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Posted on October 27 2018

Mr Don’t Blame Me. 

Mr. It’s not my Fault


It goes without saying that the Bomber is who sent the bombs. However to suggest that Donald Trump bares zero responsibility for the growing rage and hostility that has consumed our recent political discourse is equally complicit. Within minutes of Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s arrest, the Trump-Universe started distancing themselves. But I should remind you about the times Donald Trump has used his twitter account to go after media organizations like CNN:

Sayoc Criminal Complaint



 Like many, it is not lost on me that Donald Trump, his GOP House & Senate sycophants and the reckless Alt-Right news media organizations have engaged in a protracted attack on the FBI and Justice Department. The GOP, specifically Senator Ron Johnson went so far as to allege a conspiracy of a “secret society”, below is  January 2018 Fox News Interview.



Again Donald Trump didn’t make or send these bombs, but to suggest Trump has zero or miminal culpability in this overt Domestic Terrorist attack. That is almost as dangerous as sending the bombs. Allowing Trump to slip the sunlight of accountability, undoubtedly this means he will continue to amplify his dangerous rhetoric and disregard for at least half of America. The disappointing aspect of where we are as a Country is, the last time I checked Trump is President of the United States for ALL Americans, not just his ever shrinking base.

As previously mentioned the Trump-GOP’s protracted intense smear campaign against the institution of the FBI and Department of’s not right. If it were not for the thousands of hardworking men and women of the FBI, numerous Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (like the USPS Inspectors), the Joint Counterterrorism Task Force and strong State/Local Law Eenforcement collaboration. Everyday these brave men and women work to keep us safe at home and abroad. Yet Donald Trump & his GOP cronnies have spent the better part of twenty months impugning the Justice Department. In an example of how a robust and unhindered law enforcement relationship works can be found on pages 4 and 5 of the Sayoc Criminal Complaint:



While the Criminal Complaint offered new information, such as some bomb packages contained pictures of the targets with a “red X” but it was the latent fingerprint that gave law enforcement the break they needed, within a short amount of time they had a name and picture, as Sayoc was in both Federal and State Law Enforcement databases.  



On page eleven, paragraph 26 (a) and (b) of the Sayoc Complaint, Law Enforcement Disclosure Sayoc’s prolific social media post. 

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on Twitter knows it’s like thirty one flavors of dysfunctional dystopian cesspool. Time and time again Twitter consistently fails to clean up their platform. Twitter’s support applies their Community Terms of Service in a capricious and arbitrary manner.

Case in point Rochelle Ritchie’s receipts.


A mistake according to Twitter:


Accordingly and yet predictably Twitter’s late night (rare) mea culpa was about as genuine as Trump’s non-apology. The only time I can recall Trump ever apologizing is after the Access Hollywood Tape and the Kavanaugh debacle.

According to Twitter:

A “mistake” we didn’t suspend the account that tweeted nonstop bomb threats nor did we flag that account/tweets and send it to law enforcement. Opps our bad.

A “mistake: is Russian IRA accounts, we first told users it was only 22 accounts. After Congress gave us a good old fashion tongue lashing, we then disclosed maybe it was a few hundred. Then the mean lawmakers in Congress hauled us back in and got up in our grill so we upped that number to 2,000ish accounts and then the FTC said Dear Twitter remember the 20 year consent decree. Twitter then was like, what are bots...and then of course Twitter was like, oh our bad even then the HPSCI minority was like, no Twitter this isn’t a mistake so they released the twitter ads placed on their platform

A “mistake” is sorry we, Twitter didn’t suspend the accounts that have continued to engage in doxing, posted pictures of your children, threatened your friends/family and have engaged in a 16+ month cyber harassment & staking. Opps our bad

A “mistake” is, we the awesome sauce folks at Twitter “evaluated the reported tweets and found no violation of terms of service”, even though the reported tweets included numerous death threats, threats of gang rape, threats of harm to your family, with their names and none of whom are actually on twitter. Opps our bad but Spicy you better not tweet the F word otherwise you’re going to Twitter jail.

Yes I can see how ALL of that is just a reasonable “mistake”. NOT.



Frankly between Twitter’s platform being overrun by bots, accounts engaging in actual information warfare, documented actual measures...many users like myself have become desensitized by the cesspool Jack Dorsey and the other Senior Executives at Twitter repeatedly  refuse to clean up their messy-boots yard.

You would think that after the first, second or third indictment Twitter would understand the responsibility of properly and fairly policing its own platform. Maybe institute system wide changes? Maybe acknowledge that Twitter is completely reactive and they have done very little to be proactive in dissuading users from hi-jacking their platform. That said like other users, I find reporting offending tweets and twitter accounts to Twitter Support or Twitter Safety a total exercise in futility. Below is a real-time example of the aforementioned grievances. This twitter user @jjtallman was “suspended” shortly after 11PM last night. Only to be reinstated by Twitter earlier this morning. No kidding as of writing this blog that @jjtallman is tweeting nonsense and more threats.



Which should make other Twitter users wonder: if you follow the rules, you follow the process, only to receive the (predictable) “we found no violation of terms of service” and then publize said “determination” to wit Twitter almost immediately suspends the offending account. Only to discover a few hours later said account is back online. That would clearly indicate that someone in Twitter Support and/or Twitter Safety intervened. So the question is why and who intervened?


Trump’s weaponization of Twitter

Because nothing says I’m Presidential like threatening a hostile and unpredictable North Korea with a “bigger & more powerful nuclear button”


And surely being Presidential means you call the woman you had unprotected sex with, after your wife had just given birth, “horseface” which is ironic given according to her you were all bear-backing that while cheating on your wife. For the record there is nothing remotely attractive about Trump, at all. 



Fake News = 325 tweets

Since December 10 2016 to present, Donald Trump has tweeted: fake news || fakenews || fake media a total of 325 unique tweets, it’s been 686 days, which means on average he has tweeted Fake News .437 per day, netting 3.316 tweets about fake news per week. You can review each individual tweets via his archived twitter link found  here.



HOAX = 51 Tweets 

From my research this May 9, 2017 Tweet is the very first time Donald Trump tweeted “hoax” in the context of the Russia-Trump Investigation. It should not be lost on you that the tweet (linked below) came a mere eights prior to the May 17, 2018 Appointment of a Special Counsel. To review each of the 51 tweets in the context of the Trump-Russia Investigation, Trump’s twitter archive for “hoax” can be found here




No Collusion = 117 Tweets

The very first tweet where Trump invoked “no collusion” occurred on May 8, 2017, again just before the Appointment of a Special Counsel. To review each of Trump’s no collusion tweets, this twitter archive link can be found here. And by now you should know it’s NOT collusion, it’s Conspiracy as in 18 USC §371 which reads in part:

[i]f two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose.

They cheat the government out of money or property;

They interfere or obstruct legitimate Government activity; or

They make wrongful use of a governmental instrumentality.



Russia = 271 Tweets

Full disclosure I narrowed down the search parameters to January 2017, meaning that since January 2017 Donald Trump has tweeted about Russia soms 384 times. What I found mildly interesting is tweet after tweet Trump has tried to shift the Public perception to Clinton Campaign and/or the DNC who conspired with Russia. To read each individual tweet where Donald Trump invokes Russia, the archived link can be found here.



On its face Trump’s pathetic attempt to some how change the narrative, is laughable and frankly it’s just down right absurd, it’s like that classic line from Mean Girls:


Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen, it’s never going to happen”

Witch Hunt = 132 Tweets

It appears that the very first time Donald Trump tweeted Witch Hunt was on January 10, 2017. He has subsequently tweeted the phrase Witch Hunt 132 times, it’s like a broken record playing over and over. Archive of his Witch Hunt tweets can be found here. The timing of his tweets really show us how unbelievably consumed Trump is with the Trump-Russia Investigation. Frankly I hope it’s stressing the ____ out of him. One only needs to take a moment and read the various Criminal Complaints, Indictments, Plea Agreements all of which are posted on the Department of Justice’s Special Counsel webpage  to realize this is a serious and professional Investigation. Certainly not a witch hunt but let’s say it is, then I’d say the Special Counsel’s Office has bagged a lot of Witches.


Weak = 224 Tweets

Trump has a propensity to use “weak” when speaking about laws, specifically immigration laws and his preceived enemies. That’s actually not all that unexpected because I’ve repeatedly said Vladimir Putin found America’s greatest weakness in Donald J Trump.



This January of 2017 tweet seems like a lifetime ago but re-reading it actually made me recall how brazen Trump the Mr Self-Appointed Law(less) and (dis)Order so called President he is. The level of corruption that has infested his administration is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The running joke around the Beltway is if you’ve lived here for 3 Presidential Terms then you can say you’re a Beltway-Bandit and yes that pun was totally intended.



I noticed something odd, most people have a predicable speech pattern, with Trump you would logically expect that he would string his go to phrases Witch Hunt, Russia and Collusion together in a prolific amount of tweets, right? What if I told you that I  could only find one tweet in his entire twitter archive. Yes you are reading that correctly only one tweet in his entire archive using that phraseology:


Trump Tweets Russian Propaganda:

This is what he tweeted while in Helsinki, the Russian Embassy quickly seized on his tweet and retweeted that they agreed.

Walk away: 

Is a KNOWN Russian Active Measures Campaign, you can read more about the Astro-Turft Campaign here  here or view the analytics via Hamilton 68 dashboard 




🇷🇺Helsinki FUBAR🇷🇺

If you think it is in anyway appropriate that our so called Putin’s Understudy stood on the global stage and essentially kissed Vladimir Putin’s ring while slamming our Intellegence Community is remotely acceptable, please pack your bags and GTFO of my Country. Do you know that almost FOUR months later no one has any idea what Trump & Putin talked about? Not lawmakers, not Cabinet one. That’s NOT presidential leadership that is weak and freckles. Time and time again Donald Trump shows us why we can not trust him or his administration. He lies on a pathological level and repeatedly shows how weak he is when it comes to Global Strong-men like Putin, MbS, el-Sisi et al. But when it comes to immigrants fleeing their Country, to escape gangs, drugs, extortion and extreme poverty Trump suddenly grows a pair and is tough. There is nothing exceptional about president Trump. There’s nothing inspirational about him. He is NOT a role model. 

And then after DC was like Wait...WHAT did Trump do on Foreign Soil, Trump then pulled a classic Trump and by classic I mean he literally tweeted our Russian Propaganda to besmirch Sec Clinton. Not once did he disclosure the nearly 8 year old TV interview clip was First Channel Television, which is partially owned by the Russian government. Oh how very Presidential of Trump:



Before Donald Trump, I truly believed that we the people could trust the White House and Presidential Administration, writ large. That I instinctively gave deference to the White House Press Secretary, to the Administration’s Cabinet Members etc. Granted I didn’t always agree with some or even all of the previous  Administration’s statements, but without reservation or preconditions, I respected previous Presidental Administrations.

 This September 13m 2018 Washington Post Fact checkers tested Trump’s  word He has uttered over 5,000 lies, falsehoods or misleading claims since he took office. Mathematically that’s roughly 8 lies per day that we know of. So referring to Trump as a pathological liar, it’s accurate but it’s also a sad datapoint that this Administration and this so called president can not tell the truth, the reality is there will come a time of Natiinal Crisis where Trump and his administration will need the American Public to believe them but they’ve squandered our Trust. You can not unring that bell. 

 Also I highly recommend you bookmark this twitter thread. Daniel Drezner is one of my go-to’s on twitter. He’s a fantastic teacher and purveyor of history and facts. He regularly updates this thread, frankly it’s no small task. A few days ago he wrote a column for the Washington Post, this column focused on Trump’s campaign lies, falsehoods and misleading comments, it’s an excellent article and I highly recommend you read it.



- Spicy Out



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