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van der Zwaan JAIL -UPDATED

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Posted on May 10 2018


Guess who’s officially a prisoner???

No really guess who’s officially in a Federal Prison, albeit a low security prison???

Oh...hiya Prisoner  Register Number: 35255-016

Yes you can also verify van der Zwaan’s status:

via the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator via their website, link here


Originally posted on March 10, 2018

Updated March 28, 2018 with Sentencing memos 

Updated April 6, 2018 Judge Sentences Van Der Zwaan to 30 days in JAIL


Judge Imposes:

van der Zwaan, 30 days in a Federal Prison, $20,000.00 in fines, 60 day probation.

oh SNAP apparently no monthly payment plan, the $20,000.00 one lump sum but I’m sure van der Zwaan’s Father-in-Law German Khan totes will pay the fine. Wonder what the current exchange rate for  Ruble to USD is? Also does anyone know if we accept BitCoin? Asking for a non-Russian Friend.



Oh and van der Zwaan, totally gets deported, if he enters the United States he must inform the Government and check in with the US Probation Office. Not to sound petty but I’d think his passport would be flag, almost immediately.  Link to the 7 page judgment in van der Zwaan’s Case here 

van der Zwaan’s Sentencing Memo 

This is not an unexpected move by Van Der Zwaan. His attorneys are doing their job. And that job is trying to keep their client out of jail. Notice how when “speaking” of their client  his attorneys use his first name. That’s an attempt to “humanize” their client. The narrative that “ his world has collapsed” (emphasis added) is slightly melodramatic, but I suppose that’s the intent.

Regardless every action has a consequence and Van Der Zwaan, based on his own filings and that of SCO Muelle. He was repeatedly warned that “lying” could result in criminal charges. Yet Van Der Zwaan repeatedly lied to FBI Agents and Members of SCO Mueller’s team. Link to van der Zwaan’s 30 page, I’m sorry for lying, here

I disagree with the assertion that sentencing for violating 18 USC §1001, making false statements “sentencing guidelines range is 0-6 months”…in reality the statue and sentencing guidelines are pretty clear as stated in Van Der Zwaan’s February 2018 signed Plea Deal (linked below).


The sentence for this crime can be up to 5 years in federal prison”


What I found noteworthy, during the November 3, 2017 Interview with  SCO and FBI, Van Der Zwaan was represented by his former firm, Skadden Arps and said Interview lasted 8 hours.

Christ on a Cracker, right there in black and white text. Not only the context and content of Van Der Zwaan’s lie but Confirmation of the Information Statement and Plea Deal.



And then it just goes off the rails. Pages 6 and 7 in their entirety, in which Van Der Zwaan admits:

  • he surreptitiously recorded his calls with a Senior Skadden Arps partner.
  • he had flagged and deleted emails from his Skadden Arps account and personal gmail account.
  • and his motive for lying was to protect his career.



I don’t discount that perhaps Van Der Zwaan might be a good friend and/or husband, son etc. The bottom line is he repeatedly lied to the FBI and SCO, irrespective of their numerous warnings. Further, Van Der Zwaan readily admitted  he “knew” Person A was likely linked to Russian Intelligence GRU.

 Мне жаль, что я солгал, но мой русский Отец в законе уничтожит меня. пожалуйста, помилуй меня

This isn’t a  “tiny white lie”. By Van Der Zwaan’s own admission, this was a pattern of lying, unethical professional conduct and a flagrant disregard for the truth. To say he tried to correct the record weeks after the fact. It’s just laughable on its face. Here’s a novel idea, do NOT lie to the FBI or SCO, particularly if they have warned you about the consequences. And granted its sad that Van Der Zwaan has been separated from his wife, but that alone is his fault.

Below is the link to Van Der Zwaan’s Sentencing Memorandum. What I did find interesting are the numerous redactions on pages 10-12. Even in the context of the motion, the redactions make it incredibly difficult to know The Who/Why/What/When of van der Zwaan sentencing  Memo


Special Counsel Mueller

now wants van der Zwaan incarcerated 


To say that this recent Filing by Special Counsel Mueller’s team is an unexpected twist, it really is. And the fact SCO Mueller’s Motion, plainly states that van der Zwaan “nothing would preclude a term of incarceration” is just savage. Me thinks Mueller’s team is sending a clear message, if you lie to investigators and you’re an attorney: YOU WILL GO TO JAIL


If my memory serves me correctly. Back in February van der Zwaan Informational Statement and Plea Deal. He was facing a maximum of 5 years in prison and upto $250,000.00 in fines. At the time of the February filings, I seem to remember that SCO Mueller’s team was not as forthright, when compared to the Flynn and Papadopoulos Plea Deals.



Pages 1 & 2, highlights in SCO Mueller’s Filing:


Van Der Zwaan Sentencing Hearing set for April 3, 2018. Recitation of the lies and destruction of evidence


 “the defendant presents a scarcity of mitigating factors, and several aggravating circumstances”


When confronted with an email dated September 12, 2016, sent by Person A to van der Zwaan, the defendant again lied.


The email was sent to the defendant’s email address at his law firm, though the Special Counsel’s Office had obtained the email from another source.


 ...”defendant lied were his communications with Gates, his communications with a Ukrainian business associate of Manafort and Gates (Person A), and his failure to produce an email between himself and the Ukrainian. business associate—all important matters in the investigation.Investigators repeatedly informed van der Zwaan the consequences of lying, misleading etc”




Pages 3-4 and footnotes. Always READ the footnotes:

In which we learn that Skadden Arps billed $12M for this memo and van der Zwaans multiple contacts with Gates, Manafort and Person A, during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Said Person A was known to be affiliated with Russian Intelligence aka GRU...  


“defendant’s email address at his law firm, though the Special Counsel’s Office had obtained the email from another source. said, [written] in Russian, that Person A “would like to exchange a few words via WhatsApp or Telegram.” van der Zwaan lied and said he had no idea why that email had not been produced to the government....

...further lied when he stated that he had not communicated with Person A in response to the email.”

“The calls were memorable: van der Zwaan had taken the precaution of recording the conversations with Gates, Person A, and the senior partner who worked on the report. In van der Zwaan’s recorded conversation with Person A…

‘Person A, in Russian, Person A suggested that “there were additional payments,” that “[t]he official contract was only a part of the iceberg,” and that the story may become a blow for “you and me personally.”



Oh HIYA, Konstantin Kilimnik aka PERSON A:

In which the Special Counsel’s Office basically tells van der Zwaan and the Court, your wife’s pregnancy is not nor should it be a mitigating factor in your sentencing. And then the SCO lowers the boom, effectively telling van der Zwaan you want to be present for the birth of your child, well giddy up and start serving your jail time. Clearly I’m being flippant but seriously read the last paragraph on page 6.


 “Person A has ties to a Russian intelligence service and had such ties in 2016. During his first interview with the Special Counsel’s Office.

”van der Zwaan admitted that he knew of that connection, stating that Gates told him Person A was a former Russian Intelligence Officer with the GRU.” (emphasis added)


van der Zwaan had, in the words of one witness, “gone native”—that is, he had grown too close to Manafort, Gates, and Person…van der Zwaan is a person of ample financial means—both personally and through his father-in-law, a prominent Russian oligarch, who has paid substantial sums to the defendant and his wife.


In light of his unprofessional conduct during 2012 on the report, his withholding and destroying documents in response to his firm’s requests, and his lying to the Special Counsel’s Office in 2017 circumstances of van der Zwaan’s wife’s pregnancy, consideration of that circumstance would not preclude a term of incarceration.



FYI these communiques with Manafort, Gates, van der Zwaan, Person A and Senior Law Partner at Skadden Arps…occurred in August and September 2016, as in the last push during the Presidential Race. So keep that in mind when the GOP or Trump try to spin this.


van der Zwaan Plea;

Interesting that van der Zwaan’s plea deal didn’t include any cooperation given both Flynn & Papadopoulos both include cooperation and the fines were drastically reduced. It appears Special Counsel Mueller’s Team wants to send  crystal clear lie, you go to jail. I also think it’s a message to the Russian Oligarchs, Mueller doesn’t care if you’re family, he will put you in jail. Plea deal here

Statement of Offenses:

It’s pretty cut and dry, you lie Special Counsel Mueller’s Team will throw the book at you. Especially if your lies and destruction of evidence involves Gates and Manafort. Statement of Offenses, here 



Van Der Zwaan Information 

Found here

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