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Rudy Giuliani Part 1 of 5

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Posted on April 20 2018

 Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani

 The man.The myth.The legend.


NOT, no really NOT

 If you believe that Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani has the veritas and chops to make a compelling and convincing argument that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III would:


  • shutter this wide ranging criminal and counterintelligence probe down
  • Mueller would give Giuliani one iota of the status and scope of this probe
  • be amenable to submitting only written questions to Trump


Then you really have not paid attention to the actual facts. Remember in August of 2017 when Ty Cobb went on the record with Reuters, full article here 


  • ”the cloud of an investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. election will soon be lifted from President Donald Trump and says he would be “embarrassed” if it still hangs over the president in 2018.


  • “I’d be embarrassed if this is still haunting the White House by Thanksgiving and worse if it’s still haunting him by year end..I think the relevant areas of inquiry by the special counsel are narrow.”


Upon further digging, it appears that Ty Cobb gave this particular Reuters interview on or about August 18, 2017. This was after the August 4th reporting that SC Mueller had subpoenaed Manafort and Gates’ bank records. And after SC Mueller had issued subpoenas related to Trump Jr’s Trump Tower meeting with Veselnitskaya’s meeting


And then this brings us to Ty Cobb’s on air January 2018 interview with The Takeout Podcast, I don’t think my writing skills can do this interview justice, so here’s the video of said Interview. Enjoy. I can’t stop snickering,  I’ve watched this video, too many times then I’d like to admit. Based on Cobb’s January 2018 interview, SC Mueller should have wrapped up his investigation right around February 28, 2018. Right?




It is now April 2018 and there is NOTHING in the Public Domain that would lead any minimally informed American to reasonably conclude that Special Counsel Mueller is winding down the Russia/Trump Probe. I mean absolutely nothing.


As a young Spicy, I remember Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s probe(s) into then President Clinton. Most native Washingtonians remember how painfully long that probe was. So I’ll remind you, Ken Starr’s investigation:


  • started on August 5, 1994
  • ended on  September 11, 1998
  • FOUR years and 5 weeks.


Now this brings us to Rudy Giuliani:


  1. the Muslim Bans 1.0 to 3.0 aka Giuliani Memo
  2. Zarrab-Turkish Gold Case
  3. NYC FBI Field Office Leaks & appearances on Fox News
  4. Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, FEC reports & payment.
  5. Giuliani’s role as a Trump campaign surrogate.


So let’s drill down on item 1:

Rudy Giuliani’s “role” as advisor and chief architect of the now defunct Muslim/Travel Bans. To say Trump’s Muslim Bans were disruptive, that’s probably the nicest way I can describe the sheer emotional terrorizing that occurred for hundreds if not thousands  of legal pemenate residents. The roll out of the first Ban, caused Trump to fire Acting Attorney General (AAG) Yates.


🚨SIDEBAR🚨 in my opinion the starting point of Trump’s  potential Obstruction of Justice was NOT the  firing of FBI Director Comey. It WAS the firing of AAG Yates. Remember AAG Yates repeatedly warned White House Counsel Don McGahn about (now disgraced) National Security Advisor Flynn. AAG Yates sounded the alarm that Flynn: had been interviewed by the FBI on January 24th, was untruthful about his contacts with the Russian ambassador and was “compromised”. Oh you forgot? Please re-watch AAG Yates’ Senate Testimony:


Rudy Giuliani repeatedly stated, on the record in numerous Fox News interviews & on Sunday talk shows that:

”President Trump wanted a “Muslim ban”. Trump personally requested Giuliani “assemble a commission” to show him “the right way to do it legally.” Ergo Giuliani was instrumental in the Muslim/Travel Ban

What is overlooked is Judge Roberts had  granted the following Trump’s first Muslim/Travel Ban:


“Based on this clarification, the Court orders that the United States is PERMANENTLY ENJOINED from applying Sections 3(c) and 3(e) of the January 27, 2017 Executive Order against lawful permanent residents of the United States.”


This injunction applies to Plaintiffs Samir Almasmari, Sabah Almasmary, Hana Almasmari, and Mounira Atik, as well as all other lawful permanent residents of the United States who are similarly situated.”




May 2017, Judge Roberts Orders the Trump Administration to hand over the “Giuliani Memo”, 8 page Order here. Unsurprisingly the Trump Administration refused to comply with this May 2017 Court Order.


ACLU v Trump Admin Judge Roberts Order re Giuliani Memo





In January of 2018 the Department of Homeland Security issued a 112 Report:

DHS Implementation of Executive Order #13769
“Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States”


Based on the DHS-OIG investigation, they concluded that the Trump Administration has violated two different Court Orders. You can read the DHS-OIG report here. See pages 2 & 3 of DHS-OIG report. -Spicy Out

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