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Trent International LLC, NJClearBlue & Paul Manafort

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Posted on June 11 2018

At this rate there are too many Manafort Entries to keep track, so take your pick from this link.

Shell Companies... 

When a Grand Jury hands down a True Bill, thus resulting in an Indictment, common sense dictates that perhaps you should do your level best to, not violate any laws while you await your trail. Yet Paul Manafort, his wife and daughters appear to engage in some -interesting- business practices. I mean who among us has looked down the barrel of multiple Superseding Indictments?


And clearly the four, yes technically four Indictments;


    • October 27, 2017 Case No 1:17-cr-201, District of Columbia 
    • February 22, 2018 Case No: 1:18-cr-83(S-1) EDVA
    • February 28, 2018 Case No: 1:17-cr-201(S-1), DC
    • June 8, 2018: Case No 1:17-cr-201 (S-2), DC


While others on Twitter create massive twitter threads (slowly raises hand and apologies), but then again I’ve never tweeted a MEGA Thread. That’s just way over dramatic for me. Nope I’m more of the, hold on let me put my glasses on and crack my knuckles before I engage my keyboard 

For those of you who have followed my Spicerlies, Alt Spicerlies, MicLurvesSpicy twitter accounts, you might recall the never ending twitter thread that I started on or about February 2017. The twitter thread aggregated the various shell companies, real estate purchased, some mortgages and I continuously updated, when additional information came to light.

The Indictments 

I now refer you to pages 4 and 5 of the third Superseding Indictment filed by the Special Counsel’s office on Friday June 8, 2018. DOJ-OPA link to Indictment found here. Pages 4 & 5 aggregates Manafort’s business “holdings” via various shell companies that are listed on the Indictment, conversely it also provides an interesting clue of shell companies NOT listed. So let’s dive into the various shell companies not listed, shall we?

I’ve taken the liberty of doing a bit of research, and yes the vast majority of people will only pay attention to the “crimes” itemized in the Indictment, you should really look at what & who are missing. Below is a list of Businesses that are not mentioned in the various Special Counsel’s Office filings.

Trent International, LLC

Florida SOS Business Entity Number: F17000005221



Originally incorporated in the State of Delaware on August 31, 2017, see Delaware Department of State, Division of Corporations filing. You run your own search to double check my work, via DE SOS link, found here


Shortly thereafter Trent International, LLC aka Trent Consulting, registered with the State of Florida as a foreign corporation. FL ID No: F1700005221. On October 4, 2017 tha FL SOS sent  Manafort the following letter, stating that his filing was deficient and the State of Florida returned Manafort’s Filing fee. You can run a query and obtain this Company’s filing histurt by using the Florida SOS Division of Corporations, found here



After the October 4, 2017 FL SOS letter to Manafort, he then re-filed his paperwork on November 7, 2017, yes AFTER he was indicted. Also notice his attorney? Put a pin in Bruce, I’ll comeback to that in a moment. 

You can find Trent International, LLC January 2018 Florida Annual Report, here.


With respect to Manafort’s Trent International, LLC, there’s limited information about this company or what this company does. Oddly enough there is a UAE company with the same name but nothing supports Manafort is linked to this, Trent International . Notwithstanding I would strongly caution you to link Manafort  to this UAE Company. I have no zero links and I have a high degree of confidence that there is zero link between the UAE Trent International and Manafort’s Trent International 


NJClearBlue, LLC 

A Florida Limited Liability Corporation, registered on February 22, 2017 

FL SOS DOC No L17000042413






Not that this matters, in the Articles of Incorporation paperwork  for NJClearBlue, LLC, there are multiple data points that caught my attention. For example there is NO Morristown FL, Granted this could be easily explained as a simple data entry error but still, it’s an official Government Document. But there’s a “new” entity that makes an appearance, at first glance you can overlook it, but upon closer inspection, I now refer you to page 2: William Walsh 

Again all of this information is in the Pubic Domain. You just need to know where to find it, what to look for and then obviously read the filings, link to the “official” Florida Government Business Database can be found, here.





This particular company interest me, because this is the only Company of Mr. & Mrs. Manafort used a Attorney Kathleen McDermott. A cursory search on NoVa Government websites yield she’s land use attorney.

  • McDermott Receipt # 1, City of Alexandria land use app page 36, found here
  • McDermott Receipt # 2, Fairfax County land use app, see page 9, found here


The -interesting- part of Mr. & Mrs. Manafort’s Ramshead Farms, LLC is it was orrignally Incorporated in the State of Virginia in 1998. I suppose you’d like to see the official filing? Alrighty then, here we go...




And this is where things get interesting for RamsHead Farms, LLC:

    • On 8/4/1998 Mr. & Mrs. Manafort via Ramshead Farms, LLC purchased 10800 Belmont Blvd, Lorton VA for $240,000.00


    • On 10/18/2017 , a mere 9 days BEFORE Manafort was Indicted they sold this property. Meaning the Manafort’s may have made a significant amount of cold hard cash.
    • Date 10/18/2017
      Amount $900,000
      Notes Valid and verified sale
      Deed Book and Page 25218-2021



The Fairfax County, VA property and tax records database can be found, here. Simply run a search and you can triple check my research, I won’t be offended.

See 1998 original Mortgage of $240,000


See 11/05/02 Mortgage Refinance for Belmont Blvd Property, the Manaforts secured a $350,000.00 from B.B.&T 


And now the 12/08/2006 Mortgage via Wachovia Bank for $650,000.


The 3 aforementioned Companies have yet to make an appearance in any of the Indictments. Perhaps they will. I am hoping that Special Counsel Mueller’s Investigators are looking into the Wellington FL Horse Farm, along with the previously mentioned Lorton, VA horse farm.


Here’s something I keep saying, they should be looking at the horse Farms and that includes Erik Prince’s Middleburg, VA Horse farm too. Why? Because beyond buying real estate, horse farms tend to be another way to launder dirty money. If you’ve ever mucked a stall or spent anytime in the Riding Community this is a well known & dirty secret of the Equine Industry. 


See 2013 FBI raid, ergo I rest my case.

See 2016 Money Laundering linked to Horse Quarter Trading, here 

And lastly I refer you to page 14 of last Friday’s Superseding Indictment, if you don’t think Bruce Baldinger isn’t under investigation, then you really need to pay attention:

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