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Posted on March 12 2019


In light of last night’s news that the NY AG has subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, now might be a good time to re-read my previous series. I am unable to enumerate how many hours I spent tracking down and reading various documents. Such as: letters from Congress, NY DFS, DOJ, County  City or State databases (more on that later today, I spent a decent amount of time in the FEC database too), various lawsuits in both State and Federal Courts, OGE Financial Disclosures etc.



Deutsche Bank, VTB & Trump:


Part I:

In part I, I discussed the complicated (and arguably complicit side) of Deutsche Bank, NY DFS, DOJ and various House Committee reports. Various letters sent from Congress to Treasury Secretary, Deutsche and Trump Found here

Part II:

In part II - a deeper dive into Deutsche Bank, letters from various regulators, Deutsche Bank’s Various SEC filings, after reading about 9 years worth I finally discovered in Deutsche Bank’s March 2018 SEC flings that their organization had been subpoenaed by numerous Government Entities, such as: Various State AGs. Again all of this information is IN the Public Domain, you just need to know where to look and what to look for. I’ve repeatedly stated that a Company’s SEC flings tend to be a never ending pool of factual data. Assuming you take the time to carefully read each on. Not only did Deutsche Bank confirm (via their various SEC filings) they were served subpoenaes in 2017 and 2018. By law Deutsche Bank is required to disclose this to their “investors” and other interested parties. You can read PART II, here. See archived accompanying twitter thread here.


The various SEC filings tend to be a treasure trove of data, provided you take the time to actually read every single filing. Case in point Deutsche Bank is required to file SEC reports. For example, this Deutsche Bank SEC 6-K Form, I now refer you to page 138, filed on March 31, 2018. 

However I went back through all of Deutsche Banks’s SEC flings, this link will take you to their corporate website where (by law) they must publish their SEC filings and isolated the first disclosure of any subpoena, it appears their Form 6-K Q4 2017, which means September 2017 is the first disclosure of subpoenas (yes multiple)


Part III Trump Doral:

Again all of the information I tweeted or blogged about is 100% in the public domain. There isn’t a super secret database, you simply need to take the time and find Trump’s property tax recordation. The interesting thing about local databases they typically have mortgages, encumbrance on said property (like liens) insurance policies, etc all attached to said filings. Provided you take the time to drill down on said property records. In Part IIIi decided to focus on Trump’s Doral/Miami (hey true story the RNC has spent >$569K at Trump’s golf course), you can read Part III in its entirety here. See the twitter thread archive, found here. Apologies for how disjointed that particular archived thread is. Later today I’m going to push out my FEC’s a lot of money.


🌶SpicyFiles Sidebar🌶 My twitter stalkers and trolls just can’t quit me <insert extreme eye roll>  Given this is now the 3rd time I’ve had to recreate my research because of these bitter’s a novel idea: instead of targeting people on Twitter how about you take the time to do the heavy lift of researching and then disseminating said research. Weird how all you are good for is doxxing, trolling and disinformation whereas you could use your time to maybe focus on Trump & his corruption AF cabal?



Clerk's File No.: 2012 R 415117, Group: 1
CFN: 2012 R 415117
Document Type: MOR
Rec. Date: 6/12/2012 12:00:00 AM
Plat Book/Page: 125/200
Rec. Book/Page: 28147/131
First Party: TRUMP ENDEAVOR 12 LLC (see link)


Principal Amount: $106,000,000.00

This 2017 Deutsche Bank archive (RIP @Spicerlies) also see this archive regarding Ivanka’s loans

Part IV - Trump Chicago:

This particular entry, I literally went for broke, as in I spent an ridiculous amount of time in the NY Unified Court System, Cook County IL property records. Once I was able to locate the CLA loan that gave me a bread crumb trail can read Part IV in its entirety here.


 (Link found here) Where the terms and conditions of Deutsche Banks February 7, 2005 Construction Loan Agreement (CLA) show a maximum of $640,000,000.00 approved for Donald Trump’s 401 N Wabash project. Personally speaking I’m a fan on Section 1.(b) which reads in part;


Because I am a firm believer is: knowledge is power and “sharing is caring” I literally provided you with a step by step guide on how to obtain the very same mortgages, lawsuits, liens and other “official” documents 

Once you have the parcel PIN, you can then meander on over to the Cook County Recordation website CCRD  or you can click on this link for the seven mortgages for this Trump-Branded project. This is what the landing page for the mortgages will look like. 


It’s not like I didn’t run a Cook County records search or that I embedded that search in to the Part IV entry...oh wait yes I did 😉

Nor did I actually provide you the link to the various encumbrances on Trump’s Chicago property...oh wait yes I did😉

To view the liens filed against Trump’s 401 N Wabash project, you can click on this CCRD link, this is what the landing page should look like, at which point you can click on the document number and place it in your cart to purchase. One you purchase the document(s) it literally (and instantly) downloads to your account via a PDF file:

See accompanying archived Twitter thread here. Not only did I source the various official documents, I went a step further and provided you actual links to said documents. Yet somehow Twitter thinks it’s totes normal to perma-ban me from their platform. All while letting those who dox and harass have free reign on their jacked up platform, so for now this is where you will find me  and my research. Also it’s weird that my twitter account isn’t searchable here in the USA but it’s totes preserved in Russia via Yandex...oh you think I’m kidding? Archive

Oh and speaking of Allen Weisselberg, I wonder what’s in that “storage space” see October 2018 record here.



So for now, I’ll just be here sipping my tea watching others finally catch up...and wondering if the GOP is really okay with the bonkers self dealing I’m going to itemize later today...




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  • Yvetta BarbeeMiles: March 13, 2019

    I just want to know how we get you back. what can we do to help ? I need you back here . I feel like M A , has something to do with this also. I remember reading the last tweet I saw than you were gone. We need you here. I had a week I became someone new .

  • Jeff Oster: March 12, 2019


    Don’t ever stop

    You’re LEGEND

    And when this is over, the world will know what the rest of us already do…


  • Bellarealness : March 12, 2019

    No wonder those bastards blocked spicy. Girl knowledge is powerful

  • Jaye Schembri: March 12, 2019

    Excellent, spicy! Is it better to do your work off-twitter? I miss the conversations but I bet you don’t miss the trolls!

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