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SouthWest Key Programs...entrusted with Unaccompanied Minors

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Posted on June 20 2018


Originally discussed herehere and here

A few days ago I created multiple twitter threads, solely focused on the Companies tasked to “take care” of the unaccompanied minors. And urged the MSM to dig into the contracts, SOWs, POs, CO/MODS, Cost Over Runs. 

Why? I have been in DC for decades. One thing that’s a constant in DC is paperwork, copious amounts of paperwork, thereby creating a paper-trial. 


But most importantly: “sunlight is the best disinfectant”


Twitter Thread # 1 - identify the contract(s)




Twitter Thread # 1 - identify the contractors




Now that you have the name of the Primary Contractor, NASIC, Cage # and/or Contract you can then commence a much deeper dive into aforementioned Companies. Specifically the Scope/Statement of Work, Cost (Firm Fixed Price or Time and Materials), any changes, such has medications, change orders etc.


So lets go ahead and drill down on what appears to be the MAIN Contractor:

SouthWest Key Programs



Child Care Services are a highly regulated “service”, meaning service providers are inspected on a regular basis. These inspections can and are performed by State, County and/or City Regulators. Any and ALL infractions are publicly available documents. The range of regulations runs the gambit: Staff to Child Ratio, Safety Concerns, General Cleanliness of Facilities, Food Safety, etc.

State of Texas Health & Human Services, Department of Family & Protective Services, Database of ALL SouthWest Key Facilities, can be found here.



SouthWest Key Programs Facilities:

    • SouthWest Key - Casa Quetzal, Houston, TX 
    • SouthWest Key - Combes, Harlingen, TX
    • SouthWest Key Program, INC - Conroe, TX 
    • SouthWest Key Program INC - Houston, TX
    • 🚺 SouthWest Key - Program La Esperanza - Brownsville, TX
    • 🚺 SouthWest Key - Program Casa Blanca - San Antonio, TX
    • SouthWest Key - Casa Montezuma - Channelview, TX
    • SouthWest Key - Casa Antigua - Benito, TX
    • SouthWesy Key - Casa el Presidente - Brownsville, TX
    • SouthWest Key - Casa Rio Grande - Benito, TX
    • SouthWest Key - Casa Franklin - El Paso, TX
    • 🚺🚼SouthWest Key - Nueva Esperanza - Brownsville, TX
    • SouthWest Key - Casa Houston - Houston, TX
    • SouthWest Key - Casa Padre - Brownsville, TX
    • SouthWest Key - Shelter Care Program - Canutillo, TX
    • 🚺🚼SouthWest Key - Casita Del Valle - Clint, TX


Southwest Key - Casa Quetzal:

In the last three years:

        • 47 Inspections
        • 2 Assessments
        • 11 Self Reported Incidents
        • 28 Reports 
      • Licensed Capaity of 260 Children
      • Licensed Age of Children: 10-17 years old

April 1, 2018

this center received a “high & critical” report:

Weapons, firearms, explosive materials, and projectiles-must have policies on precautions to ensure children have no unsupervised access to these..

March 12, 2018

748.2009(a)(1) - Administration of non-prescription medication/supplements-must follow label instructions for dosage

A resident was given Tylenol (acetaminophen) on 3/12/18 which she is allergic to. Her file indicates this information and she wears a red bracelet to indicate her allergies but was given the medication anyway.



Again you can access these public record Casa Quetzal 10 High/Critical Reports, via this link and this link.


Southwest Key Combes:

In the past three years this facility:

        • 37 Incidents
        •  1 Assessment
        • 15 Self Reported Incidents
        •  1 Report
      • Licensed Capacity of 87 Children
      • Licensed Age of Children 0-17 years old

One particular incident stuck out, on February 28, 2018 (and in 2016) the Southwest Key Center was cited for failure to complete a mandatory Background Check of Employees. Link to incident reports found here.



Southwest Key Program INC

Again if you look at each facility you can determine. How many children. The age group that SouthWest Key is licensed by the State of Texas to care for. Link found here

        • 4 High/Critical Reports
        • Child self-inflicted harm, staff did NOT intervene or report
        • Employee was hired edrug test came back positive 
        • Licensed Capacity of: 160 children
        • Licensed Age: 10-17 years old


Each report can be found via this link, toggle to the incident and use the drop down button to expand on “details” of incident report(s)


My point is, if you are willing to spend the time and actually research publicly available documents, you can find the exact information I have. To me this is entirely problematic. It appears SouthWest Key is literally hell on earth and frankly a majority of their facilities are ALL of Dante’s circles of hell. Every single SouthWest Key Facility has dozens of infractions/adverse reports. My question is why isn’t the State of Texas doing a better job regulating & punishing SouthWest Key? Or at the minimum restrict their licensing as to prevent them from further endangering children.

and HELL NO Trump can’t be congratulated for him “signing” an Executive Order. This was HIS policy so congratulating him on fixing his horrific Zero Tolerance Policy is, mind blowing. 

This will remain my position...and my question still stands, what is the Trump Administration doing to reunite the Children his Administration jailed with the parents they have deported. The sad reality is NOTHING. There’s an incredibly HIGH degree of certainty that some of these children will NEVER see their parents again. All because we have a racist feckless cuntcake in the White House.


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