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Trump Child-Abuser-In Chief? YES, Absolutely

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Posted on June 22 2018

As previously discussed, the unaccompanied (alien) minors and the abusive treatment thousands have endured. The cruelest irony is the abusers are the very adults they -thought- were there to project them, see 50 page report and thousands of pages of emails the ACLU obtained link for here, June 18th entey here 


Obligatory caveat 

yes of course these senseless acts of abuse, exploitation and overall poor treatment of unaccompanied minors, occurred during the Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Bush, Carter, Ford Nixon.The distinction that separates Trump from all other POTUS is, his Zero Tolerance Policy. Trump has zero compassion or empathy, sociopaths and narcissists rarely do.


Call Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy

What it is... Child Abuse

Pursuant to 42 U.S.C.A. §5106 (g) as particularized in the (reauthorization) of PUBLIC LAW 111–320—DEC. 20, 2010, link to the public law text can be found on the Government Printing Office’s website, link found here.

See Health and Human Services Summary and 2010 Report, found here


“Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker, which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.”


And further expanded as it relates to child neglect, specifically medical care:

term “withholding of medically indicated treatment” means the failure to respond to the infant’s life-threatening conditions by providing treatment (including appropriate nutrition, hydration, and medication) which, in the treating physician’s or physicians’ reasonable medical judgment, will be most likely to be effective in ameliorating or correcting all such conditions, except that the term does not include the failure to provide treatment (other than appropriate nutrition, hydration, or medication) to an infant when, in the treating physician’s or physicians’ reasonable medical judgment—



Now that we are on the same page of what Child Abuse & Neglect is, it’s time to dive deeper into the HHS Office or Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Contracts with private companies to “care for” unaccompanied minors. However it’s also important to set the Unaccompanied Minors numbers straight, it’s not 2,300 unaccompanied children.


The Trump Administration pulled a switch and bait, predictably the MSM fell for it. The pervasive and persistent Trump narrative that there are only  2,300 unaccompanied minors in Government Custody is patently FALSE.

The erroneous 2,300+ unaccompanied minors is secular to the 2018 timeframe of May 7 thru June 20. Yet the MSM continues to amplify the Trump Administration’s Active Measures and in doing so they are misinforming the public. Unlike the MSM I actually spent some time researching the”actual” numbers of unaccompanied minors. See twitter thread below, I linked to TWO Government Reports. The ACTUAL and ACCURATE number of unaccompanied minors is NORTH of 22,000





🚨April 2017 AG Sessions Memo🚨 

Again, it’s like beating my head into a concrete wall. The Trump Separation of Minors and Parents, started in 2017. STOP saying 2018 because that is patently false. The body of evidence, which includes DOJ Memos, FOIA’d emails, numerous Trump Administration Officals in camera interviews, and numerous lawsuits ALL show this started in 2017. Thereby substituting my unwavering assertion that there are MORE than 2,300 unaccompanied minors in Government Custody.


🚨Exhibit A-C twitter thread, linked to sourced documents:



🚨Exhibit D-F & U 



🚨Exhibit F & U redux, Recision of Refugee Programs


🚨Exhibit F & U to infinity and back:

I see Trump’s Active Measures and raise you numerous lawsuits, ALL of which contain specific dates of when these parents had their children forcibly removed at the boarder, in 2017. To date (in my copious spare time), I have managed to track down 13+ lawsuits that ALL state 2017 in the actual complaint or attached as a declaration to the aforementioned complaint(s).





This particular Complaint provides a timeline that comports with the previous assertion the Trump Administration quietly started forcibly separating parents from their children in mid 2017, MONTHS before the May 2018 “Public Announcement”



As I said there is in fact a large body of evidence that Trump’s Policy were enacted in 2017 vs 2018. I will admit...I struggle and thought long and hard about, if my research returned child abuse and/or neglect would I actually tweet or blog about it.

As a parent: Trump’s Zero Tolerance hardline immigration polices, breaks my heart

As an American Citizen and Tax Payer: Trump’s callus hardline immigration is abhorrent and problematic. Because in OUR names using OUR tax dollars the Trump Administration has unquestionably engaged in Crimes Against Humanity. This is being done in OUR names.

(oh and screw you GOP and your tax scam, my taxes went up by $17. 974.31 tax break my ass)

As a person of Faith: Trump’s hardline immigration and AG Sessions’ use of scripture to “defend the indefensible” is deeply offensive. Like spiritually offensive. Given no one in the Trump Administration has the moral high ground to EVER use the Word of God. Remember Trump paid hundreds of thousands in hush money to a porn star & playmate. He has five children from 3 different wives yet the GOP still thinks they are “the family values party”? Erm...NO

Every twitter thread and blog entry, I do my level best to always provide you with data source and/or actual  facts. So what I uncovered in numerous lawsuits, declarations, ORR Contracts, State Child Regulation Databases. It’s ALL Public Information, ALL of it...

Those who follow me on twitter know I started numerous threads, in which I identified various ORR Awards, Contractors, claims of abuse and some heart breaking declarations of unaccompanied minors.


Once you have the Contract and Awardee along with the SOW, it becomes infinitely easier to research


The predictable, there’s NO WAY our Government would use pharmaceuticals on unaccompanied minors sans consent, the fact is that’s exactly what’s happening, you should read the lawsuit, it’s horrific and child abuse:


🚩SouthWest Key...



🚩Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center

This lawsuit broke me and it should make you just as mad as I am. I could NOT believe what I was reading in the 6 separate declarations. It’s all true and verifiable “allegations”, the “torture” and “child abuse” these unaccompanied minors endured (granted a majority of the abuse occurred under the Obama Administration) but my over all concern is under the Trump Administration, it will only get worse, because Trump calls them “animals, rapist, murderers, drug mules” literally Trump’s words AND actions consistently affirm Donald J Trump is an unmistakable RACiST;



 🚩Youth for Tomorrow 

 It is a fact, forced pregnancy is considered a Crime Against Humanity by the ICC and UNHCR.



🔥With respect to Trump’s Executive Order:

And in TRUE Trump form, he does exactly what any sociopath does, particularly in the face of righteous Public outraged. He pulls a Reality TV moment and has a signing ceremony of his Executive Order. I don’t know if Trump supporters are just plain stupid, ignorant or detached from actual reality. Trump created this crisis so you can’t give him a pat on the back for fixing it. 




🔥Trump & Flores Amendment  

Like I said Trump’s executive order “ceremony” was perfunctory saving face. The reality is TRUMP CHOCKED and he caved. The truth is Trump has ZERO plans to stop forcibly removing children from their parents who illegally entered. Stop paying attention to Trump’s words, you have to look at his actions.  Yesterday his Administration Filed an emergency motion regarding the Flores Consent Decree. Had the Trump Administration done their due diligence, they would have known about the 9thCCOAs 2017 Published Opinion (see 4th tweet in the thread below)



And NOW I refer you to Sec Neilsen’s May 15, 2018 written SENATE COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY AND GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS. Specifically page 3, the last paragraph, which reads in part:


🚩DHS will continue to work with Members of Congress to pass critical legislation to eliminate the loopholes that undermine border security and place our communities at risk. This includes terminating the Flores Settlement Agreement, amending the TVPRA, clarifying the statutory definitions of “unaccompanied alien children” and “special immigrant juvenile,” passing legislation that clearly defines an “aggravated felony,” and allowing DHS to promptly remove violent criminal aliens from our nation. These solutions will provide the essential tools that the men and women of DHS need to secure our borders and defend our communities. (emphasis added)


See Page 4:

request includes recruitment, hiring, and training of 750 additional U.S. Border Patrol Agents, 2,000 additional U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) law enforcement officers, and more than 1,500 support staff needed to more robustly execute the Department’s border security and immigration enforcement missions.

FY 2019 President’s Budget also includes funding for 52,000 detention beds, including 2,500 beds reserved for family units...

The Budget will facilitate the stand-up of the newly announced National Vetting Center (NVC), which will become a central U.S. Government hub for fusing intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security data to enhance the vetting process. A detailed implementation plan is currently under development to identify NVC capacity and operational needs that will inform future budget requests.


 In closing:

The Trump Administration has inflicted (possibly permanent) Child Abuse on thousands of children. He subjected them to pure terror and fear. He signed a worthless EO. At NO time did the Trump Administration established ANY guidelines or process to return these children to their parents. Many of whom have been deported. Which means some of these children will never see their parents again. Trump did this in our name, in the name of America citizens like you and me.

To add more salt to this gaping wound the Trump Administration gutted funding earmarked for legal advocates of these unaccompanied minors. Conversely how do infants, toddlers and/or children of pre-school age advocate for themselves in our judicial system? They don’t and the Trump Administration pulled funding that would allow for a Court to appoint a guardian ad litem.

Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy and moral decency, everything he has done is an assault on our Constitution, the “rule of law” and “REAL” American Values.

If any other president had done this, they would be immediately impeached. Coupled with numerous bipartisan Congressional Investigations. But the Trump GOP are too cowardly to stand up to the president and exert their Constitutionally mandated power, to be the Check and Balancd Against the Executive Branch.

Trump has engaged in Crimes Against Humanity. Trump is a criminal and he deserves to die penniless in jail. Full Stop. -Spicy Out.

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