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Trump Legal Defense, delay, delay

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Posted on May 23 2018


As previously discussed here 

Delay. Deny. Delay. Distract. Deny...

Trump’s predictable MO


Yesterday Kasowitz/Trump filed their second appeal. this is the fundamental problem with Donald Trump. He surrounds himself with people who will file motions like this. The fact that Kasowtiz with a straight face can claim Trump is “immunize” by way of the Supremacy Clause and Trump’s comments are protected by the “first amendment” as political speech.  Kasowitz is willing to argue some mind blowing arguments as it relates to Trump’s defamatory statements.


“privileged or protected by one or more immunities, including, but not limited to, under the Constitution of the United States," 


...litterally makes me replay that Maddox Segment where she narrated the Kazowitz email exchange. 

Call Me, don’t scared...I’m on you, you will know me. your back #Kasowitz’d.


Yes I am still trying to make that happen. I know it’s never going to but everytime I read a filing by Kasowtiz, that ProPublica article comes to mind.


Remember just a few days ago (May 17) the First (intermediary) New York State Appeals Court, denied Trump’s first appeal. The Court did NOT rule on the Merits of Trump or Zervos argument. Simply that her case can proceed:




Perhaps Kasowitz and Trump are unaware of the Absolute Malice Doctrine born from the 1964 New York Times v Sullivan. It was a landmark SCOTUS ruling and reads in part: 

The Court held that the First Amendment protects the publication of all statements, even false ones, about the conduct of public officials except when statements are made with actual malice (with knowledge that they are false or in reckless disregard of their truth or falsity). Under this new standard, Sullivan's case collapsed.


 You can read and listen to the whole case file, here


This isn’t about Trump’s rights or his Immunity, my guess is this is  ALL about the Subpoenas...depositions, discovery... just take a look at the orginal subpoena.


April 2017 Notice 

 Original Subpoena 2017

the sheer scope of Zervos’ subpoena is, breathtaking and I’ll admit it’s delicious. Keep in mind Trump plays dirty. Trump and his cabal actuslly worked with Zevros’ Family member, I think it was her cousin who signed a letter trying to impeach the character and credibility of  Zervos’ claims. I wonder if Michael Cohen had any part of the smear campaign too? Given we already know he was tapped to execute numerous “hush agreements” and “hush payments” that I don’t think it’s a leap to wonder what  if any role Cohen played in silencing Summer Zevros.

And when I say everything by all appearances Zervos subpoenas request everything. Hence why Trump is going to delay, deny and distract. Remember that Roy Cohn is Trump’s mentor and Cohn was known for his dirty & protracted legal maneuvers.

My assumption is two fold, 1) Trump actually believes he’s above the law and now that he’s president he assumes he has unlimited power, 2) the constant delays are an actual defense strategy, it’s like a slow bleed. Arguably Trump has far more financial means than his victims, so these delays and other pernicious legal maneuvers are an attempt to slowly drain his accusers into financial insolvency. When all these women just want justice.  


The irony is Trump’s October 22, 2016 Gettysburg campaign rally speech has come back to haunt him. Partly because Trump NEVER filed suit, the statute of limitations ran out in October 2017 and the restitution Ms Zavros seeks is completely reasonable. She’s seeking <$7K in momentary damages and a public apology. Trump labeled, I mean libeled all of these women as “liars, frauds” while offering zero proof to substantiate his assertions.


Rewatch Zervos’ press conference 


Trump’s October 2016 Gettysburg campaign speech


The point is no one wants to talk about the people Trump surrounds himself with. Trump actually believes he’s above the law. The reality is NO ONE is above the law.

History will prove that Donald Trump is a pathological liar, a fraud, a con-man.

Look  at the 2008 Deutsche Bank lawsuit & Trump Entertainment Bankruptcies.


A vexatious litigant, Trump has been party to more than 5,396 lawsuits. Which is insanity.

A sexual predator, with 16+ victims, that we know of, article here and here

He cheated on his current wife, Melania or Melanie with several women, who were subsequently paid “hush money” and cajoled in to signing “hush agreements”. 


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