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Sexual Assault, Pedo Sympathy = Ron Johnson

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Posted on July 10 2018

Once upon a time there was a cheesy- traitor-tot from Wisconsin. He and his is Treason-Sevem traveled all the way to  Russia  Where the (not so) glorious eight, had a personal tour of St Petersburg (wonder if they popped into the Internet Research Agency during their field trip) and then, they took in the ballet “Sleeping Beauty”

Shortly thereafter the (un)-glorious  Traitor-eight returned home, only to realize they failed to secure their personal electronic devices and now we probably have Russian termites actually embedded into our critic, infrastructure thanks to these ding-dongs.

see Kay Granger entry, here

see July 4th entry here.

Then like a dutiful Russian Lapdog Ron Johnson decided he’d man up the the bar and started slapping down Putin cards:

        • CHILL Russia only meddled a tiny tiny bit
        • The sanctions need to be re-evaluated 

Dear 🇷🇺Ron Johnson🇷🇺

it’s time...Spicy time...volume 1


In 2010 Ron Johnson took it upon himself to be the Catholic Church’s Tribute. The Wisconsin State Senate Bill 319 and State Assembly Bill 453, Child Victims Act 2009/2010. Essentially these two bills would remove the statue of limitations and allow victims to bring a cause of action.

🚩Assembly Bill 453 Child Victims Act:

Which reads in part (this bill was NEVER controversial, until Ron Johnson)

Under current law, the time a person has to bring an action (the statute of limitations) for an injury resulting from being sexually assaulted or subject to incest as a child, or from being subject to sexual contact by a member of the clergy as a child, is any time before the injured party reaches the age of 35.

 This bill removes the time limit for bringing those actions. In addition, the bill applies this unlimited time period to a broader range of actions. Under the bill, there is no limit on the time a person has to bring an action for injury resulting from being subject, as a child, to any sexual contact by an adult or by an adult member of the clergy. 


Senate Bill 319, Child Victims Act:

On January 10, 2010 Ronald Johnson provided Public Testimony, see link to speaker list, found here. Senate Bill 319 is identical to the Assembly Bill, essentially removing ANY statute of limitations for victims of child sexual abuse.

Again WHO would oppose this bill?

Ron Johnson, that’s his public testimony Ron Johnson made zero acknowledgment about child sexual abuse victims, nor did he acknowledge that the Catholic Church has a long vile history of covering up pedophiles. Moreover Johnson NEVER disclosed he was sitting on a Board of Directors that was being sued for moving a know  pedophle some 14 times in 14 years, essentially running down the statute of limitations clock. The board Ron Johnson sat on was: Green Bay Diocese’s Financial Council


Johnson’s Testimony opposong the aforementioned Legislation, he did so on behalf of the diocese and other “interested parties” and at no time did Johnson ever disclose, he was STILL serving on the financial council of the Green Bay Diocese. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the Catholic Church, it is powerful. Diocese hold immense local power, specically a Diocese’s Financial Council, it is one of, if not the most important group of advisers within any given diocese,

Here you can judge for yourself, this is Ron Johnson speaking against Wisconsin State Senate Bill 319, during the January 10, 2010 Hearing.

“I urge you to defeat this legislation.“



By the way this isn’t me hyperventilating about my Church. The Catholic Church ugly stain is the systemic child sexual abuse, where adult (mainly) men covered up pedophila. That’s the ugly truth.

FACT - Green By Dioceses = Prolific Preist Pedophiles   

Johnson served (as previously mentioned) on the Green Bay Diocese Financial Counsil, he resigned to run for the U.S. Senate. Notwithstanding Johnson should NOT be afforded a pass on this. 

Ron Johnson served with bishop Robert Morneau. In various lawsuits filed by child sexually abused victims, facts showed that bishop Morneau was repeatedly made aware of the sexual abusive proclivity  of Rev. John Feeney.


According to TPM

Rev. Feeney was convicted in 2003, before Johnson joined the council, for sexually assaulting two brothers in the late 1970s. But according to documents obtained by the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP), the Church sought to cover up his crimes, which one reverend called “sexually very inappropriate.”

‘He can’t be testifying just as a concerned citizen,” says Father Tom Doyle, a priest who presciently warned the Catholic Church about the looming sex abuse scandal years ago. “If he was a member of the finance council of the diocese, the senator picked him out not because he was concerned about the Boys and Girls Club…. I don’t know of any instance where a layperson, on his own, without any connection with the Church administration has come forward to testify.” (Emphasis Added)


The totality of child sexual abuse in Religious Institutions, it’s almost incalculable, given actual harm both physical and mental. It is almost unimaginable. The Merrifield Family, along with the support of their legal counsel and their community filed suit against the Green Bay Dioceses, the same one Johnson spoke on behalf of for them CVA. Link to one Motion directing the Dioceses to stop destroying evidence, link found here.


The 74+ page deposition of Father Doelfer is what alerted the Merrifield Plaintiffs that evidence was being destroyed. Link to deposition found here. One thing to keep in mind this wasn’t limited to heinous sexual touching, in some of the Dioceses of Green Bay, we are talking anout little boys being raped by Preist. Some may try to construct an argument what does Ron Johnson have to do with that, I’ll remind you Ron Johnson sat on the Dioceses Financial Council, there were multiple lawsuits and he lobbied aggressively against the Child Victim Act. So yes that’s why Ron Johnson is in it because he served on a Board that protected known pedophiles 



To be fair Johnson did take the position that the Dioceses should release the names of the pediphiles but one thing to keep in mind, he was running for the U.S.Senate. So take this sudden atonement with a glacier of salt. Given Johnson made this proclamation with about 5 weeks left in the election.

There is a local Wisconsin activist who has chased this story for years. I admire his tenacity and dogged pursuit of the facts. Jud’s exemplary reporting can be found here.


That said here’s a database of the defrocked and/or convicted and/or accused pedophiles Green Bay Diocese. I will warn you some if not ALL of the cases are just sick. Like stomach turning sick, never ever forget that Ron Johnson successfully lobbied the Wisconsin State Legistrator to punt the Child Victims Act & Johnson didn’t disclose his obvious conflict prior to giving his public testimony. Link the Green Bay Preist can be found here.

But Ron Johnson also has a long history of protecting serial sexual assault predators too. In late February of 2014, Bill Kramer attended a DC GOP fundraiser, hosted by BRG Group. At this event Kramer sexually assaulted two women, Johnson’s chief of Staff 

See this 2014 article re Ron Johson’s Failure to report the sexual assault he was made aware of in 2011, this ultimately lead to Bill Kramer being indicted in two counts of sexual assault. Link to article here

 2011 alleged assault involving the Johnson aide until after Kramer was accused of groping a legislative staffer and harassing a lobbyist in a separate incident this February after a Washington, D.C., fundraiser. After those incidents came to light, Vos said, the woman who formerly worked for Johnson reached out to him to inform him of the April 2011 incident in Muskego.


 According to the 6 page report, Ron Johnson was told about Kramer’s sexual assault, Johnson just didn’t care.

Also in 2014 Ron Johnson said the following regarding the sexual harassment claims of fellow  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, see BuzzFeed Article, found here.

"If you're going to throw out accusations, my guess is you'd probably ought to name names," Johnson, said of Gillibrand on The Steve Malzberg Show on NewsmaxTV Tuesday. "If you're going throw out those kinds of accusations, you ought to give people a chance to explain themselves."


Granted it should NOT come as any surprise, in 2012,  that shortly after arriving in DC Ron Johnson he voted against the Violence Against Women’s Act, here’s Johnson’s Statement, link found here

...I believe it’s critical to ensure that laws are in place to prevent and deter crime – against both women and men. Regrettably, the debate over the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act was completely politicized by the Senate Democratic leadership.

“Republicans offered very reasonable alternatives to extend the Violence Against Women Act. Senate Democrats today defeated proposals to provide U.S. Marshalls the tools they need to track sex offenders across state lines. They voted against legislation to establish an interstate database for DNA evidence, to ensure sex offenders are brought to justice regardless or the jurisdiction in which they commit their crimes. And they rejected legislation to provide additional funds to allow law enforcement to pursue justice for hundreds of thousands of women – women whose cases may depend on the results of DNA tests from rape evidence kits currently caught in a backlog that stretches to the hundreds of thousands.


Let’s also not forget that according to Ron Johnson re Roy Moore, a grown man “who dated 14 year old girl’s” no Mr Johnson that’s NOT dating, that’s child pedophila. 



For now I’m going set aside Johnson’s troubling record of protection serial sexual predators. Because it’s beyond head scratching, it’s deeply problematic.


Until then, here’s my parting thought as born out by Johnson’s Senate Financial Disclosures and his Subsequent Gammie Jean Foundation, see WI State Corporation Commission, Link found here


What I found intriguing is on May 5, 2009, Ron Johnson “gifted” the Grammie Jean Foundation (that he and his wife and adult children fully control) some, link to 2010 IRS990 here.

104 shares of Monsanto securities (see page 16 of Grammie Jeans 990)

2,728 shares of Exxon Mobil securities with a fair market value reported as $194,069.

Mr & Mrs Johnson personally gifted the foundation a sum of: $56,347



And maybe it’s not a big deal but do you SEE the astronomical “growth” in Grammie Jean’s holdinga, specifically look at 2009-2010? Also I guess I should point out that at least Ron Johnson uploaded his Family Foundation’s IRS990 to his website, see 2015/2016 filing here.


See Ron Johnson’s  September 2012 Senate Financial Disclosures via this Senate link. I have many many questions. My point is, Johnson does understand that a Family Foundation is NOT a substitute for an actual Blind Trust.




So Mr “Conspiracy” Theory I have one question for you:


What does Putin have on you Ronald? 



 -Spicy Out 


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