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Trump Racism & Emotional Terrorism & Cos that profit

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Posted on June 19 2018


as previously discussed here and here 


Zero Tolerance =

Child Abuse &

Child internment Camps


Let’s be clear, the Disinformation spewing from Trump and his White House is not grounded in the Truth or Facts. Trump et al are spewing lies after lies after lies.

Facts matter. So here are some facts to consider, as explained in yesterday’s post, in April of 2017 Attorney General Sessions sent a 3 page memo, link found here.

What continues to be overlooked is the statutes AG Sessions references, all are MISDEMEANORs & CIVIL crimes. That’s right AG Sessions “zero tolerance” policy means our already strained judicial system is now over burdened by Trump’s NEW policy to criminally prosecute those who “attempt” to enter illegally.

 In doing so, this is the percise moment that the “crime” of “improper entry allows our Government to engage in Custodial Interference and essentially kidnap these children. I don’t know what else to call it other than Custodial interference.

I will fully admit that child custody laws are not my are of expertise, but I am struck that the notion the Trump Administration believes they have the authority to strip children from their parents at the boarder, is in fact unnecessarily cruel and inhuman.

I refer you to: 25 CFR §11.405 - INTERFERENCE WITH CUSTODY. Again child custody is not my area of expertise, but I am struck by the specifity of these statutes.

From an International Law standpoint, it would be reasonable to conclude that the UN HCR, may have already initiated an “Formal Inquiry” into the unlawful & inhumane policies of Trump’s Zero Tolerance. The reality is the USA is still a member of the UN HCR, therefore we are bound by the international laws. And separating children from parents is something the UN HCR has ruled over and over as a: Crime Against Humanity  

3. Crimes against humanity

3.1 Origins of the notion

3.2 Crimes against humanity and forced displacement: deportation, forcible transfer, other inhumane acts

In the experience of the ad hoc international tribunals, one of the most common examples of unwilling involvement of civilians in conflict is large scale and involuntary displacement. On the one hand, this phenomenon may be considered to a limited extent inevitable in any conflict, due to the humanitarian need to evacuate civilians from conflict zones and their natural tendency to seek refuge away from the battlefield.

However, at least for the cases before the ICTY, it is fair to say that the findings of the judges also reflect the nature of many contemporary conflicts, which are often characterized by a specific plan on the part of the military and civilian leadership to displace substantial portions of a civilian population on ethnic, religious, national or political grounds.

Depending on the specific circumstances of the case, and apart from possibly amounting to a war crime, displacement of civilians might also give rise to individual criminal responsibility for one or more crimes against humanity.


To read the UN & ICC Statues (of which America has agreed to) see link here. Further the ICC is crystal clear in both their charter and what constitutes:

Crimes Against Humanity

Again we, America are bound by these international laws. To suggest we are not, is willfully naive and ignorant. We ARE. You can read more about the ICC’s Crimes Against Humanity, here.

The very fact that the UN HCR High Commissionner has issued two incredibly strongly worded statements admonishing the Trump Administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy and in February of 2018 submitted the following report. That signals to me that the UN HCR is not messing around and they believe what the Trump Administration Zero Tolerance Policy is a Crime.




With respect to ICC’s Crimes Against Numanity,” forced pregnancies” I admit, I was horrified to learn that under the Trump Administration, HHS & ORR essentially forced teens to carry their pregnancies. And I was disgusted & disappointed when SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Government. Because as I read the lawsuits and subsequent declarations of Jane/Tiffany/Rachel Doe & Roe it was clear to me that unaccompanied minor (teenage) girls may in fact be forced to carry a pregnancy and this -might- be one of many reasons that we, the American people have yet to see any photographs or videos of (illegal) unaccompanied minor girls. It really bothers me and based on Trump’s/HHS/ORR track record, I strongly suspect the Administration is hiding something.


March 2018 AAP Letter:

Back to the children and the incalculable damage the Trump Administration has done to these innocent children. It’s NOT like numerous advocacy groups haven’t sounded the alarm, they have, multiple times. Link to AAP’s letter, here.


Last month the House Democrats wrote the following letter to Chairman Trey Gowdy, he nor his GOP brethren have responded to their May 22, Letter


Which then acted as a catalyst for yesterday’s (June 17th Letter) from ALL House Democrats to Chairman Gowdy. The ONLY logical explained is the House GOP, Chairman Trey Gowdy, the Speaker of the House are 100% okay with the Trump Administration’s actions. No really there’s no other logical explanation.


“To evaluate the effects of this policy, we ask that the Committee hold a hearing in July with the Cabinet officials responsible for implementing this policy, including the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services,” the Members wrote.

We also ask for your help in obtaining critical documents and information relating to this policy, and in scheduling a trip for Committee Members to witness first-hand how this policy is being implemented and how children are coping in U.S. detention facilities.”

 Because what other explanation is there? It is clear a VAST majority of House Republicans are completely okay with the Trump Administration inflicting incomprehensible emotional trauma on these children, some as young as infants. This is WHO and WHAT the GOP is, they ARE the party of Trump. They do not give a shit about “other people’s babies” the craven depravity & cruelness that Donald Trump and AG Sessions and Sec Nielsen have shown is why they should resign, be impeached and ALL charged by the ICC.  FWIW this isn’t an anomaly, Trump did this with the Travel Ban, DACA, “many fine people on both sides”, "Shithole Countries”, the GOP and Trump Administration are racist feckleess cunts. There I said it and the world didn’t end:





If you can listen to this 7 minute audio recording obtained by ProPublica and tell me that you still support the GOP, House GOP, and Donald Trump,then you need to  go ___ yourself. As a parent I can not wrap my head around the senseless cruelly, inhumanity and unnecessary damage the Trump Administration, ostensibly “enjoys” doing to these young children. As a person of faith, everything AG Sessions, Donald Trump and Krissy Nielsen have done: UNAMERICAN, UNPATRIOTIC and completely antithetical to REAL American values..

There is literally nothing left to say on this matter, I am exhausted. Everyday it is one Crisis after another. And the reality is Donald Trump is unfit to be our president. He is a morally bankrupt sociopath, who enjoys abusing people. The stunning part is the GOP enjoys and enabled him too.  As long as I live, I will never support or vote for a GOP candidate.

Newsflash until Trump. I considered myself as a moderatate Republican, like a Ronald Reagan Republican. Fiscally conservative but morally liberal. Trump has forever ruined the Republican Party for me and I hazard a guess I’m not the only one. Trump has destroyed the GOP. They use to be the party of big ideas, good Government, Justice & Equality FOR ALL.

Now the GOP is the party of hateful bigots, pushing conspiracy theories, they literally embraced the King of Bithers. So yes to all my GOP friends, the PTO Moms, neighbors, and even family members who voted for Trump, I blame you and look at you with disgust and distain. You voted for this one clown shit-show. While I hope that I or my kiddos are never threatened or told to leave the only Country (oh wait that already happened last year). we’ve ever known (FFS we are American Citizens). My spouse, who is white, he refuses to let me leave the house (except for work) if he isn’t with me. Yes that’s my reality under the Trump Administration, because I nor are my kiddos are white, so thanks to Trump, we live in fear.


And my closing argument is brought to you by Representative Elijah Cummings, this is what Courage & Patrotism sounds and acts like versus the GOP House members who are terrified of Trump. Grow a pair and stand up to Trump you scared feckless cowards:




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