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USA v Manafort Update

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Posted on March 12 2018

Prosecutors moved to unseal transcripts from the following hearings:

  • Jan 16 where Prosecutor Kyle Freeny said: “mostly done but that investigators are still scouring the products of at least 19 search warrants, including 87 electronic devices and thousands of domestic and foreign business records.”
  • as well a secret sidebar conversation from the Feb. 14

Keep in mind, that the Government’s position to “unseal” the transcript was the issue had “been mooted”.

The takeaway is, at the time Gate’s was in the process of striking a plea deal AND cooperation deal with SCO Mueller’s office. Which was later executed on Feb 23, when Gates pleaded guilty.

It is noteworthy that at no time has Gates opposed the unsealing of this transcripts. Also worth noting just a short time ago Judge Berman-Jackson Issue a Minute Order granting Manafort an additional 5 days to read the transcripts.

  • …”with the exception of any sealed portions of the transcripts that reflect the sealed portion of the hearings related to defendant Gates, to which Manafort was not a party. Signed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson on 3/12/18“

    2 page Filing.
    Request for additional time to review transcript

    Granting Manafort 5 days to review.

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