexed to the GATT 1994.
    • 3. Article 23 of the DSU, because the measures at issue fail to recourse to, and abide by, the rules and procedures of the DSU, when the United States seek the redress of a violation of obligation or other nullification or impairment of benefits under the covered agreements or an impediment to the attainment of any objective of the covered agreements.WTO Complaint


      Again you can choose to only listen to Trump’s words and/or tweets OR you can look at the ACTIONS of this “so called’ administration. Based on the WTO Complaint, specifically China’s Complaint, the facts indicate that the Trump Administration is in fact setting the ground work for a full on TRADE WAR.

      Irrespective of what Mnuchin and/or Navarro or Kudlow say. And frankly the stock market totally freaked out. Bear and Bull markets do NOT like unpredictablity or a sitting president who’s a proven pathological liar. Inclusion, months ago I tweeted a stark warning that based on Trump’s actions that he was setting the groundwork for creating a trade war.

      At some point you will have to read Trump’s book. The way Trump negotiates is he throws a grenade into a room and locks the door. He personally enjoys drama and chaos. Because like an insecure sociopath Trump is afraid of rejection or that the world will figure out he is nothing but a two bit con-artist.

    Who made his fortunes on the backs of little guys’- KellyAnne Conway 2016

    If you think for one nano second that Trump is “the king of deals” you are nuts. Everyone and I mean everyone in the hotel industry built hotels in Russia. Yet Trump and Cohen spectacularly failed to secure a hotel deal in Russia.

    Like I said Trump is not dealmaker, he is however transactional. Meaning short term transactions. Trump pulled out of TPP, leaving a power vacuum for China to assert Global Economic dominance. China holds a majority of our Country’s debt, this inconvenient fact seems absent in Trump’s calculus.  

    Here’s my only question for Trump Cult45 suportrs;

    What NEW trade deal has the “king of deals” brought to America? NONE




    And my closing thought...the Koch Brothers broke from Trump, during tonight’s CNBC interview the Koch’s said:

    • “Our view is we are hopeful the administration will reverse course on these policies because tariffs ultimately hurt more jobs then save and hurt the very people they intend to help," said a spokesman for one of the groups in the network.’

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