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Trump The Art of COVER UPs & Misogyny & Rage

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Posted on May 24 2019


 Infrastructure Week is LIT AF


Imagine being so thin skinned and that insecure, it only takes approximately seventeen words or in reality TV time, <9 seconds, to set you off. That your only default position is to use the Rose Garden as your own Reality TV-set.  Whereupon you prematurely end a meeting and hope the broadcast gods decide to run your Reality TV presidency mid-season series finale live. As in O’Reilly “f*ck it, we will do it live. We’ll do it live”.

Trump gingerly approaches the microphone to deliver “the word of Trump”. To wit his adoring and obsequious cult members wait. A hushed silence blankets his seated fans. They wait with bated breath and fingernail chomping anxiety, the anticipation is palpable. The late Spring DC-thunder-dome air is heavy with suspense. And then he emerges. The crowd of adoring fans in the Rose Garden secretly hope that Trump will deliver a Pulitzer Prize worthy Public Policy launch. After an adjustment or three of the microphone, Trump then goes full Trump. Jesus wept. And rainbows dimmed making way for dark clouds.

And then like the “reality star” Mad-King Trump is, he delivers the performance he was born to perform. In which Trump goes so far off script that even Fox-Trump news anchors are left temporarily speechless. Pundits are left tweeting “WTFingF was that” and then twitter explodes as meme wars ensue.

Although I would say, it was probably only these nine words that set Trump off...


is engaged in a cover up, a cover up...”




I should probably note that Madam Speaker isn’t a free wheeling orator. Meaning in her voluminous library of public comments, she is controlled, surgically precise and stays on message. All of which confirm, she is a worthy adversary. Without reservation I am unapologetically a fan. She’s earned my respect. Speaker Pelosi has consistently proven what a venerable and skilled political opponent she is. 


🌶SpicyFiles - Sidebar🌶 Admittedly the petty side of me, very much enjoys when Madam Speaker  triggers Trump. It is without a doubt exquisite to watch/read. The best part is Speaker Pelosi “stabs you in the front”. Yes that really is a beltway colloquialism. She is a serious and venerable Legislator. And probably one of the smartest people in DC . When the Democrats gained control of the House, I slept a little bit better. Once the House voted Nancy Pelosi as our Speaker of the House for the 116th Congress, I started sleeping far more soundly.


I don’t have a medical degree, yet I can’t help but wonder does Donald Trump have some deep rooted mommy issues? By nearly all appearances Trump appears to not like or remotely respect smart and assertive women. It is clear that Trump does not see women as his equal. Make America Great Again is in fact a throwback to a time in America where women could not obtain a credit card unless their husbands wrote a letter. Women were thought of as a “cute secretary that fetched the boss’ coffee.” I mean Trump is the grand poo-bah of regressive patriarchy. I don’t want to Make America Great Again, because our greatest should be measured by evolving and leaning in to our future.  More broadly it is pretty clear that Trump does not like women who tell him no. It is a discernible pattern. I am also pretty sure that Speaker Pelosi is living inside Trump’s head rent free. And it sustains me.



Infrastructure plan was ALWAYS DOA


In general I try to ignore Trump’s tweets. I happen to think that Trump’s Twitter Account is a mixture of his digital library, his burn book, his enemies list and his preferred conduit of “test” messaging. But here are some base line facts, as per usual I will link to the original data source.


January 20, 2017 to present, based on Trump’s twitter archive, he has only used his twitter account 28 times to “tweet” about infrastructure. Trump and his White House set our expectations that addressing our crumbling infrastructure was on his 100 days list of priorities.


The very first known tweet from Trump with respect to fixing our crumbling infrastructure occurred on May 10, 2017–some 742 days ago. Like I said the “infrastructure summit” was a bogus publicity stunt. Why else would Team-Trash-Pandas have the “Mueller Report” signs and media kits ready to go?



Moreover the May 11, 2017 Tweet hyperlinked to Mad-King Trump’s Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure. Interestingly enough,  if you read the EO in its entirety you’ll note there are various deadlines. 60, 120, 150 days respectively. Although to Trump’s marginal credit in February of 2018 his White House published this two page FactSheet, touting the virtues of a public/private partnership (yet again). 


🌶SpicyFiles- Sidebar🌶. For those of you that live and work in the DMV (DC, MD & VA) area you know exactly what I’m talking about. Between the Inner/Outer-loop, I95 N/S Hot-lanes, I66 hot-lanes, Dulles Toll Rd, the ICC you really can’t drive in and around the DMV without paying some kind of hefty toll. Meaning in a lot of cases you are paying to sit in gridlock or you’re willing to pay >$10 per mile to avoid the gridlock. Also “rush hour” in the isn’t Monday thru Friday AM/PM. Nope it’s more everyday, like spending 90+ minutes on Saturday suck on the American Legion Bridge. Morning rush is 5:45AM to 10:45AM and starts in earnest 3:45PM to 7:45PM. In fact I95 North/South bound on the weekends is literally hell on earth. And that hell is brought to many drivers by the Private/Public Partnership.


Furthermore,  in reviewing Trump’s 2018 and 2019 proposed presidential budgets. Keep in mind it’s large true that we, the American people can determine what’s actually important to a president by analyzing their proposed budget. Case in point in the OMB’s Make America Great Again 2018 Budget Blueprint, the word “infrastructure” appears 19 times but the words, road(s), water, bridges(s), electrical grid, alternative energy are no where to be found in that 2018 Budget blueprint. You might find the CBO 2018 analysis of Trump’s 2018 Budget informative.


Further in Trump’s 2019 proposed budget, the word infrastructure appears some 97 times, the words; road(s), bridge(s), water appear exactly some 5 times each. But as with everything in the Trump administration there’s nothing substantive or a well crafted plan to achieve his lofty dreams of improving/investing in our crumbling infrastructure.


Coupled with the trillion dollar Corporate Tax Giveaways, the lack of repatriation of monies in to our Economy. Trump’s National Emergency at our Southern Boarder and the misappropriation of billions from our Defense Budget to pay for his “stupid f_cking wall” would think that a real National Emergency is our crumbling infrastructure. However the distorted and deluded priorities of Trump mean he views the “brown menace” that’s “invading” and “investing” and “breeding” in our Country as a far more pressing matter than addressing the poor shape of our roads, rail lines, bridges, water.


Just so we are clear, you do understand that Trump uses parents and children, many of whom are fleeing from the Northern Triangle as a weapon. To further validate Trump & his (lackluster) Administration’s racial and extreme racial animus. “SORRY FOLKS AMERICA IS FULL” our Country isn’t a “hotel” or governed by an contrary occupancy rate. But apparently Trump thinks it is.


It is repugnant and quite frankly antithetical to real American Values. Trump’s incoherent public policy and lack of understanding is, in my view an actual National Security Risk, especially when Trump stands shoulder to shoulder & publicly supports Putin over OUR intelligence community. It’s disgusting. It’s unAmerica. It’s un-patriotic. 


The Rose Garden “stunt” aka charade


The Rose Garden spectacle was unhinged, even for Trump. This speech was the very first time I noticed actual fear both in the tonation of his voice and facial expressions. Trump is scared and he’s terrified of Speaker Pelosi. The amazing thing is Speaker Pelosi doesn’t even need to do much, I’m pretty sure she’s built a second level in side Trump’s head, where she’s living rent free.




Do you know who said Trump committed crimes?


The SDNY Prosecutors, that’s who. As did the OGE Director in his letter to then Acting Attorney General Rosenstein re the Special Counsel Investigation, specifically the hundreds of thousands of dollars Trump paid as part of the hush money scheme. As detailed in Crew’s May 2018 letter to then DAG Rosenstein.



Download U.S. v. Michael Cohen Information 


I now refer you to pages 11 thru 20...of a 22 page Criminal Information and represented in Counts 7 and 8. The “cover up scheme” involved multiple parties, multiple business entities. But the most offensive portrait of Trump & his surrogates protracted gas-lighting campaign, the lies. The lying. The lies about their lies and the vilification of numerous Media outlets. STOP lying to the American People. Does Trump think the vast majority of Americans can’t or won’t read? That they can’t understand the “statement of facts” in Court Filings?


...the Election Act set forth the following limitations, prohibitions, and reporting requirements, which were applicable to MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, Individual-1, and his campaign 


I guess according to some Trump is above our Laws, our Constitution, our Rules. He is like a corrupt Teflon toad. After all “I’m president and you’re not” should be his administration’s mission statement.


As the Cohen Criminal Information details, Individual-1 Donald Trump conspired with Cohen David Pecker and AMI to pay off a playboy model and an adult entertainment star, thus paying a collective $280,000, in violation of Federal Campaign Finance Laws. And then Trump spent month lying and covering up his “dirty deeds”.

August 2016 and September 2016, COHEN agreed with Chairman-1 to assign the rights to the non-disclosure portion of Corporation-1’s agreement with Woman-1 to COHEN for $125,000.  COHEN incorporated a shell entity called “Resolution Consultants LLC” for use in the transaction.  Both Chairman-1 and COHEN ultimately signed the agreement, and a consultant for Corporation-1, using his own shell entity, provided COHEN with an invoice for the payment of $125,000.  

October 26, 2016, COHEN emailed an incorporating service to obtain the corporate formation documents for another shell corporation, Essential Consultants LLC...COHEN drew down $131,000 from the fraudulently obtained HELOC and requested that it be deposited into a bank account COHEN had just opened in the name of Essential Consultants.  The next morning, on October 27, 2016, COHEN went to Bank-3 and wired approximately $130,000 from Essential Consultants to Attorney-1.  On the bank form to complete the wire, COHEN falsely indicated that the “purpose of wire being sent” was “retainer.”  On November 1, 2016, COHEN received from Attorney-1 copies of the final, signed confidential settlement agreement and side letter agreement. (emphasis added)


Let’s not forget about the American Media Inc (AMI) non-prosecution Deal  and their role in the hush money & violating campaign finance law conspiracy. The SDNY AUSA disclosed this agreement the day Cohen was sentenced.


AMI admitted that it made the $150,000 payment in concert with a candidate’s presidential campaign, and in order to ensure that the woman did not publicize damaging allegations about the candidate before the 2016 presidential election.  AMI further admitted that its principal purpose in making the payment was to suppress the woman’s story so as to prevent it from influencing the election.

The agreement also acknowledges, among other things, AMI’s acceptance of responsibility, its substantial and important assistance in this investigation, and its agreement to provide cooperation in the future and implement specific improvements to its internal compliance to prevent future violations of the federal campaign finance laws.


 Trump Algorithm & Playbook

During the 2016 Election, the Trump misogyny flag flew at full mast 24/7/365. Did you really think he would “rise” to the dignity and respect the Office of the President of the United States once had? That if it’s coming from our house, the people’s house as in the White House that we could and should believe what’s said. That our Allies had an unspoken belief that an American President could be taken at their word. 

According to the Washington Post, as of April 27, 2019:

In 828 days, President Trump has made 10,111 false or misleading claims


Trump Tactics


Lie. Lie some more. Lie. And when all else fails, then lie about your lies. Bottom line is if Trump’s lips are moving he’s likely lying his face-off. If we can’t believe Trump about basic things like poll numbers, then you should not believe or trust him about far more important matters. During the 2016 Election, PolitiFact conducted a comparative analysis of Trump v Clinton regarding their truthfulness.





Deny. Deny. Deny. Gas Light. Shift the Blame. Meaning that in Trump-land the facts and the truth are foreign currency to them. Given by now it’s painfully clear that the only “fake news” spews from the White House at a rate of dozens of lies a day. When you factor in Trump’s tweets, his public TV remarks.

This link will take you to the 657 Tweets blaming Democrats for essentially ALL of Trump’s failures.

This link will take you to Trump’s 131 Tweets of “no collusion”, a vast majority of which are in all caps. In my line of work, we call this message saturation and impressions, that if you repeat the same thing over and over it eventually seeps in to the subconscious. It’s also highly manipulative and arguably emotionally abusive. 

This link will take you to Trump’s 420 tweets of “fake news”, again in my industry this is known as deflection and blaming the “others” for your own (probable) criminal conduct.

The insidious underbelly of Trump’s tactics is straight up misogyny. When it comes to the MeToo movement which (rightfully so) ensnared powerful men, time and time again Trump believed the men. Politico Rob Porter, Here, NYTs here ABC the six men Trump defended, here. Did you forget about Glenn Beck’s 2016 Facebook Open Letter stating Trump is abusive, especially towards women? Or the 2017 Billy Bush NYTs OpEd 


DEEP FAKE purveyor of FAKE


Trump et al have a history of sharing “fake” news, videos and conspiracy theories. For example in November of 2019, CNN’s Jim Acosta and the “altered” video that was amplified by Trump and his White House Staffers. As explained by the Washington Post. 

Most recently the White House, Trump and Giuliani shared another “deep fake” video of Pelosi proffering a character assassination campaign against the Speaker, also exposed and explained by the Washington Post.

Another example of Trump and his amplification of “fake videos” in November of 2017 Trump amplified an “inflammatory” Anti-Muslim video, as explained by the NYTs. 

And since the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree, in April of 2019 Trump Jr amplified a “fake video” of Biden, as explained by the Independent. In November of 2017 Trump Jr also amplified a “fake video” of blowing CNN out of the Sky, as explained by CBS News.

Full disclosure in general I am not a fan of BuzzFeed News, so setting aside my own bias, I think it’s important to revisit their April 2018 “deep fake video” article, their five steps at the bottom of the article offers excellent advice.



Trump’s Temperament & Rage


The January 2018 “shithole” White House & Congressional meeting concerning immigration. And no one is off limits to Trump, including Hope Hicks. In February of 2018 it was widely reported that Trump flew into a rage and berated Hicks after her HPSCI testimony. How many tell all books have recounted how Trump’s temper and short fuse has/had White House Staffers walking on eggshells? In October of 2018 the Huff Post published this decent list of the known times Trump flew into a rage. Or the December 2018 NYTs Article recounting how Trump berated White House staffers.



In closing I’m unapologetically with Speaker Pelosi and the only message I have for her is:



-SpicyFiles Out...

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