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Uranium meets FARA meets Trump/Putin by way of Flynn & Cohen

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Posted on January 12 2019



In May of 2018 I published the following entry where I walked you through how Mike Flynn was still cooperating with the Special Counsel’s office and “other” law enforcement agencies. That entry was largely unnoticed but perhaps it’s time to take a much closer look. 

If you’ve followed me on Twitter for any length of time, then you might notice that occasionally I’ll start tweeting what appears to be a super random thread/topic. I think my history proves that my methodology both on Twitter and in this blog, there is absolutely nothing random about what I research. There are usually multiple reasons and purposes. I’m comfortable asserting  that the vast majority of the time I almost always link to original data source(s).

In the age of Trump, who on an almost hourly basis wages a war of words and truth. One only needs to take but a brief moment and read a few tweets to affirm Trump’s War on the Truth is real. Moreover Trump has surrogates like Fox News, The Federalist, and other hard right media platforms that amplify Trump’s War on the Truth. According to Trump-land

“TRUTH ISN’T TRUTH” says who?

See what I did there? I mashed up the two most absurd colloquiallisms from Giuliani and Cohen At least according to Rudy Giuliani during this Meet The Press Interview from a few months ago. Frankly I do not know how Chuck Todd didn’t lose his marbles. Even months later, I find myself laughing at the absurdity of this exchange. The sad part is Giuliani has debased himself to the point of no return. Insofar as to what (diminished) credibility Giuliani had left, as of late by his own off-the-rails TV appearances, he alone has eviscerated his reputation, all in service to defend Donald Trump. I think most of us can agree, you can not competently defend the indefensible without substantial reputational damage. Ergo the damage is now solidly irreparable. Rudy only has himself to blame.


And yes it’s easy for me to sit back and castigate Giuliani and Trump. However given the copious public record of Trump’s mendaciousness, how can anyone with any degree of commonsense believe a single word that spews from his mouth or from that of anyone in the Trump Administration? Spoiler:  when you have a mentally diminished,  megalomanic  who literally traffics in fringe conspiracies, that’s when you know “Houston there’s a problem”. A few months ago, I opined  that the closer the investigation reaches  into the “inner Trump circle” the more unhinged Trump would become. It appears that we are quickly approaching critical mass. So you need to steady yourself. I suspect the following months will be far worse than any of us could imagine much less be prepared for.

At this point you’re probably wondering:

Spicy what does any of this have to do with Uranium, FARA, Trump, Flynn, Giuliani, and Putin” 


In short it feeds into the Trump Chaos-Strategy. Trump careens from one crisis to another. He constantly uses Russian Active Measures and actual Russian Disinformation on Americans and to our Allies. Trump creates mayhem with the singular purpose of distracting others. Hoping that no one actually pays attention to REAL issues, such as Trump Administration issuing Executive Orders that actually benefit his Russian Benefactor. I mean you do get:

America First

Make America Great Again


All of that is hogwash. It’s just Trump’s play of amplifying his propaganda and oddly tapping in to the dark underbelly of American politics. Notwithstanding the only thing or person that comes first in the Trump Administration is Trump or a Trump owned company. Remember that Trump thinks he’s the “greatest negotiator...the greatest leader...the greatest..



As many of you may recall when Trump and Zinke announced the plans to “mine” our Country’s National Parks, the outrage was rightfully fierce. What you may not know and I’m certain Trump found out after the fact. Given Trump conducts himself and his Administration later enables Trump’s authoritarian tendencies. Whereby he “rules” by Executive Orders, all while ignoring the statutorily required “rules and notices”...I have lost count how many Lawsuits the Trump  Administration has lost because Federal Judged determined that “Trump’s deliberative process was arbitrary and capricious” thereby making his Executive Orders impermissible under the requirement of the detailed in 5 U.S. Code § 553 - Rule making, see GPO link to the aforementioned statute here.

In simpler terms the law requires any Agency that’s proposing to make substantial changes SHALL (that’s a declarative in nature, meaning it’s not elective) publish said proposed rule change in the Federal Register and allow for public comments.



Accordingly on December 20, 2017 Trump Signed Executive Order Executive #13817 entitled Critical Minerals, I’ve pulled out the various sections of Trump’s Executive Order below:


Section 1, which reads in part:

This dependency of the United States on foreign sources creates a strategic vulnerability for both its economy and military to adverse foreign government action, natural disaster, and other events that can disrupt supply of these key minerals.  Despite the presence of significant deposits of some of these minerals across the United States, our miners and producers are currently limited by a lack of comprehensive, machine-readable data concerning topographical, geological, and geophysical surveys; permitting delays; and the potential for protracted litigation regarding permits that are issued

Sec. 2.  Definition.

(a) A “critical mineral” is a mineral identified by the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to subsection (b) of this section to be (i) a non-fuel mineral or mineral material essential to the economic and national security of the United States, (ii) the supply chain of which is vulnerable to disruption, and (iii) that serves an essential function in the manufacturing of a product, the absence of which would have significant consequences for our economy or our national security.

Sec. 3.  Policy. 

It shall be the policy of the Federal Government to reduce the Nation’s vulnerability to disruptions in the supply of critical minerals, which constitutes a strategic vulnerability for the security and prosperity of the United States. The United States will further this policy for the benefit of the American people and in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, by:

(a)  identifying new sources of critical minerals;

(b)  increasing activity at all levels of the supply chain, including exploration, mining, concentration, separation, alloying, recycling, and reprocessing critical minerals;(c)  ensuring that our miners and producers have electronic access to the most advanced topographic, geologic, and geophysical data within U.S. territory to the extent permitted by law and subject to appropriate limitations for purposes of privacy and security, including appropriate limitations to protect critical infrastructure data such as those related to national security areas; and

(d)  streamlining leasing and permitting processes to expedite exploration, production, processing, reprocessing, recycling, and domestic refining of critical minerals. 


Accordingly the Department of Interior published (as required by the aforementioned statute) the proposed Rule Making in, Federal Register/Vol. 83, No. 97 on Friday, May 18, 2018. See link to the publication here

For the record I had no less than 6 twitter threads where I painfully researched and catalogued these proposed rule making but nope my twitter stalker & trolls mass reported my account. Resulting in yet another suspension and unfortunately that research is lost...however able to locate an archive of a batch of letters sent from Senator Feinstein to Flynn et al and yes it did include request for documentation related to Uranium and Mining and Nuclear Energy, see archive.


In February of 2018 then Department of Interior Secretary Zinke’s office issued the following press release (found here) which included a list of 35 “Critical Minerals” his office identified:


    • Bismuth, used in medical and atomic research.
    • Fluorspar, used in the manufacture of aluminum, gasoline, and uranium fuel.
    • Hafnium, used for nuclear control rods, alloys, and high-temperature ceramics.
    • Lithium, used primarily for batteries.
    • Rare Earth Elements Group, primarily used in batteries and electronics.
    • Uranium, mostly used for nuclear fuel


In accordance to the Executive Order and current laws, the United States Geological Survey  (USGS) issued the following report, explaining the methodology and what appears to be a really anemic explaination of the environmental impact. The fact ar no time did the Trump Administration Order the EPA to also weigh in, it’s notable but not that surprising given Trump and his Administration clearly do not respect Science or Scientist or Data. One interesting the various critical minerals. I noticed that nary a mention of Russia or their financial interest in various African Countries, some of which have a monopoly on various minerals & precious metals, I refer you to pages 3-9 of the 2018 USGS report.


This Energy Information Agency (EIA) Domestic Uranium Production Report 3rd Quarter 2018 (the next Quartely report publication February 2019) aggregates current Domestic Uranium Production and indentifies operantional mines:



According to the EIA annual report of Domestic Uranium Mining and Production:

Total production of U.S. uranium concentrate in 2017 was 2.4 million pounds U3O8, 16% less than in 2016, from seven facilities, listed below, see full report here.


  • one mill in Utah (White Mesa Mill)
  • six in-situ leaching (ISL) plants in Nebraska and Wyoming
        • (Crow Butte Operation, Lost Creek Project, Nichols Ranch ISR Project, Ross CPP, Smith Ranch-Highland Operation and Willow Creek Project).

One datapoint that intrigued me, given how much Trump boast and exaggerates the economy and unemployment and his promises of “bringing mining jobs back” because MAGA, the data shows that there were significant decreases in actual employment numbers yet a disproportionate increase in operational cost:


Total employment in the U.S. uranium production industry was 424 full-time person-years in 2017, a decrease of 24% from the 2016 total and the lowest level since 2004

Exploration employment was 50 person-years, a 32% increase from the 2016 total

Mining employment was 136 person-years, a 47% decrease from 2016.

Reclamation employment increased 2% to 100 person-years from 2016 to 2017


Uranium Mines in America


🌶SpicyFiles Sidebar🌶 yesterday I noticed a strange icon that appeared on numerous USGS reports. I should say that sometimes I can accidentally fall into a hole and forget how to get back to the original subject matter. See thread below because when I’m curious about something,and  I tend to just jump right in. Full disclosure until I started researching the Minerals, used for Nuclear intitaives, I wasn’t a frequent viewer of the USGS webpage as such the AltMetric icon isn’t nefarious but it is interesting. See thread with RFP and various contracts. This Altmetric link will take you to the “twitter data”


If you take a moment, to click on the Altmetric “twitter data” link: you will note the twitter info pertaining to accounts that tweeted this report. What I found curious is Iron Man aka @caseliskar to “no longer exist”, but a cursory google search takes you to his new-ish twitter account 

A closer look at the AltMetric Data for the USGS report shows 






TENEX- Uranium & Russia

Not to belabor the point, but you will want to read this entry, and then you will want to remember TENEX. Maybe I am in the minority, but it is vexing that the Russian Government has the audacity and temerity to think they can inject their Country’s  position on America’s own natural resources. That should give all of us serious pause. Given the next logical thought who is Trump “governing” for, the American people or President Putin.

This March 2018 Department of Justice, Statement of Facts, specifically on pages 2-5 which indentifies Tenex, Mark Lambert & 


JSC Techsnabexport ("TENEX")

supplied uranium and uranium enrichment services to nuclear power companies throughout the world on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation. TENEX was indirectly owned and controlled by, and performed functions of, the government ofthe Russian Federation, and thus was an "agency" and "instrumentality" of a foreign government


TENAM Corporation ("TENAM"),

located in the United States, was a wholly owned subsidiary of TENEX, established in or about October 2010. TENAM was TENEX’S official representative office in the United States. TENAM was owned and controlled by, and performed functions of, the government of the Russian Federation, and thus was an "agency" and "instrumentality" of a foreign government,


Energy Resources International, Inc. (ERI) FARA #6590 


Just over a week ago, the mainstream media widely reported about Russia’s lobbying interest and increased frequency of lobbying members of Congress. Those articles piqued my curiosity.  now this brings you to the painfully long twitter thread from a week ago, because the fact TENEX hired a local DC based lobbyists to essentially lobby on behalf of Russia, specifically for Uranium Mining and Nuclear Energy Policies, should be closely scrutinized and should give a reasonable person serious pause. Particularly the optics seem that Russia believes they can not only influence our Country’s natural resources but Russia is so emboldened under Trump that Russia takes it a step further by asserting actual Public Policy. Frankly it is offensive.

By way of Energy Resources International, Inc.

FARA #6590, see registration filing here.

See ERI’s FARA # 6590 Exhibit AB, found here (see page 5-7) ,  specifically page 4 which reads in part:

ERI will produce a White Paper on U.S. Uranium Cost and Schedule 

to address the impact of the proposed remedy associate with a Section 232 Petition filed by Energy Fuels and Ur-Energy. ERI will file its White Paper in response to U.S. DOC, Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Technology Evaluation, Notice Of Request for Public Comments on Section 232 National Security investigation of Imports of Uranium, U.S. Federal Register, Volume 83, Number 143, July 25,2018 and U.S. Federal Register, Volume 83, Number 175, September 10,2018.

ERI will submit the Final White Paper

to DOC per the July 25,2018 and September 10,2018 Federal Register notices.If DOC holds hearings on this matter, ERI may provide testimony regarding its findings as summarized in the White Paper.

You can read Russia/ERI’s white paper embedded in the following tweet:




A few weeks ago I drilled down on this topic and American Consulting Company that Russia’s TENEX hired, see twitter thread below:




There are a plethora of questions that remain unanswered, for example :

  • why is Russia interjecting itself in to the Critical Minerals of OUR Country?
  • who and what Agency “solicited” this White Paper?
  • who did ERI and/or TENEX meet with, specifically which members of Congress and which Government Agencies met with ERI?
  • who in the transition directed you to meet with the Qataris, UAE, Russia and MbS?
  • what was the purpose of the December 2016 Trump Tower meetings and what were you authorized to offer in terms of America’s foreign policy?



It is absolutely bonkers to me that for the most part the mainstream has completely overlooked this. Again everything I blog or tweet about is publicly available. I’m not tapping into a secret deep state database, I used the DOJ FARA database, the House LDA Database & Senate LDA Database.


If you recall back in August of 2018, I drilled down pretty hard on the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, found here. Remember how it was widely reported that Flynn was texting with a business partner as Trump was taking the oath? Said person Flynn was texting with Alex Copson, who said the following about their bid on the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant:


“Our proposal is entirely different and worth a lot more money to (TVA)," said Alex Copson, managing director for ACU Strategic Partners, the group that submitted the proposal....TVA transfer Bellefonte to ACU for an equity position in the super consortium" that would build the reactors in the Middle East. ACU said it would provide TVA with a one-time partner fee of $500 million for joining the consortium and supporting activities to move to the second phase of the Middle East project....”


 It’s not as if members of Congress haven’t been sounding the alarm as it relates to Russia, the Middle East, Flynn, Cohen, Copson and Nuclear plants. In December of 2017, then ranking member Rep Cummings sent the following correspondence to Flynn’s former business partner, letter found here. To date it is unclear if Copson ever made himself available for a transcribed interview with the House Oversight Committee. 



Alex Copson of ACU Strategic Partners requesting that he agree to participate in a transcribed interview with Committee investigators about his relationship and communications with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Dr. Cochran claims that this document “flatly contradicts” a whistleblower who reports that you had an exchange on Inauguration Day relating to General Flynn and your plan to work with Russia to build nuclear reactors in the Middle East.


Essentially if we are going to have a fulsome discussion on Nuclear projects, such as the aforementioned TVA/Bellefonte project (discusses here). As widely reported during Trump’s inauguration Flynn sent a series of text messages to ACU’s Alex Copson, then it is imperative to look at the whole picture, all the countries and all of the intricate parts. It’s similar to solving a 3-D puzzle and just when you think you have a solid grasp of what you think is the solution, only to find yet another peice of the puzzle.

If I were to take a somewhat educated guess on what the House Oversight & Reform Committee will focus on and if I were lucky enough to prep the Committee for the Cohen testimony, I would absolutely ask Cohen about his role, if any in the Russia, Middle East Flynn-Marshall Plan.

As a point of reference, you will want to review this 2017 Timeline that the Democrats published, you can read the 11 page document here.

Which means I absolutely hope Cohen will be asked about the December 2016 transition meetings, his role in the Bellefonte TVA Copson ACU project, because there are a lot of outstanding questions that need to be answered. Tomorrow I will dive into the Saudi Nuclear Connections and a deeper dive in to ACU Strategies big for now this should give you a pretty clear receipt filled road map.




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