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Posted on July 14 2018


For the purpose of this entry, at all times I will link to original data source(s). If you recall back in September of 2017 the Trump Administration announced hardline immigration policies. To be clear this is strictly for “legal” immigration.



In August of 2017 Sens Cotton & Purdue introduced:


Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act’’

or the ‘‘RAISE Act’

This proposed Senate Bill was the first time in writing the Trumpers like Senator Cotton and Purdue essentially showed how insanely racist they truly are. For those that don’t know “merit based” immigration is literally the dog whistle of all dog whistles. This proposed Senate Bill cut “legal” immigration by nearly 50% and naturally heavily weighted towards European Countries. Frankly it’s offensive.


  • RAISE sought to reduce levels of legal immigration to the United States by 50%.
  • The reduction by halving the number of green cards issued.
  • Reduce the age from 21 to age 18 years OLC 


The points and allocation predicated on age, education level, potentional earned income, moneies invested in the stocks and bonds. No seriously it’s in the bill, see RAISE-ACT, pages 16-38. I shouldn’t joke but I swear for a moment I was convinced that Tom Cotton and  David Purdue would show up at the White House with their white hoods. The oddity is Cotton-Purdue’s RAISE-ACT actually removed the Attorney General and delegated authority to the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security.



No really that’s how radical and extreme their RAISE ACT is and was. From their August 2017 Press Release. Specifically the RAISE Act would:


Establish a Skills-Based Points System. The RAISE Act would replace the current permanent employment-visa system with a skills-based points system, akin to the systems used by Canada and Australia. The system would prioritize those immigrants who are best positioned to succeed in the United States and expand the economy. Applicants earn points based on education, English-language ability, high-paying job offers, age, record of extraordinary achievement, and entrepreneurial initiative.

Prioritize Immediate Family Households. The RAISE Act would retain immigration preferences for the spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents while eliminating preferences for certain categories of extended and adult family members.

Eliminate the Outdated Diversity Visa Lottery. The Diversity Lottery is plagued with fraud, advances no economic or humanitarian interest, and does not even promote diversity. The RAISE Act would eliminate the 50,000 visas arbitrarily allocated to this lottery.

Place a Responsible Limit on Permanent Residency for Refugees. The RAISE Act would limit refugees offered permanent residency to 50,000 per year, in line with a 13-year average.


I mean literally Cotton/Purdue were PROUD of the dramatic reductions in LEGAL immigration, that they emil blasted this to the GOP and donors. Can we say, MAGA is really: 



Rising Wages for Working Americans.   According to immigration-projection models based on the work of Princeton and Harvard professors, the RAISE Act would lower overall immigration to 637,960 in its first year—a 41 percent drop—and to 539,958 by its tenth year—a 50 percent reduction. The RAISE Act will stem the flow of low- skill immigrants into the United States, reduce our country’s oversupply of low- and unskilled labor, and lead to an increase in wages for working Americans, who are long overdue for a raise.


Remember KKK-Trump ending these refugee programs/protections?

January 2017 Trump Ends Somalia TPS Refugee Program.

October 2017 Trump Ends Sudan TPS Refugee Program. 

November 2017 Trump Ends Haitian TPS Refugee program

January 2018 Trump Ends El Salvador TPS Refugee Program. 

March 2018, Trump Ends Nicaragua TPS Program.

May 2018 Trump Ends Honduras TPS refugee program.

Trump extends TPS for Syria, but how many Syrian refugees do you think the Trump Administration let in last year? 11,100? 1,100? 110? NOPE 11 



In April of 2017 the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), published this 11 page report, it muxes economic data along with demographic data of what the immigrant community contributes to our Country.



The Cost to Taxpayers, GDP, and Businesses of Ending TPS



...300,000 TPS grantees, you know human beings who ARE living in America LEGALLY, yet president Trump effectively said: GET OUT, you are no longer welcomed in America. And like everything Trump does, his revocation of TPS now means thousands of parents who now have children, who were BORN in America and ARE American Citizens, by BIRTH. Now have to face an insane decision, plead with our Government to stay or take their AMERICAN BORN children and return to their Country. 


So let’s talk bottomline Numbers? Immigration numbers are tracked by the Refugee Processing Center (RPC), they collect all data from the State Department, USCIS, DHS, ICE etc and act as a data clearinghouse. RPC link found here.

Again at ALL times I will link to the original data source so you can review the data and make your own informed decision.




2015 Approved Cap 70,000

approved: 69,933

2016 Approved Cap 85,000

approved, 84,994



2017 Approved Cap ???

approved: 53,716


2018 Approved Cap 45,000

approved 16,230


Remember last month I told you that Trump & his racist AF tendencies knows EXACTLY what he is doing? 



Or when I talked about the CAM Program?



 There is no delicate way to say this:

Donald J Trump is a racist AF hateful fear monger. He uses race to gin up his base. He pours gasoline on a fire and then wants Congress to fix the FUBAR he created. He does NOT represent REAL American values. He only cares about himself and possibly one or two of his five children. He’s a race baiting, NFL players are SOBs, Mexicans are Rapist & Murderers and “Islam hates us”.

First off, Islam is a religion, so is Christianity and so is Judaism:


Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” 


“In humility, value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”


“There is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him”


Trump “Islam Hates Us” 

 Spicy on my fellow Americans who practice Islam:


Trump on Mexicans:

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