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Posted on July 16 2018

originally posted March 17, 2018



IRS Form990


As a follow up to yesterday’s NRA + Kline Preston + Alexander Torshin = “show me the money” entry. I closed my post by asserting that the NRA/Russia money timeline perhaps was a bit “off” by a few years.


As a refresher here’s yesterday’s entry NRA + Russian Dark Money


Yes, I am stating the majority of the MSM, Congressional Investigators appear to be focusing on the 2016/2017 election cycles. I attempted to make a factual foundation, with the  hope I had presented enough facts to adequately buttress my assertion. Now comes my proof in concept:


  • NRA IRS 990, fiscal year ending 2012, filed 2013: $160,497,536.0o
  • you can download/review the NRA’s 2012 IRS Form 990 via the embedded link below


NRA 990 FY ending 2012


  • NRA 990, fiscal year ending 2013: filed 2014:       $229,468,040.00
  • you can download/review the NRA’s 2013 IRS Form 990 via the embedded link below


NRA 990 FY 2013

Math really isn’t my strong suit…

But even I can surmise the NRA had a $69M+ increase in revenue from 2012 to 2013. Thanks to the Economic Research Institute they compiled nearly a DECADE of NRA Form 990.  Since many of you know I’m a fan of the “sharing is caring”doctrine. You can easily pull down each PDF filing, via this embedded link  ENJOY

NRA IRS Filings 2008-2017


🤓My final gift for y’all🤓


…let’s look at the NRA Executive Compensation for Fiscal Year 2015


  • Wayne LePierre, President & EVP. Total Compensation= $5.1+M
  • Chris Cox, Executive Director. Total Compensation= $1.4+M
  • Robert Weaver, ED General Ops. Total Compensation= $598K
  • Wilson Philips Treasurer. Total Compensation= $591K
  • John Frazer General Counsel. Total Compensation= $328K

NRA IRS 990 FY 2015, page 44 Compensation Packages

2016 NRA IRA 990, found here


But hey what do I know?



And my final thoughts…:

  • it’s been a crazy week.
  • I can not thank Maddogpac & Claude enough.
  • And lastly, to all of my former followers, Mic LURVES you and I appreciate all of your kind words, encouragement, and support.

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