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Trump White House Most Corrupt Administration in modern history

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Posted on April 01 2019

Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump SF86, in chronological order, just to point to a “few” issues that continue to plague the most corrupt administration in modern history.



EB5 & SF86 August 2018, found here.

Kushner September 2018, found here.

Kushner DOJ Criminal Referral, found here

JarVanka GO BACK TO NYC and GTFO of DC, found here.

Rob “I beat my wives” Porter, found here

And most recently discussed less than two weeks ago, found here.

Numerous Whistleblower write ups, found here.


The Trump Administration


is our County’s single most


National Security Risk 


It is incomprehensible that the Trump Administration believes they answer to no one, nor do they need to adhere to our Rule of Law or our Constitution or our Policies and CFRs? And yet time and time again Trump does what he wants and acts with impunity. All while his supporters find nothing wrong with Trump’s vulgar subterfuge and audacious mendacity.


Be honest if Clinton or Obama did one percent of what Trump has done, there would be Republicans calling to impeach and throw them in jail. Full on OMG lock them all up, forget due process . Yet these same sanctimonious “republicans” feign ignorance because they are either; 1) fully indoctrinated or; 2) equally complicit or; 3) Trump has beaten them into submission or 4) they lack the intellectual honesty to admit their blatant hypocrisy. It’s as if Trump has pre-conditioned them to: 

Nothing to see here, move along while I continue to violate the Constitution and countless laws. At a certain point one just has to just say what most of us (who are reasonable thinkers):


What did you expect with a mob-boss?


Grifters gotta grift.


Mob’s gotta mob.


What’s wrong with running a criminal enterprise from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?


I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone...


....and I would lose any votes




So let’s talk about today’s White House Whistleblower, she’s an eighteen year “career” public servant. In January of 2019, Ms Tricia Newbolt was suspended for fourteen days sans pay. The day after Ms Newbold was “officially” suspended her attorney issued this statement via Twitter:






By all appearances Ms Newbold appropriately followed internal protocols, escalation process yet the Trump White House decided to retaliate. Which is highly problematic, given the complicated rules when seeking an official “Whistleblower Status”. An easy way to sum this up is while the Trump White House continued to break laws, they decided to break more laws by retaliating against a Whistleblower. You do understand the fiscal impact, right? That Ms Newbold would be within her right to sue the Trump Administration and the very high likelihood is she would win and most likely be awarded a hefty “injury” claim. This costing tax payers millions. All she is trying to do is sound the alarm. That Trump’s “corporate culture” is tainted and dripping in corruption and most importantly he’s a National Security Risks. And since Trump can’t attract Tier 1 talent he decides caution to the wind and hire just about anyone who has a heartbeat. 


After 3 decades here, I am essentially a DC  native. The running inside beltway joke is: if you last 4 Presidential Administrations you can now claim you’re a DC Beltway Bandit. There use to be time that the pinnacle of one’s career is you were asked to join the “presidential administration”. That you would drop what you’re doing to have a once in a lifetime chance to be part of effectuating real and meaningful public policy.

That when you accept a job either in the West Wing or EEOB. One year, you’re pretty much set. Two years serving in a presidential administration, K street doors fly open. Three + years in a presidential administration, you essentially open up your own lobbying firm or you’re offerred a multi-million-dollar position at a prestigious law or lobbying firm. That you would with zero hesitation leave your comfortable and cushy “Private” sector job to be “part of an administration”.

This isn’t me exaggerating, I personally know dozens of highly qualified individuals who out rught refused to work for the Trump Administration. I also know dozens of beltway folks who literally didn’t return phone calls/text/emails from the White House. That the once vaunted prestige and “bragging rights” of working in the White House, not under the Trump Administration. That Trump has tainted the White House to the point no one wants to there.

That behind the closed door it’s a (this is a quote from a friend of mine who left and yes they said I could say this)


It is a complete shitshow, 24/7/365. The knives are out and they just shank each other. Trump and Kellywise pit people against each other. They find it entertaining watching employees rip in to each other. Ivanka is hostile and she likes to humiliates young staffers. Mercedes and Ivanka leak to Maggie & Mike, they don’t use WhataApp they use Signal.  The “no personal cell phones policy” that they need to be in the lockers, it’s a joke. When Kelly tapped out, personal phones are back. Everyday I woke up dreading going to work...


It’s not that people don’t want to work for the Trump Administration, actually a lot of my friends & colleagues refuse to lower their standards by going to work for the dysfunctional “trump administration”. They do not want that on their resume. Hence Trump-Taint. (snort, I’m not kidding that was a real colloquiums that reverberated across the beltway). Nor do these prospective employees want the added burden of accepting a job in the Trump White House, onky to turn their paychecks to attorneys. That thrg had to hire after accepting a job in the Trump Administration. I make no apology, Trump can not attract talent



The 10 Page Whistleblower Memo: 


Notwithstanding let’s dissect today’s 10 page memo. Base line facts Ms Newbold is what many refer to as a “career public servant” having served under both Republican and Democrat Administrations. So those who are feigning “partisan” motives are complete OFF BASE. As she stated, her reasons for coming foward and going to Congress. Given that Ms Newbold followed policy and procedures and ultimately notified four superiors. By all appearances her going to Congress was a last resort:


I would not be doing a service to myself, my country, or my children if I sat back knowing that the issues that we have could impact national security.


Ms Newbold told lawmakers that she began creating a list in 2018 and the list grew to twenty five individuals who were intitally determined unworthy of holding a clearance. The reasons varied but also included the following areas of significant concern:

❌involving foreign influence,

❌conflicts of interest,

❌concerning personal conduct,

financial problems,

drug use,

❌and criminal conduct.

 ...”were not always adjudicated in the best interest of national security.”



Carl L. Kline risked our National Security


The Whistleblower was instructed by Carl Kline “do not touch” the applications and documentation and then Mr Kline went on to have daily conversations with Senior White House Official #3, which could be viewed as inappropriate and unprofessional given his office was in the midst of making a determination of said official’s Security Clearance.


“Kline had been having calls “on a daily basis” with Senior White House Official 3 prior to this determination. Ms. Newbold stated: “I let him know early on that I had concerns with him having those conversations and it could potentially lead him to being biased toward the adjudication.” Ms Newbold then added:

“I advised him I did not feel he should be in verbal dialogue with the individual. It was unprofessional and it was opening up the door to hinder him from making a fair, unbiased recommendation.”


Because conventional wisdom dictates do you really want people around the President of the United States surrounded by individuals who could be easily blackmailed, have exposure of hugely embarrassing and derogatory information? The entire concept of “reciprocity” clearances is deeply flawed because each agency is required to “sponsor” said security clearance applicant but you as a separate agency should run an updated check, specifically a credit check. I don’t mean to be flippant but a credit check seems like a no brainet but in the Trump White House, nah. That’s a hard pass.

I’ll hire the BEST people...


Lest we forget Longtime Trump aide John McEntee, who was fired and is purportedly still under DHS investigation for “serious financial crimes” and his :gambling habits” ...see March 2018 NBC article 

or about “doctor” Gorka rolling up to Reagan National packing heat, because that’s exactly the kind of “people” Trump associates himself with. Granted Gorka’s charges were essentially tossed once he completed community service but still who goes to a DC area airport with a loaded gun? Did Seb just toss it in with his shaving cream?


And let’s not forget about this Trump White House Staffer too...



Oddly if you recall in February of 2017 six White House Staffers were escorted off the property, of note was Caroline Wiles


“among others who failed to pass the intensive background check, which includes questions on the applicant's credit score, substance use and other personal subjects.”


In May of 2018 a second round of White Staffers (this was after the Rob Porter fubar) were also forced to resign or fired due to security clearance issues, see ABC News article


With respect to the Senior White House Official 1 and 2, Carl Kline over rose Ms Newbold’s adjudication and Senior White House Official 1 had significant and serious concerns about their “trustworthiness” yet Kline overturned her ruling and that White House Official went on to seek an even higher security clearance.


Frankly I have a lot to say about good ol’ Carl...Mr GS15 (step 3 or 5), who’s paid a $161,900 annual tax payer funded salary. Who also personally intervened in Jared & Ivanka’s security clearance snafus. Quick question “Carl” when you bought that fancy new car and Lake Anna property did you pay CASH for them?

When you were at the Pentagon at anytime did you ever tip off a defense contractor on where the bids were?

Also when you decided to stop running actual credit checks of applicants WHO DIRECTED YOU TO STOP?

Oh and Carl, is it 25 or is is closer to 33 security clearances you overruled? Oh and begore I go “Carl” should we talk about the gnarly DCAA fubar you were wrapped up in?  Oh so many Skelton’s Carl. Oh so many. But here’s what I know for sure I’m not going to be on the business end of a subpoena anytime soon. Although you might be as soon as tomorrow afternoon, so Carl you should problem get your “excuses” also colloquially known as coveting your ass in a metric -f-ton of lies. You do understand that Trump will push you under the bus, right? You’re NOT family and Trump will push you to save himself






Subpoena Time Carl...


At a certain point in time the various letters from the House Oversight Committee run their course. As DC has a pretty robust apparatus, it’s called a paper trail. And even though Kline has departed the White House (I believe he left for a Senior position within the Department of Defense January 2019), the DOD is now referring the House OverSight Chairman back to the White House

Chairman Cummings’ letter to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, leaves zero ambiguity, it is pointed and it’s sharply worded. If I were Carl Kline, I would be seeking advise from Counsel because he is in for a brutal deposition and public shellacking and I’m oddly okay with that. Chairman Cummings’ letter reads in part:


Our first subpoena will be for a deposition of Carl Kline, who served as the Personnel Security Director at the White House during the first two years of the Trump Administration and who now works at the Department of Defense. Mr. Kline did not respond to letters from the Committee on February 11, 2019, and March 18, 2019, asking him to participate in a voluntary interview. The Department of Defense informed the Committee that it is deferring to your office regarding Mr. Kline’s testimony, but you have repeatedly refused to schedule his interview.

The letter goes on to say:

The Committee will depose Mr. Kline about the security clearance practices in place when he was at the White House, the treatment of specific security clearance adjudications during his tenure, and his interactions with the whistleblower.

There is clear precedent for Mr. Kline to testify before the Committee. In 2007, the George W. Bush White House made available James Knodell, the Director of the White House Security Office, for public testimony before our Committee. He testified that, after the leak of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity, his office failed to conduct the required security...


Also I sure hope lawmakers GRILL Carl Kline about:


And this, because Mr Kline knows exactly what he did and did not do and the fact that he’s now inside our Department of Defense should worry you. Given his overt deviation from our Security Clearance Protocols, he can not feign ignorance, at all.


Because what you may not know is Carl L Kline was also part of the US Navy:

Operations Security (OPSEC) is a process of identifying critical information and analyzing friendly actions attendant to military operations and other activities as follows:

WAIT you mean that Carl Kline was the Navy’s main point of contact for the intelligence protocols and yet he still over ruled at least 30 derogatory security clearance applications? Oh and Carl I’m wondering how close are you to Kellogg or Harvey? (I’m talking about Keith and Derek just in case you are confused by my open ended questions).


-Spicy Out... 

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  • Brigid Berry: April 03, 2019

    It is so mind blowing and disgusting this administration has been getting away with all of this crap that COMPLETELY UNDERMINES our national security. It makes America WAY LESS SAFE. When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee? We need a lot of sunlight on this stuff and thank you Spicy for shining the sun on a lot of this crap daily. You will go down as a hero!

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