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Posted on February 28 2019



Dear Twitter,

дорогой твиттер

We need to talk..

нам нужно поговорить

You have failed your users

вы провалили своих пользователей


YOUR PLATFORM IS WEAPONIZED ваша платформа вооружена

Harming America and our Allies.

вредить Америке и нашим намекам

Do you remember a few months ago I casually warned you that things on Twitter would get super weird and that when things get weird you need to take a step back but you also need to reach out to people on Twitter that you trust. I personally think we are NOW approaching weird and level two of Twitter’s complicity, where we truly find out that Twitter isn’t acting in the best inserts of “authentic users”

When my primary twitter account RIP @Spicerlies was suspended circa August 2017 the term “fratting” wasn’t really part of the Twitter lexicon. Which then became the catalyst for my @Alt_Spicerlies, to which a group of known Twitter Trolls who coordinate with both the Alt Right and Alt Left to fraudulently mass report a “targeted” twitter account. The purpose of this entry is to provide you a more fulsome explanation and additional facts. Hopefully that will better arm you for what we are about to face. THE TWITTER PURGE HAS STARTED...


What is FRATTING and Why is it HARMFUL:


In August of 2017 @antonejohnson whom I’ve grown to have the utmost respect for and am grateful for his role as a teacher. He took the time to help educate me on what was happening to my Twitter account. I should disclose that I was still a bit of a Twitter newbie. I mean it took me months to figure out what was & how to “twitter thread”. Hopefully you will find his thread just as educational as I did/do.

At the time I really didn’t understand why my account was constantly targeted by both Alt Right and Alt Left Twitter Troll gangs. Nor did I fully appreciate how easy it was to manipulate  Twitter’s algorithm, with a little help of buying a bot army can go sideways. Mass reporting a “targeted” account is a powerful weapon to essentially silence an “authentic twitter voice” but I suppose that’s exactly what Twitter wants. Hey random factoid, as early as July 2013 the super code guys came up with a “clean” up code, Twitter was like nah MoFo hard pass. Our IPO totally bombed and we are behind the eight ball with our Securities & Exchange Commission filings (trust me on that SEC nugget, I’ll be pushing a Volume 2 tomorrow).

Full disclosure I have never purchased followers or a digital bot army.  As far as due process, simply put, Twitter does not have sue, damnit I mean due process as part of their Corporate Culture.  Moreover I’m pretty sure that Twitter uses AI, specifically algorithms for Support. It’s an extremely cheap way to managed large quantities of data and user data. I’m not saying AI is bad. What I am saying is Twitter’s algorithm regarding abuse reports at least  89.14%  of the time. Hence it’d literally a 1 in 1.2 million chance that an actual human will read an abuse repost.

My assumption is Twitter doesn’t have a coherent escalation process. You as a user, who’s been doxed, stalked and/or the target of a protracted cyber harassment complaint...well you’re pretty much forked. What I find interesting is (assuming it’s the algorithms), how quickly could twitter write a script that looks at the following data points

  • simultaneous fraudulently filed “abuse” reports.
  • is there an actual “cloud” or cluster of acciunts aka troll-bit-net working in tandem to mass report he “targeted twitter account.
  • are there simultaneous users engaging in a search and silenxd operation/ 



Twitter is NOT a social media tool:


It’s a perfectly calibrated





My aforementioned assertion isn’t really up for debate. Given the vast amount of legal filings I read, write and edit on a daily basis, I can tell you that the data and facts prove that Twitter allowed and has continued to allow bad actors to weapinize their platform. Ergo Twitter is complicit as shittlestix.   As you may recall when the Facebook fubar was unmasked in the Spring of 2018, the day of reckoning for Social Media Companies was upon us. I found it interesting that Twitter was largely silent.


Around the time of my first (arguably unwarranted suspension) there were numerous accounts that were also suspended, see tweet below 

@trickFree 👈🏻was also suspended the same day these accounts were.



Fast forward to December 2017,  Media Matters published the following article:

Far-right trolls are manipulating Twitter into silencing journalists and Trump critics...


 Twitter did lock the account of Buzzfeed writer Katie Notopoulos for 10 days over a six-year-old sarcastic tweet. Other far-right trolls, like Mike Cernovich and Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson, are now targeting comedian Michael Ian Black for tasteless jokes he made years ago.


Of the accounts originally targeted the Trolls managed to get the following accounts, marked with a red ❌ suspended, the remaining accounts have had to endure months long harassment, which included in some cases

doxxing, re-doxxing and targeted harassment.

Once again Twitter did nothing and the network of Trolls are allowed to continue their cyber campaign and run amuck on Twitter with totally impunity. Because nothing says a “healthy twitter conversation” like known trolls fraudulently mass reporting accounts thereby triggering the KNOWN flaw in Twitter’s algorithm.



For the record in July of 2018 I did a bit of research and published Volume 1, link found here.




And then earlier today Mr Spocky was suspended, full disclosure I didn’t interact with this account. I rarely used hashtags on Twitter and I tended to be a bit a of non-retweeter. Sometimes I had tunnel vision on Twitter and neglected to understand its a community and I failed to truly appreciate the “community”. It is a regrettable mistake on my end. But one I will not make again.




What is interesting is if you run an advance Twitter Search I believe I’ve managed to isolate a finite window of what appears to be a confluence of the Alt Right and Alt Left weaponizing Twitter’s flawed algorithm...on the late evening hours of February 18, 2019 I started noticing random tweets on my timeline.


These were predominantly MAGA related tweets, I then looked at who I was following and sure enough I was suddenly following two know Alt Right provocateurs. Just to be clear, I would never knowingly follow Jacob Wohl and/or Seb Gorka. When I attempted to force an unfollow, my API crashed. So I logged out and accessed Twitter via their Web App. Yet I still could not force an unfollow. As a last resort I blocked the aforementioned accounts. I then waited 11 minutes (don’t ask but that’s an old school telecom timetable for internet matriculation) and unbkocked. And just like magic I was no longer “following” those two.



Eric “I will topside your shit” Garland:


I make zero apology nor will I offer any excuse, with zero hesitation I would take a bullet for Garland. This man is a true patriot. A truth teller. And of unassailable character, at least in my book. If I were in a Fox Hole, I’d want him to be in the hole with me. Eric Garland is one of those rare people, who’s a straight shooter and who’s moral compass is True North. I hope one day I might have the privilege of having his back.  Garland use the power of his megaphone to sound the alarm on my behalf. I didn’t ask him, he just did it. Because when you’re elbows deep in a protract cyber & information war you want someone like Garland to step up and swing for the fences...and boy did he do that.


The Twitter Suspension Appeal, or NYET:


As word quickly spread on twitter that my account (which is tied to this Poltical Action Committee) was tango down, other high profile accounts used their megaphone to sound the alarm. Claude, MadDog, Louise and so many more used their own voice sounded the alarm. Naturally I assumed that Twitter would offer some due process. If past is prologue I should have known that filing an appeal was an utter exercise in futility. Less than six hours after I filed an appeal, for the record I linked to numerous twitter accounts that likely fraudulently mass reported my account...because trolls are predictable, they revel in their “victory” of mass reporting an account to trigger Twitter’s algorithm resulting in a suspension. 

Once again Garland, Claude, Louise and Soya and many others stepped up and sounded the alarm on my behalf.



Avenatti or Twitter Troll-gang or a confluence:


Initially I made an spot assumption that it had to be Avenatti’s fan-boys/girls. So it is probably best to review the actual thread that was the inflection point, see archive link of the twitter thread, I was dissecting the Fry Indictment. Again you will note I wasn’t cussing or using abusive language. To wit see Avenatti’s response to my thread.



So I decided not to clap back because I know lawyers like Avenatti, they act tough, they lack impulse control and they tend to act out in a fit of rage. The reality is Attorneys like Avenatti are over compensating for <insert noun, pronoun> and as predicted he decided he wasn’t done rage-tweeting on me...



And that was the opening I was waiting for...archive found here.



See my response to his “footnotes” tweet, archived link found here And then right on que comes Woody and his crew of doxers and re-doxers



Like I said it’s a predictable pattern by Woody...and his crew. All they do is engage in targeted harassment, dox, troll and mass report accounts. They do ZERO original research. If I didn’t know any better I’d say they are full on phase III of SpicyFiles derangement syndrome...


 And like a thirsty like dehydrated Troll that Woody is...he continues to dangle himself like a troll that continues to engaged in actual abuse. At last count I believe he’s up to 19 suspended accounts circa 2018 to present:



And then Woody’s limp beard Fröd Brös, powered by AltFIRA comes in with his informative research.  


The irony and hypocrisy is Fröd Brös has at least 6 sock accounts that I’m aware of. Also to prove the Russian Like Active Measures used by Woody & his  beard...I have been completely upfront that when Avenatti first emerged on to the  National Stage, I was quai-supportive. By mid-April 2018 I started have concerns. I tweeted my concerns and at the time I was on the receiving end of soms pretty nasty vitriol. By late May 2018 I had absolutely disengaged because my research turned up too many red flags.


The postmortem after action report is pretty clear. They watched for an opportunity and when it presented itself they and their crew and at least 2 bot-nets I’ve identified, then started mass reporting my account. Every twitter account that has been suspended I’m sitting at a >89% certainty this crew are in fact the culprits.



And like a street ally cat that has the canary in its mouth, this crew can’t help themselves. They not only revel in fraudulently mass reporting twitter accounts, they like to brag about it. Isn’t it weird that those who engage in doxxing, targeted harassment (of dozens of not hundreds of) high profile accounts...continue to stay on Twitter’s platform but for the accounts who are “victims” twitted suspends...



Because RESIST, right Rose? NYET



And nothing says “quality” reporting like having a reporter amplify and encourage a known serial doxer...yet this reporter actually did dox several twitter users.



Then of course nothing says blurring the line of having serial doxer dox and redoxer and then a “new” member of the crew tweets this as in based on his disclosed geographical did he put it...he “lives a few blocks from me”



Because preceding the aforementioned tweet this is what this account weird how the doxxing, trolling, targeted harassment crew all managed to show up on that Avenatti thread and poof my account gets suspended. 






Weird how they mimic Avenatti’s tweets, right?


Weird how they also mimic the Woody crew too, right?




And if you haven’t figured out by now, Twitter is not a social media company, they may have started out as such. But there’s been a seismic shit, I mean shift in Twitter’s Corporate Culture. It always amused me how Twitter used Facebook like an actual “technology” shield, whereby Twitter hid behind Facebook hoping that lawmakers would direct their ire and frustration at Twitter. 

Granted one could make a double horseshoe argument that Twitter is fair and balanced. Nah...Twitter has been labeled the “Harvey Weinstein of Social Media Companies”. Granted they have IP banned Alt Right coo coo for Cocoa Puffs account’s like InfoWars, Laura Loomer, Jacob Wohl but in the past week Twitter has once again failed it’s nornal users. If Twitter can suspend accounts like McSpocky and TrumpsAreNazis both of whom had a far larger follower base than moi...then you should know you are at Twitter’s’s the little secret that you should know about Twitter - TWITTER IS A INFORMATION WEAPON.




And just like that now LeGate’s account is tango down...can we stop pretending that Twitter is a social media company now?


Twitter’s appearance of being a “pubic square” is Corporate & lawyering fluff. They are NOT a true public square nor is Twitter a champion of “Freedom of Speech”.



Which I find so weird, considering in May of 2018 Twitter published this Blog entry oddly entitled:

Serving healthy conversation

“...we’ve been working to address is what some might refer to as “trolls.” Some troll-like behavior is fun, good, and humorous. What we’re talking about today are troll-like behaviors that distort and detract from the public conversation on Twitter, particularly in communal areas like conversations and search...”

an account has not confirmed their email address, if the same person signs up for multiple accounts simultaneously, accounts that repeatedly Tweet and mention accounts that don’t follow them, or behavior that might indicate a coordinated attack.

There will be false positives and things that we miss; our goal is to learn fast and make our processes and tools smarter..


I mean let’s not forget about Twitter’s February 2019 blog entry aptly or ironically entitled:

Working together for a safer Internet

The safety of Twitter has been our highest priority for over two years.

In the last year, we have made more than 70 policy, product, and process updates to build a healthier Twitter. We also took a number of steps to help people see high-quality information, strengthening our sign-up processes, account verification and the ways our data can be accessed. Some of these changes included:


I actually really do wonder if @delbius @gasca @Ronan_Costello  @vijaya @jack really understand how their platform has become a perfectly calibrated weapon of mass destruction and amplification of hate, division, criiminal behavior that fraught with actual abuse all while the Shareholders are being provided fraudulently SEC filings and completely misleading 4K and 10K filings. Not the least of which hundreds of Twitter accounts have been used to compromise our National Security. With hostile and malign foreign adversaries with the “assistance” botn unwittingly and wittingly by American Confederates.

Oh you think I’m being overly dramatic about how Twitter is a information weapon...I see your skepticism and raise you a few National Security letters, FBI Vault Investigations. But first let’s watch a snippet of Jack Dorsey’s extremely proud Congressional Testimony:

JACK you’re full of Malarky & Rubles

you were given scripts & code to address the pervasive problem 


With respect to the National Security Letters (NSLs), back in 2014 @Twitter  locked horns with our Government. Which lead a protracted litigation death match between Twitter, our Intelligence Community, our FBI, our DOJ. To be fair the it wasn’t just Twitter fighting the Government, Facebook & Alphabet & Amazon alsi joined the litigation Clash of the Titians. What you need to know is NSLs typically invoke the 

On October 7, 2014 Twitter published this blog entry, entitled 

Taking the fight for #transparency to court

It’s our belief that we are entitled under the First Amendment to respond to our users’ concerns and to the statements of U.S. government officials by providing information about the scope of U.S. government surveillance – including what types of legal process have not been received. We should be free to do this in a meaningful way, rather than in broad, inexact ranges.

For the disclosure of national security requests to be meaningful to our users, it must be within a range that provides sufficient precision to be meaningful


Before we do a deep dive into Twitter’s NSLs, Transparency, Take Down Notices it would be advisable to briefly explain the history of Twitter’s transparency fight. To say it’s complicated. That one datapoint that you should know is in 2010 Twitter fought a subpoena involving WikiLeaks.



I would like to remind you about that weird Twitter Activity surrounding the oddly timed tweets just before the 2016 election.


To be fair the FBI conducted an exhaustive investigation and ultimately concluded it was a software glitch that caused their “official” twutter account to go dark for almost a year.

FBI Vault Twitter Account Investigation Volume # 1, found here 




The FBI investigation affirmed that there was a “known” software issue and thus the culprit versus some rogue FBI employee. But given the toxic Twitter public square the fact that the FBI and the Media had enough concern about the @FBIVault twitter account should have rung a lot of red alerts. Meaning I want you to sit back and really think about Twitter’s standing or lack there of...


FBI Vault Twitter Account Investigation Volume 2, found here. Personally speaking I found page 5 interesting and pages 7-18 also interesting.


FBI Vault Twitter Account Investigation, Volume 3, found here. This is by far the largest document set, its 536 pages long and full disclosure I haven’t read the hole document..


Before my Twitter account was suspended and I was banned from their platform you might recall the various swatting, doxxing, bot-nets and Russian Intelligence Indictments that I was tracking. The commonality I started to notice in these dozens of indictments, you betcha they all had references to various Twitter accounts .

For example in mid December of 2018 TrendMicro published this remarkable article. Essentially bad actors use Steganography to spread malware and it took Twitter weeks to shit, I mean shittlestix, goddamnit I mean SHUT the account down:


The malware authors have posted two tweets featuring malicious memes on October 25 and 26  [2018] via a Twitter account created in 2017.

malware’s commands are received via a legitimate service (which is also a popular social networking platform), employs the use of benign-looking yet malicious memes, and it cannot be taken down unless the malicious Twitter account is disabled. Twitter has already taken the account offline as of December 13, 2018....<insert eyeroll>


For now I’m going to conclude this blog entry, tomorrow I will push a follow up which will include the various lawsuits, subpoenas, and National Security letters.


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  • Isafilly: March 02, 2019

    Sorry the cowards/criminals shut your account down again. By all means clobber them in every legal and irreverent way.

    All the best to you, Claude & May your adventures soar in success.

    @Isafilly the Banished

  • Bellarealness : March 02, 2019

    Hi spicy

    We miss you but I am happy to read your updates. I read your threads snd will cont to do so. Yoyr INTELLIGENCE was & is a threat to them..

  • Kat: March 01, 2019

    WOW! I just got lost for an hour reading today’s blogs. Holy moley!!!!

    I was curious and looked at Elston @EMinuszero’s twitter. They are currently trying to bait Caroline Orr as I am typing. I sent her a warning.
    They are ready to pounce on her as soon as she claps back at them.

    Great work as usual Spicy. <3

  • Julie Kay: March 01, 2019

    Thank you, Spicy, for keeping us informed. This is nasty business.

  • Marie G: March 01, 2019

    Thank you, Spicy. Looking forward to the continuation of this blog entry. It’s definitely getting beyond toxic on Twitter. We all miss seeing you break down dockets and fillings but I personally am grateful to you and to Mad Dog PAC for continuing the good trouble here.

  • EmergingCitizen: March 01, 2019

    Thanks Spicy. Do you think that Malware can be spread via YouTube or Vevo videos.? I foind it odd that one bad actoe clown account would post alot of these links to emphasize his message .

  • Jaye Schembri: March 01, 2019

    I get angry that you and others are targeted like some movie- it’s unreal watching it happen. Be careful and stay safe- things are getting weird

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