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RI GOP and unsuccessful RI CD # 1 Taub likes hookers - updated

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Posted on March 25 2019

Updates 7/25/2019 - See bottom of entry for Update



Harold Russell Taub...

..we should TALK


An actual case study in “scam PACs” 2016 H. Russell Taub unsuccessfully ran for Congress, vying to represent Voters in Rhode Island 1st Congressional District (a seat currently held by Rep Ciccilleni). According to Taub’s VoteSmart H. Russell Taub’s Biography:


Ironically Taub’s Facebook page is still wide open and available to review.

November 1, 2018 picture with (now) Governor Ron DeSantis, live url found here, archived link found here.

November 2018, according to Taub’s own Facebook Page, live URL here, archived link found here he was a “co=chair” and was rubbing elbows with the highest echelon of our Government. Oddly this assertion is independently affirmed by The Friedlander Group own media gallery for their 2018 event. Of the 26 picture of their November 2018 I was able to indetify H Russell Taub in 14 pictures. As Taub stated on his Facebook page, he was the cochair and The Friedlander Group’s press release identifies him as not only a co-chair but also as an “Ambassador”, of which Taub it not, nor has he ever been a United Nations Ambassador.


This Facebook live URL link will take you to Taub’s album, he uploaded 6 picture of the event, archived link found here.

Although if I’m going to be perfectly honest (and I’ll totally own I’m also being petty), Taub’s May 23, 2018 Facebook “throw back Thursday” picture made me snort laugh, literally. I also took the liberty of archiving that Facebook status too.

October 2018, based on Taub’s Facebook Album he was invited to the White House October 18, 2018 Rhode Island and Connecticut “leaders” Summit. See live URL here, archived Facebook post found here.

Taub pleaded guilty


running two SCAM-PACs

It should be noted that Matt Whitaker’s FACT-DC originally filed a formal complaint with the FEC in July of 2018 (found here)  and subsequently thereafter FACT also filed a following up FEC Complaint in August of 2018 (found here) . And while I have a plethora of reason to distrust and loathe former Acting Attorney General Matthew G Whitaker, I am also intellectually honest enough to give proper credit when credit is due. The fact (pun not intended) is FACT-DC was absolutely correct and the Department of Justice agreed with many of the factual arguments in both complaints, as further detailed below:


According to FACT’s complaint, KAIRC PAC has (1) failed to register as a political committee, (2) failed to publicly acknowledge through a disclaimer on its website that it is a political committee and (3) failed to distribute over $1.5 million raised to any federal candidates for federal committees.

KAIRC PAC raises money to influence federal elections. On July 10,
2018 the PAC sent a fundraising email in support of Florida Governor Rick Scott. In that email, the group boasts that it has “helped over 85 candidates, scheduled multiple fundraisers to help candidates in 2018, raised over $1.5 Million as of June 30, 2018 and launched 9 support Ads to help our candidates.” To date, KAIRC PAC has not registered with the FEC as a political committee despite raising funds as early as February, 2017.

Mr Taub touts himself as an “Ambassador” to the International Human Rights Commission, a Ukrainian organization founded in 2014. Given
the Taub’s clear ties to Ukraine, FACT is asking the FEC if any of the supposed funds raised came from foreign nationals. That would also be a clear and blatant election law violation.


On March 21, 2019 the Department of Justice announced that Harold Russell Taub pleaded guilty. February 2019 DOJ Criminal Information, discloses that Taub used a former Ambassador & highly decorated military officer’s name sans approval. The Criminal Information which reads in part:



In late 2016, Taub began soliciting donations to an organization he called Keeping America in Republican Control (KAIRC), which he represented to be a legitimate political committee, organized in accordance with federal law to support Republican candidates at the state and federal level.  In March 2018,

Taub began soliciting donations to another purported political action committee, Keeping Ohio in Republican Control (KOIRC), with the stated purpose of supporting Republican candidates in Ohio.  Taub collected a total of approximately $1,630,439 in contributions to KAIRC and KOIRC, but never registered either entity with the FEC or made required reports to the FEC, as required by FECA.


Granted since the Republican National Committee purports to be the “family values  party” lest we forget that they nominated a thrice divorced, serial philandering, credibly accused sexual predator, pathologically lying, amoral repulsive “human being”. Who has five children from three different women, I can’t say I’m shocked by what prosecutors said in Taub’s criminal information becuase look who’s the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and yes while I’m being snarky, there’s a tiny part of me that think Trump will soon nominate H Russell Taub to a cabinet position. (Clearly I’m being sarcastic) no really this is what prosecutors wrote:



“Taub used funds contributed to (the organizations) for personal expenses and Taub was the only person working for (the organizations) and he paid himself substantial amounts of money,...transferring $715,000 directly into his personal checking and savings accounts, withdrawing nearly $100,00- in cash and usimb more than $217,000 to directly pay for personal expenses, including tens of thousands of dollars on international and domestic air travel, hotels, restraunts, clothing, cigars, adult-entertainment and escort services”


According to Taub’s Plea Deal (found here), which was uploaded by Government  on March 21, 2019 Taub failed to register with the FEC, moreover he admitted to siphoning off some $1,000,000 in those donations (of which he received by fraudulent means) to himself. Essentially funding his jet set, caviar and Champaign lifestyle wholly funded by donors who were deceived in to thinking Taub & his PACs were legitimate.

They were not. Period. Full Stop.

Although on page 2 the government placed down a few markers, the “within the past three years” when read in conjunction with “provide and consent to the release of Defendant’s tax return for the previous five years” that tells us that we should extend our research parameter window from 2016 to 2014...



As such when I pulled back the lens and opened the query window to now include 2015, an odd result came up. By way of the (then) Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly. As in Ambassador Chaly held a series of meetings with (as per the Ukraine’s own press release, found here.  This isn’t my opinion, this is coming directly from the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA own press office.



The event was hosted by Congressman Steven King with assistance from Russell Taub, the Taub Feuer and Associates President, and took place at the National Republican Club of Capitol Hill


It is nonsensical to me, that in under one year Taub blew through $1M+ and his current accounts look like what mine did in college. Which begs the question: where did ALL of that money go? Why didn’t prosecutors disclose or even reference Taub Feuer & Associates, given they FEC reports show thousands of dollars from H. Russell Taub, who list Taub Feurer & Associated as his employer 



Why didn’t prosecutors disclose or even reference Taub Feuer & Associates, given the FEC reports show thousands of dollars from H. Russell Taub, who list them as his “employer” ...however a closer examination of the 2017/2018 Election Cycle he made 172 individual donations totaling $264,494.77. This FEC link will take you to the raw data of the report.



And now back to page 7 of Taub’s Plea Deal. I’ve read it a few times and I can’t seem to find any mention of a cooperation stipulation and/or downward spiral. But of the two counts Taub pleaded guilty to the maximum sentencing is 25 years.



Should you be inclined to peruse H Russell Taub’s wide open Facebook account, I’ve taken the liberty of categorizing the various entries.

November 2018, Anwar Sadat Gold Medal Celebration album, archive. Orin Hatch Album, Archive 

October 2018 White House SBA event, album, archive.

August 2018 Casper Wyoming “campaigning” album, archive

June 2018, Sean Hannity and FL AG Bondi album, archive, Wrigley Field with Gov Rickets album, archive 

June 2018 Trip to DC rubbing elbows with Speaker Ryan album, archive 

 April 2018 with NH Governor Sunnunu album 

Apparently Taub and VP Pence really like each other album archive.

and lastly the most random interview I’ve watched in a very long time, for context this was shortly after’s cringe worthy 



July 25, 2019 Update 

 Defendant Harold Russell Taub - sentenced to serve 36 months in prison, in addition to three years of supervised release by U.S. District Judge William E. Smith for the District of Rhode Island.  Additionally Taub was also ordered to pay $1,102,439 in restitution to the victims of his crimes. See DOJ-OPA Release found here,



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  • Debbie Browning-Green: July 29, 2019

    How in the world is he “Trump like” if he ran at the same time as the President? Remember 2% chance of winning based on MSM and dismissed as a real candidate. Not to mention the President spent his own money on the large portion of his campaign. You sound delusional and obviously wrong.

  • NSB: March 26, 2019

    Questions Spicy –
    >Does Barr have the power to cancel/refuse sealed indictments by OSC or Grand Jury recommendations?
    >Could Barr decide there would be no further indictments by Mueller – even the sealed indictments that some say went to district AGs?
    Thank you

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