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Send her back. She hates America.

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Posted on July 18 2019




Perhaps the discussion of Trump’s racist tropes should focus on the actual consequences of “his words” - meaning Trump’s words present actual threats towards members of Congress. And no public servant, particularly duly elected public servants should be targeted with death threats, cyber stalking and other hateful conduct.


Trump 2020 “send her back

Do not accept Trump’s gaslighting - he waited a full 13 seconds as his obsequious crowd of “adoring fans” replaced his 2016 chant of “lock her up” with “send her back”...yet here we are. Let’s be crystal clear here:

This is not American.

This is not patriotic.

This is not normal.

And this is most certainly UNACCEPTABLE 

The reality is Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is ginning up hate and exploiting fear.  Because Trump is not original and FUD is in part what got him elected, But the worse part is he is weaponizing the “othering” meaning XYZ member of Congress doesn’t look like “us” therefore they are “other” and they hate America. Yes that’s an over simplification of the complex race relations.

As such you might not know this but earlier this week House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Thompson sent a letter to the Senate Sargent At Arms. His letter reads in part:


On Sunday, July 14, 2019, President Trump used social media to directly attack four Members of Congress. To date, Trump continues to use social media to vilify these four Members.

Further, on Monday, July 15, 2019, during a White House Press Conference, Trump accused the four Members of Congress of “hating America” and staged a direct attack on Representative Ilhan Omar (MN).  As you are familiar, inflammatory remarks targeting individuals on social media and in the public arena were a central feature of the presidential campaign, and now, presidency of Donald J. Trump.

...thresholds for enhanced security for certain targeted Members, and evaluate threat streams with law enforcement partners in Member districts....Being proactive in this instance is vital to the safety of not only these targeted Members, but all Members of Congress.


 You can read the full text of Chairman Thompson’s letter via his tweet below:



Committee on House Administration


The Committee on House Administration (CHA) is a pretty important committee but it’s largely overlooked by the media and General electorate. The CHA’s main charters are: oversight of federal elections and the day-to-day operations of the House of Representatives:


Election Reform

The Committee's jurisdiction over federal elections requires it to consider proposals to amend federal election law and to monitor congressional elections across the United States. The Committee was instrumental in the passage of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, which former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter called the most meaningful improvement in election laws and voting safeguards in a generation. This law provided more than $3 billion dollars for the upgrades of voting equipment and procedures to make the voting process more accessible and to guard against fraud.

House Oversight

The Committee oversees the management of the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution (including the National Zoo), Chief Administrative Officer, Clerk of the House, Sergeant at Arms, House Inspector General, United States Capitol Police, Government Publishing Office, Architect of the Capitol, and the Office of Congressional Accessibility Services

Capitol Security

The security of the Capitol Complex has become an even higher priority since the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001. The House Administration Committee, which oversees security on the House side of the Capitol Complex, works closely with the Capitol Police to ensure that every effort is made to keep the Capitol Complex extremely secure while maintaining accessibility for the millions of constituents who visit every year.


Like I said the CHA is a pretty important House Committee. What didn't get a lot of attention is the July 16, 2019 hearing. Chairperson Lofgren’s Opening Statement reads in part:


“The Committee’s oversight includes ensuring the United States Capitol Police continue to critically review its policing practices to ensure those practices evolve and are refined based on best practices and new information.  We want to make sure the department is focused on its core mission – protecting Congress – and has enough resources to do so.

Threats to members are coming from new places, from the private messages of social media platforms to intense interactions at public events and town halls. We must understand how the department is adapting to the new threat environment. We also want to understand more about how the department is operating – from your intelligence collection and assessment, to your own internal cybersecurity practices and posture.”


I’ve embedded the video below and it should start at the 10:37 minute marker - that’s when the Sargent At Arms Paul Irving starts his testimony. His written testimony reads in part:



the past several years, the challenges have become greater. For example, this year the USCP has responded and investigated an immense number of threats and directions of interest against House Members. Many Members receive threats and direction of interest communications that raise concerns for the Members, their families, and staff. The number of threatening communications has increased three-fold over the past few years. In light of this increase, my office interfaces with Members’ offices seeking security coordination for off-campus events in the Washington, DC area or elsewhere across the country.


This second video is of Capital Police Chief Steven Sund (who’s only officially been on the job for <33days) but his resume is impressive. I’ve taken the liberty of pulling out some of the figures he testified to, they are alarming:


We continue to see the threat assessment cases that we're opening continue to grow...For fiscal year 2018, we had approximately 4,894 cases. So far, for this year, we have 2,502 cases. So we're on par to probably break last year's.




Trump the King of Birtherism



This Trump Twitter Archive link will take you to the twenty three unique tweets - where he spent years trafficking in the “Obama wasn’t born here” disinformation. Because the fact is large swaths of the Republican National Committee lost their ever loving minds that America elected its first African American President. That the Obama moved in to the White House, a house built by slaves. This Trump Twitter Archive Link will take you to the one hundred and nineteen unique tweets invoking the word “hate’ - this link will take you to the five unique tweets “hate our country”


🚨Trump’s words of Hate & Fear🚨


The fact that we are once again confronted with having this conversation that words really do matter. If you think I’m being flippant or glib - I’m not. Threatening any public servant is wrong and is in fact criminal. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican or Independent if you’ve been elected to serve you do not deserve death threats, cyber harassment or online trolling. Yes these are “public figures” but what most forget is these are human beings. They are parents, grandparents, mothers and father’s - irrespective of public policy differences no one deserves the hateful vitriol that seems common place.


I should disclose I’m not really a fan of Rep Omar but I respect her. Because the reality is only in America can a refugee come here, become a naturalized citizen and then be voted in to represent her Congressional District. Rep Omar’s journey is the very best of what being American really means.


Yet in March of 2019 this happened to her and her staff - a Trump Supporter and now Defendant PATRICK W. CARLINEO, JR. - I’ve uploaded his Indictment to my google drive, found here.

During the telephone call, an individual who eventually identified himself as PAT CARLINEO stated to the staffmember, "Do you work for the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are you working for her, she's a fucking terrorist. I'11 put a bullet in her fucking skull." CARLINEO sounded anry, but spelled his name and provided contact information.

Do you work for the Muslim Brotherhood? Why are you working for her, she's a fucking terrorist. I'll put a bullet in her fucking skull." CARLINEO was asked to read the quote aloud, which he did. He then stated that the quote is not what he said, but repeated this original version of events. CARLINEO stated that Congresswoman Omar supported Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and that her election to Congress was illegitimate


To give you an idea of what the “weekly” U.S. Capital Police Reports look like, (this link will take you to the USCP webpage which archives weekly reports from January 2018 to present). I’ve taken the liberty of pulling down the recent weekly reports and have embedded them below  for your edification:


Arrest Summary 6-13-19_6-19-19.pdf

Arrest Summary 6-20-19_6-26-19.pdf

Arrest Summary 6-27-19_7-3-19.pdf

Arrest Summary 7-4-19_7-10-19.pdf

Arrest Summary 7-11-19_7-17-19.pdf



Lest we forget the MAGA Bomber, where Sayoc was a MEGA MAGA  Or last year’s unspeakable week of hate. Or last year’s targeting of multiple major news outlets. And let’s not forget when Alex Fields used Isis Techniques to murder Heather Heyer and gravely injure dozens of Americans. 

Again this shouldn’t be a partisan issue - the Republican Members of Congress have been targeted as well - June 14, 2017, attack on at least 17 Members of Congress, several Congressional staff members, two USCP officers, and a few members of the public in Alexandria, VA at the baseball fields.

In the aftermath of that June 2017 shooting acted as a catalyst for the 115th Congress passed H. Res. 411 In the House of Representatives, U. S.,
June 27, 2017

the Members’ Representational Allowance applicable as of the date of the adoption of this resolution for each Member of the House of Representatives (including the Delegates and Resident Commissioner to the Congress) is increased by $25,000, to be available through January 2, 2018.


The 115th Congress also passed:  H.R. 3298, the Wounded Officers Recovery Act of 2017, was enacted into law on August, 4, 2017, as P.L. 117-45. This law authorized payments from the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund to USCP employees who sustain serious injuries in the line-of-duty.

 The FEC took up the matter of Members of Congress allowed to use campaign funds to fund security needs. I’ve embedded the audio of the FEC meeting. The Sargent of Arms attended this meeting and offered compelling testimony:


Below are the various FEC Advisory opinions:

AO 2017-07
Use of campaign funds for residential security upgrades

AO 2011-17
Use of campaign funds for home security system

AO 2011-05
Use of campaign funds for home security system

AO 2009-08
Use of campaign funds for home security system

And now for the gross, vile and utter ineptitude of Twitter -



This twitter advanced search with take you to all the tweets at Rep Omar tweeting at her, that she’s a cunt.

This twitter advance search will take you to all of the Tweets at Rep AOC referring to her as a “cunt”, “lying cunt”. Below is an actual death threat tweeted at AOC:

This twitter advanced search will take you to the tweets directed at Rashida Tiaib referring to her as a “Muslim cunt”. This twitter advanced search will take you to Rep Rashida tweets referring to her as a “cunt”

This twitter advanced search will take you to the thousands of tweets referring to the “squad” as terrorist/ 








 And if you think I’m a partisan hack, I’m not - let’s not forget that twitter let Kyler Schmitz, who was a driver for Uber, had made a "direct threat" when he tweeted at Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. - twitter let those tweets stay up on their platform for months.

Although we should then briefly discuss  Scott Brian Haven - who for 23+ months made over 2,000 calls to members of Congress- See June 2019 Complaint which I’ve uploaded to my google drive found here. I am going to go out on a limb - maybe telling the special agent assigned to investigate the thousands of calls he made where he repeatedly threatened to harm Democrats, both in the House and Senate - but calling to agent a “cunt” might not have been the smartest life choice - that and calling from his mobile and home number.

Again this Trump supporter called the Capital Switchboard and stated:

“wanted to slice the head off of a senator” — on that day Haven called the Capitol switchboard 32 times. In September 2018, Haven called the office of the same senator and told staff “Democrats were trying to destroy Trump’s presidency” before saying that he was “coming to hang that f---ker.”



This link will take you to my google drive where I’ve uploaded his June 12, 2019 Indictment. As of June 22, 2019 Defendant Haven was ordered a Psychiatric Exam.

The point of this entry is no public servant should ever have to deal with numerous death threats, incessant twitter harassment (I mean if I can run a rudimentary twitter search a find various tweets why can’t twitter use their AI to filter those tweets and suspend those accounts after they notify the USCP) and we all have some responsibility here - yes the discourse needs to be lowered but there use to be a time where adults could respectfully agree to disagree versus going straight in to the Trump-Gutter. Just because the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave can’t act like an adult and grotesquely enjoys trafficking in hate and fear - that doesn’t give you the right to demurrer on holding yourself to a higher standard.

In short there is no place for Trump’s brand of hate - either you condemn it in the strongest of terms or your silence infers tacit complicity. Furthermore if I tweet this kind of nonsense I would expect my followers to immediately call me out - that my “tweets” are not constructive and I’m being hypocritical because i can assure you that’s what I’d expect to happen if I ever opted to be that unhinged. But then again the vast majority of my tweets tend to be informative versus doxing and name calling. Research and facts should be louder than hate and fear.

-SpicyFiles sheepishly steps off soap box.


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