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Trump Emoluments problem just got worse...

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Posted on February 06 2019



WIn May of 2018 I spent a decent amount of time researching the timing, suitably and questionable circumstances of the very FIRST Act Donald Trump upon “taking the oath of office”. To date the questions many of us have surrounding the General Services Administration, Trump businesses and what has always looked like an actual “abuse of power/office” and a conspiracy to defraud the United States of America. You can read the May 2018 entry here.

In June of 2018, I attempted to drill down on the Maryland (MD) & District of Columbia (DC) Attorneys General (MD & DC AG) Complaint filed in Federal District Court. At the heart of their complaint are two very simple questions:


    • Has Donald Trump violated the Domestic & Foreign Emoluments Clause
    • Has Donald Trump upheld the Oath of Office


On the surface these two questions seem rather simple, if not pretty straightforward. The reality is the answers and “justifications” are far more complex and at times absolutely frustrating. I should point out that I am not an attorney. Nor am I Constitutional Scholar. Notwithstanding like many of you, I know the difference between right and to spot ethical from unethical. Yet the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave would like you to believe there’s nothing to see here, move along and stop asking questions. You can read the June 2018 entry here One reason you should probably re-read that June 2018 entry: the Judge stated the MD & DC AGs had “standing” and inpart re-affirmed the March 2018 Order.


Which now brings us to September 2018, found here. This particular entry, I tried to focus on the GSA Contract and what our constitution says. Irrespective of what Trump’s current position is, here are the factually based truths: 


  • Trump never sought the approval from Congress as it relates to Domestic or Foreign Emoluments.
  • Trump never established an actual blind trust and for the record a revocable trust is NOT the same as a blind trust.
  • Trump has full access to his businesses and funds. Remember Jr & Weisselberg are both the trustees.
  • Trump handpicked the NEW GSA director and installed him <1 hour after Trump took the oath of office.
  • Part of the oath of office for POTUS is the “take care clause”


In late October 2018 I decided to jump down the bottomless Saudi Arabia lobbying hole. Entry found here. Talk about a diamond encrusted basket of Bone Saw vipers.



From a certain standpoint I can somewhat understand why Trump et al would essentially use the Clinton “what-is-is” argument. This is what some correctly assert as a “circular argument”. Insofar as to muddy the waters, create confusion and offer a defense of the indefensible. This is Trump’s algorithmic bullshit strategy both in Public Office and hundreds (possibly thousands) of State and Federal Courtrooms. Trump is known as a vexatious litigant. It’s a insidious and often effective strategy, thus explaining his success:failure ratio. If you understand that Donald Trump’s mentor is/was Roy Cohn then none of Trump’s litigation strategies come as a surprise. Here’s the secret, Trump believes in weaponizing OUR State & Federal Judcial Systenn to his benefit. He will always try to out litigate you, “death by a thousand cuts” is a legal strategy. The intent is to dissuade you from fighting him or questioning his unethical business decisions.


Trump + State = willful violation of Emoluments

You might recall in the late fall of 2018 I was like, hey y’all I was super bored so I decided to spend a little bit of time in the UK Company Database. Full disclosure the real reason I went in to the UK Companies House database was I wanted to do some follow up research regarding the SCL and Cambridge Analytica FUBAR. And quite literally I stumbled upon Trump’s SCL Turnberry. At the time of my original twitter thread I rhetorically asked: 

How is this a sustainable business model?

Trump is losing millions of dollars in revenue but his cost are going up...mathematically this makes zero sense.



And try as I might, I refuse to let go of a topic until I am satisfied with my research or I’ve reached an impregnable rebar-reenforced concrete wall...hence this subsequent twitter thread of our OWN State Department cutting Trump’s Turnberry property tax payer funded checks...



I don’t know why others can not see what Trump is doing. It’s analogous to giving a bank robber the master key to the bank and safety deposit vaults. The notion that Donald J Trump is “such a successful business” isn’t just laughable, it’s absolutely insane. Trump isn’t as successful as he purports to be. Based on my limited research Trump has thrice been on the precipitous of Financial collapse. The short version? “Dude is broke AF”...the entire GSA and Trump DC contract is a prime example of where Donald Trump believes he is above our laws and our Constitution. That his rash push to have his “first” Official “Act” as our Country’s 45th President was to install “his guy” at the GSA.


GSA-OIG January 16, 2019 Report

In an unsurprising move the GSA-OIG’s Trump DC and GSA contract, well let’s just say it wasn’t exactly an exoneration of “no wrong doing” on the part of the GSA or Trump Organization.  As briefly explained in the twitter thread below, I thought it might be worthwhile to dive a tab bit deeper. The full GSA Report Number JE19-002 can be found here.


I would like to draw your attention to pages 10 and 11, entitled EMOLUMENTS. If you’ve followed the various Civil Emoluments lawsuits (keep in mind the CREW lawsuit in thr SDNY was dismissed), of which only two remain.

MD & DC AGs Case 8:17-cv-01596-PJM

USCA4, Case No 18-2486, see February 4, 2019 (Paywall) update, Oral Arguments set for March 19, 2019 down in Richmond, VA, where the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals resides, although occasionally through the year the Coiurt does travel to WV & N.C. but the majority of the cases are heard in Richmond 

This 4thCCOAs, public calendar confirms the March oral arguments, see page 2 of the calendar, link found here. For the record there are TWO USCA cases, see their respective links below:

USCA4 Case No 18-2486  MANDAMUS: Whether mandamus should issue to compel district court to certify an interlocutory appeal under 28 In re: Donald J. Trump U.S.C. section 1292(b).docket can be found here.

USCA4 Case No 18-2488 MD & DC AGs v Trump et al, docket & links to filings found here (full disclosure a few filings behind a paywall) CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: “Appeal from district court's deferral of ruling on individual capacity claims brought against District of Columbia v. Donald J. Trump President under Emoluments Clause.”



This August 2018 Twitter Thread will help you understand the previously filings, specifically regarding Trump’s interlocutory appeal. This was a pretty brazen and bold strategy by Trump. He essentially wants the Appeals Court to undercut the District Court. But then again that shouldn’t surprise you given the past 16 months and the litigation strategy used by the Trump Administration, whereby they want to skip the process: District Court to Appeals Court to Supreme Court. In simpler terms, Donald Trump feels entitled to skip to the front of the line but the miscalculation is at the time, Trump didn’t want to roll the dice by going straight to SCOTUS, remember when this case was working it’s way through the lower Courts, Trump didn’t have “I like beer - don’t ask about my Finances” Kavanaugh sitting on the SCOTUS bench, at the time Trump and Mitch (turtle) McConnell had only stolen one SCOTUS seat.



Simply put, until the 4thCCOAs renders their Order(s) and Memorandum(s) the MD & DC AGs v Trump et al Emoluments lawsuit is in fact in a bit of a holding pattern. Granted I have publicly stated I believe that this is an “attrition strategy” by Donald Trump and most offensive by our own Department of Justice, as evident by their filing earlier this week. No really I was and still am embarrassed for the DOJ Attorneys who filed this drivel, it’s offensive:



Which now brings us to Congress, it is amazing to me how the Congressional Republicans are in fact aiding and abetting Donald Trump to piss all over our Constitution and these obsequious servile sycophants turn to Trump and say: “yes please sir may I have another”. Meanwhile you have Houss Democrats like Congressman Cohen going on the record to say, “the President is likely violating OUR Constitution”


 No really the Congressional Republicans will do anything and everything to protect their “dear leader” it’s actually kind of gross, Case in point on February 4, 2019 these feckless ___ “men” decided it wasn’t important to hold a ethically bereft and corrupt administration accountabile. Nope these little traitor-tots said in their letter to the GSA:


The GSA OIG report cited no evidence of improper interference in GSA’s decision-making process concerning the Old Post Office Building. GSA OIG noted in the report that the objective was not to make a determination of any violation of the Constitution or the lease with Trump Old Post Office LLC, but “rather, [GSA OIG] sought to determine whether there were any improprieties in GSA’s decision-making process regarding these issues.”

However, the report includes a seven-page legal analysis of the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, without accounting for relevant positions taken by the Department of Justice in ongoing litigation.”


Remember how I said DC Watchdog Groups would play a critical role in holding what many have argued as the MOST Corrupt Presidential Administration in Modern History accountable? Organizations like ProPublica, CREW, Campaign-Legal Center , ACLU, AmericanOverSight, just to name a few of incredible Watchdog groups. I am confident that when the history books are written about the Trump “presidency” it will be written as the most corrupt and inept administration in our lifetimes, that the “Trump” name will be an indelible stain on our Country’s shared history and likely to invoke an uproarious laughter. 



 The point of AmericanOversight’s Complaint is, during the INSANE 35 day Trump/McConnell Shutdown, it was widely reported that the Old Post Office Pavilion remained OPEN during the historic partial Government Shutdown. Notwithstanding AmericanOverSight submitted numerous FOIA request seeking documentation, funding sources and communications of the Trump DC, GSA and NPS explaining why the Trump DC 


“...communications about the Old Post Office Tower during the government shutdown, including communications with anyone at the White House or the Trump Organization. American Oversight is also seeking records regarding the source of funds to operate the Old Post Office Tower during the shutdown, as well as records of any legal analysis of how the lapse in appropriations would impact those operations. GSA and NPS have both failed to produce these records.”


Once again, the president’s failure to divest from his businesses creates conflicts of interest. We’ve been investigating President Trump’s businesses and the ways in which he profits from the presidency since 2017. American Oversight recently filed another lawsuit to find out if President Trump interfered with plans to move the FBI headquarters, which sits a block away from the Trump Hotel, possibly in order to prevent future competition.


Speaking of the GSA, Donald Trump and the proposed NEW FBI HQ, in mid-October of 2018 I pushed out the GSA-OIG report and how once again Trump put his own personal and family’s finances above OUR Country. Frankly the incalculable largesse Trump and his family have likely amassed since Putin installed Trump, we may actually never know. See October 2018 GSA-OIG twitter thread below:


 I don’t know about you but I for one do not believe a single word that comes out of Trump or his administration’s mouth. Trump isn’t just a liar, he’s a pathological liar and he has desensitized us to know when exactly is Trump lying. I do not say this lightly, but just in case you are wondering, Donald J Trump is a straight up monster, he is mobbed up eight ways to Sunday. He is running an actual criminal enterprise put of the White House and his NYC Trump Tower. Ask yourself this really simple question, why after nearly three decades was Trump (DURING THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN) still chasing a Trump Moscow Tower deal? Whereas semi-reputable businesses like Hyatt, Marriott, Four Seasons (owned by Cascade Investment, LLC & The Kingdon Holding Co


 And just so we are clear, my position remains the same, if you think for one New York minute that Donald J Trump isn’t engaged in a decades long money laundering, wire fraud, loan fraud, tax evasion, Ponzi in an actisk criminal enterprise thats only goal is to unjustly enrich himself.. then you are not paying attention. For example of actual self dealing, do you really think your long lost Uncle who’s living on a fixed income after working forty plus years in a manufacturing plant knows the $30 a month he sends to the Donald J Trump for President Campaign is really okay with his donation going straight into the gilded silk pockets of Trump’s pants? Oh you think I’m exaggerating. Well I’m not, I give you Trump’s FEC Filing. Raw Data link here. During the 2017/2018 election cycle, a staggering $701,454.34 in rent was paid from the Trump Presidential Campaign FEC ID C00580100


And with that I will leave you with the newly minted (by moi this was my first GIF that I created) the F&fk YOU Clap... 


-Spicy Out

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