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Trump Foundation Meets Law & Order & Fraud

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Posted on June 15 2018


Trump, NY AG

$2.9M problems IRS & FEC 


It’s as if Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump & Eric Trump lack;


        • a grasp of actual reality  
        • devoid of ethics
        • believe they are above State & Federal Laws.


The notion that Trump thinks the NY Democrats are out to get him and his family is nothing more than the deluded rantings of a paranoid criminal and criminal enterprise. Of course Trump & his adult children should be worried. Granted for now this is a civil matter but good lord the NY AG’s letters of referral to the IRS abs FEC, I can’t see any way out for Trump and his adult children.



September 2016 NY AG Cease & Desist

See the original NY AG’s Press Release and Notice to the Trump Foundation that they were in violation of New York Law regulating Charities. As the Foundation had failed to register and file the statorily required annual reports.  PR found here. Link to the September 30 2016 letter found here.


Office of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a Notice of Violation to the Donald J. Trump Foundation (“Trump Foundation”) and directed the entity to cease and desist from soliciting contributions in New York. 

...Trump Foundation “is in violation of section 172 of Article 7-A New York's Executive Law, which requires charitable organizations that solicit contributions in New York State to register with the Charities Bureau and to provide annual financial reports and annual audited financial statements.” 

 Trump Foundation to “immediately cease soliciting contributions or engaging in other fundraising activities in New York” and “to provide the [AG's] Charities Bureau with the information specified in Section 172 within fifteen (15) days” of receiving the notice. 



As noted in the September 30th NY AG letter, pursuant to the State of New York, Article 7-A, Executive Law, requires ALL Charities/Foundations soliciting donations in the State of New York, said Organization SHALL register and have a statutory requirement to submit a report.

I refer you to pages 5 and 8 of Article 7-A, Executive Law, (when you see the word shall, that’s declarative and mandatory) which reads in part: shall within thirty days after the date it shall have received such contributions in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars register with the attorney general as required by section one hundred seventy-two of this article....

support in excess of seven hundred fifty thousand dollars shall file with the attorney general an annual written financial report, on forms prescribe

With a more fulsome understanding of the NY laws, coupled with the September 30, 2016 NY AG Cease and Desist and Notice Letter to the Trump Foundation, naturally Trump retroactively filed numerous reports. You can run reports and query the Trump Foundation’s filings by searching the Charity  database maintained by the NY AG’s office via this Charities-NY link, found here.



As proof in concept, late last night I started digging into the Charity-NY database and then I triple checked the Trump Foundation’s IRS 990 filings via the following watchdog group databases:

At which point I concluded; four separate & distinct organizations all had the same Trump Foundation IRS 990 and felt comfortable enough to create a twitter thread. Again I’m not a reporter, I do hold myself and the information I publish to a high degree of standard. Partly because I know a lie can travel much faster and wider than the truth. As such earlier this morning I created a twitter to the NY AG Charities Database 2016 Trump Foundation Filing, here.  




The Trump Foundation’s 2016/2017 NY filings;

I now refer you to pages 2, 4, 12, 17, 22, 25, 26...I have a lot of questions.

For example it appears the Trump Foundation made a cumulative “donation: in excess of $500K to several Iowa based organizations. I pretty sure the $100K donations to 5 Iowa based entities could (operative word) be construed as buying Iowa votes, ergo potential FEC violations...but I’m not a forensic accountant or a FEC expert. 

See the 2016, $50,000 “donation” to Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School? That’s where Trump’s youngest son attended and you betcha upon reviewing the Trump Foundation’s IRS 990:

    • 2016 $50K “donation” to the prep school✔️
    • 2015 $50K “donation to prep school✔️

Do you see that 2012 “bump”? I have a plethora of questions because I’ve long surmised that the origin of Trump & Russia have to actual dates, 2008 (Deutsche Bank Lawsuits) and 2012 (business records show Trump was hemorrhaging money, he attempted to expand too quickly). But I’m not at the point of full confidence on my hypothesis.

Moving along to pages 24-25:

Statement 10 Regarding Activities - Part VII-B lc

The Foundation made a payment to a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization on February 14, 2012. The principal source of funds came from the auction of a membership to Trump National Golf Club

On March 15, 2017, TNGC reimbursed the Foundation for the amount the Foundation contributed to the section 501(c)(3) organization


Statement 11 Regarding Activities - Part VII-B 5a(4) and (c):

The Foundation made a grant to a section 501(c)(19) veterans organization in May 24, 2016, without exercising expenditure responsibility. ... it is not an organization described in section 4945(d)(4)(A) or (B) of the Code.

On December 29, 2016, the Foundation contacted the veterans organization and attempted to recover the grant.


Statement 12 Regarding Activities - Part VII-A 5

The Foundation announced its intent to dissolve and is seeking approval to distribute its remaining funds to highly qualified and important section 501(c)(3) charities.


The Trump Foundation’s 2015 NY filing:

You can read the 26 page 2015/16 Report, link found here

I now refer you to pages, 1, 16, 18 and 19, respectively. I guess it’s  good thing that the Family that grifts together stays together, right? In the 2015/16 filing Donald Trump Jr signs the paperwork. 


And YES of course on page 16, yet another $50,000 donation to Trump’s youngest son’s school Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. I mean this “donation” is slightly more than the annual tuition. I’m sure it’s just an odd coincidence, right?

Color me shocked that Mr. King of Bithers also “donated” a cumulative $20,000 to Project Veritas too.



The Trump Foundation’s 2014 NY filing:

Remind me again, the universally accepted standard to cite a bonafide “pattern” is  3 instances? Because if that’s the benchmark that’s universally accepted, BOOM. Hat-Trick? Trifecta of 

I now refer you to pages 1 & 16 of the Trump Foundation 2014/16 filing, bringing the cumulative “donation” to $150,000 2016 thru 2014.


Again, I’m not a reporter. I mean come on have you NOT seen my typos and atrocious grammar. Somewhere out there my teachers and college professors are slamming their heads on the chalkboard. But in ALL seriousness, everything I posted, 100% Public Documents, you just need to know where and what to look for and then take the time to review said documents.

Happy Friday ‘Merica because I also heard that Trump’s Campaign Chairman was remanded.  And now we groot scoot dance 💃🏻 

-Spicy Out 

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